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Camping Les Terrasses

A situation to make your head spin!

And here you are called by Saint Chinian, the Orb, the Minervois and the Big Blue! The multiplicity of leisure activities would make your head spin! Of course, of course, in an hour by car you can bask on the sand in Agde, or jump in salt water, but the richness of the nearby region calls out to you. You will therefore stroll through the village of Saint-Chinian, who since the VIIIst century plays with its first name in the Oc language: "Sanch Inhau". With your eyes wide open, at the Hôtel de Ville, you will spot traces of a XNUMXth century Benedictine abbey, a cloister, or, in the secrecy of a church, the organs classified as Historical Monuments. Be curious, look at the fountain, discover the courtyards, spiral staircases, the benevolent pergolas, memory of the XVIIIst century, when spinning and dyeing factories proliferate. Shelter yourself from the sun under the magnolias, and take the time to pick your fruit and vegetables at the "Organic Garden", 5 minutes from the camping. 

Discover the region differently

Take the time, you hikers, mountain bikers, cycle tourists, to embark on the marked trails (43 or 44 for example), discovering the “capitelles”, peasant shelters made of dry stone, bread ovens, “clapas”, mills. The stone walls will guide you, like a treasure hunt. Choose the app all trails to discover the hikes around the camping. Why not head 5 km to Cebazan-Puisserguier (hike 32 "the Dolmen" of Montmajou) where megalithic remains will appeal to young and old. No, you are not in Brittany, but the region can compete! Except that you are in the middle of olive trees, holm oaks, scrubland, arbutus and that it is rosemary, thyme and wild thyme that tickle your nostrils! There is even a regional museum of prehistory in Saint Pons de Thomières. The riders, on horseback or… on donkeys, will follow the valley of Vernazobre, but all of you will climb to the Roches du Mont Caroux (nicknamed Mountain of Light). Why ? Because the purple and indigo crests draw human figures there. Artists, to your cameras and brushes! These are enchanting panoramas whose ancestral paths you follow, to soak up the small heritage.

And of course… You will be looking for freshness. 

Enter the Cave of the Glass Spinner towards ST Pons. A delight. The wild beauty of Vésoles lake will surprise you with the diversity of its surroundings. Lake, moors, but also an impressive waterfall at the Saut de Vésoles. Hiking sheets are available from the Tourist Offices. You can sail, but swimming is not supervised. And then, the living water is a treat? So go to Colombières gorges where the aridity of the soil is thwarted by the brilliance of the waterfalls. Also go to the true paradise of Gorges d'Héric. Their limpid waters are due to the granite of Mont Caroux, the heart of Languedoc, inexhaustible routes for nature lovers. You can go climbing to Cessenon Sur Orb, or contact Reals Canoë Kayak for example, to discover or explore your emotions. Climbing courses, such as canoeing, adapt and offer you leisure or more sporting options. Your sensitivity to the environment will be increased tenfold by this sharing of man and nature. Pure moments of happiness: Carpe Diem. 

Wine tourism and conviviality

So leave the water, sometimes (!) And soak up the “Vines of the Lord”. The famous vineyards (AOC since 1982) open to you 9 km of apparent wine-growing peace, thanks to the Oenonorando de Notre Dame de Nazareth in Saint Chinian. The villages and their 100 private cellars and cooperatives then developed. You will like to follow the rich winegrowers of their knowledge, to initiate you and "to taste" the Saint-Chinian, intoxicate yourself with the magic of wine, the diversity of terroirs, the secrets of the appellations. Some areas are turning with interest to organic, but all work with respect for traditions and the appeal of modernity. In the evening at camping, what a pleasure of conviviality around a small barbecue with friends, to taste the products gleaned from the picturesque markets in the area! Ah! Of course, of course, if you still have time, enjoying the Canal du Midi is a MUST! Pierre Paul Riquet was a pugnacious genius, who under Louis XIV persevered to bring the Atlantic and the Mediterranean together. So, a boat trip from Béziers, after visiting such a noble city, or a few days of roaming along the peaceful Canal will delight you. This Canal du Midi being world famous, it would be a shame to be so close without addressing it. But, you will have to come back. So many places to see, so much natural beauty and human ingenuity call for another stay at the Camping "The Terraces of Saint Chinian".

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