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Camping PRL – Domaine de Miraval

In the heart of Lauragais

A preserved and sunny land an hour from Albi, Toulouse, Carcassonne and an hour and a quarter from the sea. Far from being a passing crossroads, a land where you stop at the same time seized by the beauty of the landscapes, history and the kindness of its inhabitants. The Lauragais country is a region with a rich past linked to the history of Catharism and the culture of Pastel. Belleserre comes from the Occitan “sera”, which means elongated croup, in reference to the relief. Belleserre is ultimately a small village in the Tarn in the Midi-Pyrénées region, which is part of the canton of Dourgne. It is located at an altitude of 246 meters, at the foot of the Montagne Noire. The gentle hills and the tranquility of the Canal du Midi invite you to visit and discover it. It is the ideal place for a getaway with friends or a country holiday with the family. Lovers of old stones (or rather here, bricks) will not remain insensitive to the beautiful mansion which occupies the Royal Bastide of Montgeard and its impressive church dating from the XNUMXth century.st century. Halfway between Villefranche-de-Lauragais and Castelnaudary, Avignonet-Lauragais is a remarkable village with a turbulent history. This peaceful town is cradled by the Canal du Midi and was in the XNUMXthst century the scene of the massacre of the Inquisitors, a major event in the struggle led by the Catholic Church against the Cathars. 30 minutes from Belleserre, Loubens-Lauragais is a charming village marked by the pastel trade, this deep blue dye that made the richness of Lauragais in the XNUMXth century.st century. At 15e and 16e centuries, the region was the hub of intense economic activity under the sign of blue! The blue extracted from the plant Isatis Tinctoria, cultivated in the Tarn, among others, for the quality of its inimitable blue. You will also discover in the heart of the village the impressive castle and its moat adjoining the church, as well as authentic picturesque alleys. 

The Toulouse-Albi-Carcassonne “Golden Triangle”

In this Toulouse-Albi-Carcassonne "Golden Triangle", the culture of pastel has made many pastoral merchants prosper, who traded it throughout Europe. Today the landscape is punctuated by houses of red bricks and white stones, opulent mansions, churches and other dovecotes that structure the towns. This unique heritage bears witness to a flamboyant era from which the cities of Toulouse, Albi and Carcassonne continue to benefit by disseminating nationally and internationally the image of a dynamic and prosperous territory.

Some tourist “MUST”

Nature side ...

Take your kids to the tree climbing. Fill up on thrills with paragliding, 4 × 4 and quad biking. Take advantage of the nearby Saint-Ferréol lake which offers all water sports and a beautiful place to stroll. Numerous streams, rivers and lakes will appeal to fishing enthusiasts. Go on a hike! In a privileged natural environment, hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking are varied and accessible for all ages and all levels. The Black Mountain circuit is made for you ! Go for 4 × 4 rides, try caving and… Rendezvous at Lac du Lampy, where the vast forest that surrounds it is full of all types of paths including the GR7 and service roads along the river to the Rigole de la Montagne. Around the lake is the opportunity for a bucolic walk to discover the local flora and fauna. Fishing and swimming complete the activities that will seduce you!

Heritage side ...

Follow the circuits and meet all the forms of dovecotes. Climb the medieval alleys of Lautrec and visit the mill. AT Saint-Sulpice, descend into the underground, vestige of a troubled era. AT Lavaur, let yourself be surprised by the half-timbered facades or old doors. To the Cammazes dive into the adventure of Canal du Midi and Pierre-Paul Riquet. Sorèze is classified among the Great Sites of Midi-Pyrénées. The Abbey-school of Sorèze is classified as a historical monument. Vauban's vault at Cammazes, built by Pierre-Paul Riquet is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco as part of the Canal du Midi. You will have no difficulty in understanding the comparison of this destination with the “land of plenty”, so much the lakes, the wild gorges, the preserved causses, the slopes in reasoned agriculture, the organic products, the art of living, the cabins, the hobbit houses, and the vineyards recall the abundance of earthly paradise, a miraculous land where nature overflows with generosity for its inhabitants and its guests.

The Black Mountain

The Montagne Noire is located in the Cathar Country, in the heart of the Aude department and buttress of the Massif Central. Its rivers are wild, its dense and green forests, its bucolic villages… You will be amazed by all the treasures of this Mountain. You will appreciate the coolness in summer and the view of the Pyrenees. You will be warmly welcomed to this unique land, full of flavor and character. You will walk or cycle under the undergrowth, set out to conquer a wild and abundant nature and a remarkable heritage. The summit rises to 1211 meters above sea level and the trails represent 196 kilometers of hiking. You will visit the castle of Saissac, the four castles of Lastours, the Brousse paper mill, the lakes, the Pic de Nore, and the Cubserviès waterfall. A whole dense and rich program of discoveries of nature and heritage to be found on the site http://www.tourisme-montagnenoire.com/.

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