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Let's start by talking about sailing because it is impossible to talk about nautical activities in the Vendée without thinking of the Vendée Globe, this famous sailing race.

Discover the charter Sail.

Sailing is an excellent starting point to learn about the joys of water sports. optimist or catamaran, beginner or experienced, choose the boat that suits you!

For lessons or internships, head to La Tranche-sur-Mer. The Center Nautique Tranchais will offer introductory sailing lessons for all ages. For the youngest between 7 and 11 years old, the optimist will be the ideal boat for discovering sailing. On the Maupas lake, far from the hustle and bustle of the ocean, children can learn to navigate using the bar and move forward with the help of a sail, without ever losing sight of the pleasure of sailing. ! Information on 

For teenagers and adults who want more sensations on the water, the catamaran is for you. Accessible from the age of 10, learn about the joys of sailing, between speed and balance. You will need to master the settings and technique to optimize your navigation. The more you master your boat and its secrets, the more speed and sensations will be involved! In initiation or improvement, adults can also practice the pleasures of the catamaran depending on their level. More information on 


Surf fanatic? The South Vendée is for you, and is one of the most famous spots in France.

Discover the charter Surf.

Surfing in the Vendée offers a wide variety of spots and waves, accessible to all. Not far from Faute-sur-Mer, just fifteen minutes away, head to the beaches of La-Tranche-sur-Mer. Two spots are particularly appreciated by amateurs as well as experienced practitioners:

  • the Terrière beach spot. Offering quality, powerful and hollow waves, this beach ranks in the category of multipic beach breaks. The beach break is a beach where the waves break on a sandy bottom often close to the edge. This type of spot is ideal for the inhabitants and allows them to have access to easier conditions. The fall is less severe when falling on sand. Less hollow than other types of waves, beach break waves are ideal for learning to surf. The Terrière beach will be, depending on the swell, accessible to all levels. The swell comes in easily but the surf conditions are dependent on the sandbanks. You will be strongly advised to surf at low / mid-tide. The spot will be difficult to pass at high tide, except in the event of low tide coefficients. It is supervised in high season, from June to September. Very well known, the beach is easily accessible.


  • Several surf schools are located there. As the spot is very large, don't worry, there will be room for everyone!
  • the pier spot, pointbreak spot. It offers a very long wave starting from the foot of the pier. It operates in very strong swells, from mid-tide to high tide. Be careful, however, to its frequentation, which is sometimes excessive. Pointbreaks are spots of the same type as beach breaks, with the advantage of having a wave that always breaks in the same place. These waves are always very popular with surfers because they are light and roll perfectly.

More information and information on and on :



Lover of thrills or smooth gliding, the Vendée offers you a wide range of activities. If you want to feel the wind from your nostrils and “fly” on the water, windsurfing, or windsurfing, is for you!

Discover the charter Windsurfing.

An excellent sliding sport, it allows you to study the wind to make the best use of it. A very complete sport, windsurfing allows you to cover many parts of your body. Windsurfing will use both your sense of balance and your abdominals to keep you upright on the board. Biceps, shoulders and upper back will be very useful for holding and controlling the sail. 

The pleasure of sliding remains the main argument for the practice of windsurfing. When you have mastered enough, you can even afford freestyle tricks.

If you want to take lessons or improve your skills, head to tranche-sur-Mer, about fifteen minutes from your camping.

The famous Wave School specializes in learning to windsurf. Located on the central beach of LA Tranche, the school enjoys an excellent location, thanks to a body of water to be able to learn and to the ocean to improve and above all to have fun.

Come and discover windsurfing from 5 years old, in lessons or courses lasting several days. You can also rent equipment by the hour, day or week. More information on  

More information on windsurfing in Vendée on  


Wildlife observation

The Vendée is also a fantastic biotope populated by thousands of species, starting with the Poitevin marsh.

Discover the charter Observation of flora and fauna.

A sensitive and rare ecological ensemble, a multitude of landscapes are available to you, and in particular three specific types of marsh: the maritime marsh, the dry marsh and the wet marsh. This set of exceptional environments attracts a very varied fauna. For example, about fifty aquatic and terrestrial mammals and more than 3000 species of birds are listed in the Poitevin marsh, not to mention the multitude of insects and fish. You will also be able to observe 7 local domestic breeds, including the famous Poitou donkey. More information on the marsh and the species it shelters on: and on :

At La Faute-sur-Mer, there is no shortage of sensitive natural sites. With the Baie de l'Aiguillon and the lagoon of La Belle Henriette, the Pointe d'Arçay has a strong ecological capital.

To discover this exceptional fauna, you can go to the Observatory of the Rade d'Amour, including by sea by canoeing along the point. Through the oyster parks, between sea and river, you can observe the birds of the marsh at your leisure. A real access area for the migration and wintering of water birds, you will enjoy superb views over the Lay estuary. More information on : 

For more information on the La Belle Henriette lagoon and its fauna, visit: natural-

The 550 hectares of Pointe d'Arçay are also home to a rich terrestrial fauna, such as deer, foxes or rabbits. The Casse de la Belle Henriette Nature Reserve, which extends over 337 hectares between La Faute-sur-Mer and La Tranche-sur-Mer, has great encounters in store for you. More information on : , on :

The South Vendée is a true paradise for migrating birds thanks to the many observatories, come and enjoy a breathtaking show!

To find out more about the observation of migratory birds in Vendée:


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