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Camping PRL – Domaine de Miraval

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Occitania Tarn BELLESERRE
  • Camping, guest room and reception room with swimming pool
  • Relaxation area with jacuzzi and massage room

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The region offers you no less than 3700 kilometers of waterways and 1840 hectares of water for you, amateur or professional fishermen, young and old.

Discover the charter Fishing.

Thanks to the Tarn fish guide, you will be able to know all the regulations, warnings, warnings, protected species and equipment to have. You will be experienced fishermen ready to thrive in fishing in this beautiful region. Do you like fishing for trout? Rendezvous in spring, in Arn, Agout, Vère, Gijou or Thoré. The catfish? See you in spring and autumn, in the Tarn and Agout. Carp ? Rendezvous in spring and autumn in the Tarn, the Agout and the lakes of 2e category. Do you want to catch predators, pike, perch and pike-perch? Rendezvous in winter and in May / June, in the Tarn, Agout, Dadou and the lakes of 2e category. The Black Pass? It's summer in the Tarn that you have to go. For all the white fish in the line, go in summer and in autumn in the Tarn, the Agout is a lake of 2e category.

Near the camping The Miraval, the lake of En Brunet, lake of 2rd category is perfect for pike, zander, trout, carp, roach and perch fishing.

Fishing grounds less than 50 kilometers from the camping : 


Around Bellesserre, you can hike on around thirty landscaped and secure trails.

Discover the charter Hiking.

Among these trails, 25 have a GPS track to allow you to locate yourself thanks to the applications. You will appreciate, along these pedestrian excursions, to discover the local soil: built heritage, natural reserves, local products… A panel of natural and historical treasures at your fingertips. Among them in the land of plenty, the medieval underground of Saint-Sulpice, the Saint Alain cathedral and its Jacquemart in Lavaur, the vault of Vauban at Cammazes, Dourgne and its abbeys, Lautrec and its medieval atmosphere, the abbey-school of Sorèze… You will go from yellow, to red, to green, and of course to pink. A palette of colors emblematic of local products (garlic, saffron, Isatis Tinctoria) and the surrounding nature. So much diversity and magic will not leave you indifferent. Put on the right shoes, bring your pilgrim's poles and set off to explore these dreamlike lands. Walking is the softest and most sustainable activity to take the time to admire the landscapes, listen to the sounds of nature, observe animals, meet others and often oneself. -even… 

Some hiking trails less than 30 minutes from the camping:


Horse riding

Au Domaine de Miraval, riders benefit from a special welcome with the provision of pasture at the camping to welcome riders and their horses.

Discover the charter Horse riding.

The pastures are equipped with a drinker with either a water tap directly in the pasture or with an automatic drinker. Closed by fences made of logs and smooth wire. Did you know you could do the tour of the Tarn on horseback ? You will access a unique hike through the Tarn department on a loop of more than 500 km, open to riders! From the Montagne Noire to the country of the Bastides, passing through the Gaillac vineyards, the Tarn valley, the Sidobre and the mountains of Lacaune, you will be struck by the diversity of the landscapes.

The route, which takes up a large part of the GR® network, can be traveled in sections over one or more days. For example, the Dourgne / Servies section represents 39 km for a getaway in Pays de Cocagne. If you are not roaming on horseback, you can go to the equestrian center of Saint-Ferréol Le Lac Revel just 10 kilometers from the camping. It is at the same time a riding school, the possibility of discovering riding with ponies or horses, regular outings in cso club, pony, amateurs and young ponies competitions. 


The Canal des Deux Mers greenway bike in Tarn-et-Garonne runs along the towpaths of the Garonne canal and offers a magnificent route under its large plane trees.

Discover the charter Bikes.

Alone or as a family with children, this greenway is safe and accessible to all, and along the circuit, you can easily take cultural, relaxation and gourmet breaks.

The Tarn Valley Cycle Route, created in 2004 by the Departmental Council, between Albi and Saint-Sulpice, offers a tourist route of about sixty kilometers, in a rich valley, connecting towns with flamboyant brick habitat. The route is located on the left bank of the Tarn, and allows you to easily connect Gaillac, Lisle-sur-Tarn and Rabastens, not to mention the Aiguelèze leisure center. Throughout the course, the river will be by your side. You can leave from Albi, behind the cathedral. Until Marssac, you will cross the plain. At the foot of Lagrave you will descend to the edge of the Tarn before returning to the village and to Rivers with its dam-bridge, 1 km from the Aiguelèze leisure center. A flat path then leads directly to Brens. Overlooking the valley, you will enjoy breathtaking panoramas as far as Montans and its Archéosite. A shaded valley then leads to Lisle-sur-Tarn. This pretty country house is a must-see and you can have a picnic around the lake. The end of the route is marked by the villages of Loupiac (do not miss a visit to the castle of Saint Géry) and Coufouleux.

La Aveyron Valley cycle route, connects Montauban, with a departure from Ramierou, to Laguépie. The signposting of this route, on low-traffic roads allows easy discovery of the plain of Montauban to the medieval villages of Montricoux, Bruniquel, Penne, St-Antonin Noble Val, Varen and Laguépie in the Gorges de l'Aveyron.


In addition to the Véloroutes, several loops are accessible to you by tourist bike:

  • Pas du Sant - Old Church - Sorèze Circuit from Revel
  • Col de Dourgne - Old church - Sorèze Circuit from Cahuzac
  • Old church - Sorèze - Lac de Saint Ferréol Circuit from Revel
  • Sémalens - Soual Circuit from Dourgne
  • Port de Homps - Footbridge over canal bridge Circuit from Revel
  • Lac des Cammazes - Saint Ferréol Basin Circuit from Saint-Ferréol
  • Saint Ferréol - Saint Ferréol Basin Circuit from Saint-Ferréol
  • Saint Ferréol Circuit from Revel


  • The Cycling Circuit - C9 The Lakes Route
  • C10 Cycling Circuit - The Desert Assemblies
  • Cycling Circuit - C4 Around Lake Laouzas by bike
  • Aveyron Valley and Gorges cycle route
  • Velo Circuit - C18 Les Puechs du Segala
  • Cycling Circuit - C20 Au Pays de Cocagne



Mountain biking is a booming sport activity which appeals to all those who love nature and wish to combine nature adventure with mountain biking.

Discover the charter MTB.

Signposted paths, single tracks, forest trails… All nature trails are suitable for mountain biking. Unlike racing or touring bikes, it is best to have minimal equipment with you. The helmet of course, but sometimes also other protections and especially a good water bottle, will be essential for you to venture on the mountain bike routes around. A loop between Belleserre and Burgaud will take you for about 8 km to discover the forest of Burgaud. Another circuit of 46 km which bears the name of Pays de Cocagne: Tour des Lacs, starts in the village of Veilhes.

Lacougotte Cadoul and the small ridge roads is a slightly easier 36 km circuit from Lacougotte-Cadoul. How about doing the Pays de Cocagne route: Grande Boucle? He will take you from the same village, for a nice walk in the land of plenty. You will see the Pyrenees to the south and the Montagne Noire to the east. Lots of ridge lines, very, very few cars, a few tracks including the sumptuous 15 km of Roman road, and breathtaking views of the two XNUMXth century castlesrd century that are Roquevidal and Magrin! 

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