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New Aquitaine Charente Maritime St Georges d'Oléron
  • The island of Oléron and the ocean as far as the eye can see
  • 300 meters from the beach
  • Near Fort Boyard

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The many cycle paths that cross the island of Oléron and the Charente-Maritime will allow you to observe at your own pace and in peace the beauties of the region and its landscapes.

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Cycle routes

Nothing better than cycling to better understand the island of Oléron! The different routes allow you to cross the whole island. Browse the 160 kilometers of cycle routes on the island of Oléron. Discover all its biodiversity, through forests, marshes or by the sea. With its low relief, the island will delight cycling enthusiasts, whether beginners or confirmed practitioners.

The Velodyssey

Cycling enthusiasts will not fail to take the famous Vélodyssée, this cycle route that follows the Atlantic coast from Brittany to the Basque Country. 150 km of Vélodyssée are available to you between Marans and Royan, in the Marennes basin, to enjoy the architectural and gastronomic heritage of the region.

Discovery of heritage

The cultural heritage of the island of Oléron and Charente-Maritime is just as rich as its natural heritage. Lovers of nature or old stones, you will not fail to find what you are looking for in the region!

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Between history and traditions

The historical heritage of the island of Oléron is as diverse as the landscapes of the island. Architecture, maritime or agricultural heritage, there will be something for everyone! What would the island of Oléron be without its typical villages and traditional local habitat? Take the time to discover peasant houses, fishermen's houses and mansions, true symbols of local heritage. Do not miss to discover, on foot or by bike, the witnesses of the oyster and salt farming activity of Oléron. Cabins and saloches are waiting for you. Then immerse yourself in the military history of the island thanks to its many fortifications.

Lighthouses, mills and locks

The island of Oléron also has a superb maritime heritage, witness to its history turned towards the sea since its origins. Lighthouses, mills, locks will allow you to better understand the island. If you want to enjoy an exceptional 360-degree view, you will have to climb the 224 steps and 46 meters high of the Chassiron lighthouse, in service since 1836. Its breathtaking panorama will leave you speechless!


Military fortifications

  • The castle of Oléron
    Start your journey with the old stones of the Château d'Oléron! This XNUMXth century fortresse century, built by Richelieu, was fortified by Vauban and well worth the detour and why not, a visit to its jails! A small train will also allow you to go around and contemplate the ramparts to the oyster port. A guided tour of the 2,5 kilometers of ramparts is also possible, a unique opportunity to enjoy a superb view of the island!
  • Fort Boyard
    Halfway between the islands of Aix and Oléron, this architectural feat was built in the XNUMXthe century. Initially erected to protect the harbor of Aix and the arsenal of Rochefort, it quickly became a military prison from which there was no escape. If it cannot be visited, many cruises allow you to go around this giant of the seas.
  • Fort Louvois
    Opposite the Château d'Oléron, Fort Louvois, built by Vauban in the XNUMXthe century. It is considered the little brother of Fort Boyard. It is accessible on foot or by boat depending on the tides. 


Observation of flora and fauna

The Charente-Maritime, and particularly the island of Oléron, are a real natural breeding ground for all the plant and animal species of the region.

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On the island of Oléron several landscaped areas conducive to the development of biodiversity are accessible. The island of Oléron turns out to be a veritable sanctuary for fauna and flora, with multi-faceted landscapes.


Along the coast of Oléron, the rocky, sandy or muddy foreshores await you. To the south-west of the island the foreshore is sandy. On the west side, you will discover the superb spectacle of the rocky foreshore uncovering at low tide, and the many species of crabs, shellfish and shrimps. The muddy foreshore on the east side is part of the Moëze Oléron nature reserve. Mecca of migratory birds, the reserve is located on the great East-Atlantic flyway. The reserve includes a vast protected marine area, marshes and meadows, and is home to fantastic biodiversity.



The marshes are an integral part of the island of Oléron. Formerly salt marshes, some are now abandoned. But others, like the Douhet marsh, now constitute nature reserves of great beauty and multiple colours. True bird territory, you will meet gray herons, egrets or birds of prey, such as the marsh harrier.


If you are more of a forest person, set off to explore the three forest massifs of the island of Oléron. They are spread over the dune cords. Enjoy the umbrella pines, poplars and endemic species of these forests planted in the XNUMXthe century to fight against marine erosion.


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