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Camping Parc de Loisirs Le Val Fleuri

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Our Lady of Yron

Our Lady of Yron retains Romanesque frescoes. The former priory of the XIIrd century will surprise you with its unique nave and its XNUMXth century muralsrd in the XIVrd. The beautiful Tour St Jacques, the Romanesque church of St Georges, or the Medieval Garden will complete your tour. Also discover the specificities of the churches of St-Hilaire-sur-Yerre and Douy, and its watermill.

hiking trails

  • Heron paths in Montigny le Gannelon, 5,5 kilometers
  • Circuit Between Beauce and Perche from Cloyes, 19,5 kilometers between countryside and valleys.
  • At Chateau Lavardin, a very beautiful circuit will appeal to history lovers. You are reminded of the Middle Ages, and the fortified castle will be a center of interest for young and old alike.
  • La Rotte aux Biques offers panoramic views           

Bicycle tourism

  • Loop n°3 is a 12 kilometer circuit in the Haute Vallée de L'Eure.
  • In the footsteps of the White Lady, loop n°6 challenges.
  • Groynes and half-timbering in Perche Gouet : Loop n°9 is a little more difficult. It will make you discover mansions and castles.
  • In the land of fairies and hermits, is loop 11. It will make you dream and pedal smoothly.
  • The Loop 15 On the lands of Guillaume Gouet, is bucolic.
  • From Cloyes, loop n°5 is a Back to Earth, where you can easily think of Emile Zola. He was inspired by his stay here to write La Terre.


The castle of Châteaudun was the first castle of the Loire. It was built for a comrade in arms of Joan of Arc, Jehan de Dunois, who gave his name to the Dunois region. Located on a rocky promontory, Châteaudun exudes feudalism, the Gothic period, and the Renaissance. You will appreciate the 58 classified sites of the city. Its historic district is worth a visit guided by the tourist office. Some are dramatized, and will help you penetrate the depths of the centuries in a picturesque way. The remarkable staircase of the castle will not leave you marble, just like the frame XVrd, or the dungeon. A beautiful Hôtel Dieu or the house of Louis Esnault will be the springboards for a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and Natural History.

Tourist documentation to download

Perche National Park

The Perche, it is a great biodiversity. Observation enthusiasts will need binoculars and patience. So, depending on the season, you will love discovering herons, egrets, wild ducks, woodcocks, marsh harriers. Observe, draw, photograph respectfully.         

Go to Courtalain castle, XVthrd century. Don't forget the awesome castle Montigny le Gannelon, of the XVrd century. It is lovingly cared for and presented by its owners. Renaissance style, it will also attract you with an excellent guided tour, in the world of Alain Riby's automatons. You will be surprised by the panorama, the wandering in the park and the surrounding paths.

Along the water

For fishing enthusiasts, the "Le Paradis des Pêcheurs" lake, 10 minutes from the camping, at La Ferté Villeneuil, will allow coarse fishing. The 24 hectares of “Tirelles”, or the ponds of Fontenay sur Eure, listed 40 species. You will find carp, bream, eel, roach, gudgeon and pike.

On the Cloyes lake, also enjoy canoeing and kayaking. A sailing club awaits you there. So there is something for everyone.

Vendôme, city of water and light

In Vendôme, the circuit In the city center will lead you to the remains of the Chateau Bourbon-Vendôme. The elegant city offers you a stroll in a small tourist train. Then immerse yourself in the heavy but fascinating history of the Templar monks at the Commanderie d'Arville. Nine scenographic spaces will help you connect East and West through the crusades.

Finally, about fifty kilometers away, we must mention the incredible park of Beauval zoo. If you can afford this extraordinary trip, you will come back EN-VOU-TES!  

gastronomy and oenology

You will discover, with delight, the local products, on the markets. Among other things, the Gaec de la Petite forêt is a family business that concocts wonderful Sainte-Maure de Touraine and an AOP Le Trèfle du Perche You will visit by appointment, the Domains of Martellière, which combine quality whites, reds and rosés. You can, on order, combine it with local cold cuts and cheeses. You will learn the Chenin and Pineau d'Aunis grape varieties in the Vendôme cellar, or choose La Berthelotière for a visit to the tufa. Don't leave Eure-et-Loir without tasting the Pâté de Chartres, which will reveal its secrets of meat, spices and cognac, at the heart of its crust.

And back to Camping "Le Val Fleuri" you will deserve an artisanal Eurélienne beer, made from barley from the fields of Chartres. Because your tourist days are also Epicurean days! Is not it ?

If you want more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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