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Camping les Pérouses du Phare

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  • On the Ile de Ré
  • 300 meters from La Conche beach
  • Near the Lilleau des Niges Reserve

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Bike rental at camping on the island of Ré

Bicycle tourism

Stroll by bike in the heart of the sublime landscapes and charming villages of the Ile de Ré. Cycling is the ideal way to explore the area.

Discover the charter Bicycle tourism.

Bike rental

  • On site
    Au Camping The Perouses of the Lighthouse, rent bikes for half a day, a day or for several days. You can choose from men's and women's mountain bikes, or children's bikes from 12 years old.
  • At the partner of camping
    To rent electric bikes, the camping is a partner with a service provider from Saint-Clément. Equipment is also at your disposal (compulsory helmets for children under 12, baskets, baby seats, lights, etc.).

The privileged welcome of cyclists

  • The repair shop
    A workshop is set up within the grounds of the camping so that the staff can carry out, on request, any repairs to the bicycles rented by the establishment.
  • Informed advice
    At the reception you will find advice and documentation with maps displayed or downloadable by QR Code. so that you can cycle freely. Thanks to the good advice of the team that welcomes you, plan many getaways on the landscaped routes, signposted roads and other cross roads which lead to the four corners of the island.

Vélo-Mouettes shuttles

In case of unforeseen events, the Vélo-Mouettes shuttles located near the four information points on the island come to your rescue. They are located in Rivedoux-Plage (Sablanceaux), Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré (Gros Jonc), Ars-en-Ré (Le Martray) and Les Portes-en-Ré (La Maison du Fier).

A nature to explore

The advantageous geography of the Ile de Ré pleases both families and seasoned cyclists. The flat relief and the very mild microclimate is ideal for the youngest. The more athletic can consider the great tour of the island of Ré by bike!

Green vineyards, long sandy beaches... Picturesque ports, charming white and flowery villages... Long stretches of wilderness and salt marshes... So many sights that you can take the time to admire thanks to cycling. You will live your days to the rhythm of encounters, tastings of shellfish or Pineau... Then it's time for swimming and visits to the most incredible sites.

All visits and activities are easily accessible thanks to the 140 kilometers of cycle paths that criss-cross the island. If you are planning long excursions, respect the safety rules and bring water.

Lilleau des Niges reserve on the Ile de Ré not far from the Camping the Perouses of the Lighthouse

Discovery of Fauna and Flora

Around Camping The Perouses, the environment is exceptional. The abundant fauna and flora is rich and preserved.

Discover the charter Observation of flora and fauna.

A mosaic of varied backgrounds

The salt marshes, mudflats, salt meadows, rocky foreshores, beaches, dunes, woods, moors, and of course the ocean, are all places to discover. Despite a modest area, the Ile de Ré is made up of a diversity of magnificent environments. They are home to a rich and varied fauna and flora. Do not miss a visit to the Maison du Fier and the Lilleau des Niges Reserve. She is unavoidable.

Guided discovery outings

  • Shellfish and crustaceans at low tide
  • Fauna and flora of the ramparts of Saint-Martin-de-Ré
  • Along fresh and salt water
  • Flowers and butterflies
  • Lizay dunes and forest
  • Pond and dragonflies
  • Fauna and flora of the ramparts of Saint-Martin-de-Ré
  • Treasures of Trousse-Chemise wood

Visits and walks

  • Botanical walks and night outings organized by the League for the Protection of Birds
  • Ré Nature Environnement offers guided tours, especially in the south of the island.
  • Walk in the apiary with Marie Ange
  • Noah's Ark Park
    This park preserves some rare animals and allows their reproduction.
  • Wood Henri IV
    The ONF trail allows you to discover various places, including a view of the Boutillon dike.


During your stay, we hope to share with you the discovery of the biodiversity of the island of Ré. The environmental adaptations of animals and plants, and the interactions between different species are fascinating.

Shore fishing on the Ile de Ré

Shore fishing

When you reach the coast and the large fine sandy beaches of the Ile de Ré, you will certainly not be able to resist the call of the ocean and its tides for long.

Discover the charter Shore fishing.

Pleasures on the foreshore

A bucket or a landing net in hand, discover fishing on foot. This outdoor activity is enjoyed by young and old alike. You will find cockles, mussels, oysters, clams or even scallops. But you will also cross paths with shellfish. Gray shrimps, spider crabs and even crabs are hiding not far from you.

Before shore fishing

Before fishing, find out about the sanitary quality of the shore fishing sites. Avoid going fishing after heavy rains, check the tide schedule and check the weather forecast, be accompanied or notify those around you. Respect the fishing zones and minimum sizes, with the possibility of picking up rods from tourist offices.

While fishing on foot

While fishing, respect the prohibitions on fishing and consumption. Stay away from harbor areas and fish on known and frequented places. Respect the authorized catch sizes and quantities, and use suitable fishing tools. Wash the shellfish and regularly monitor the rise in water.

After shore fishing

After fishing, remove the dead shells, keep the shells cold, wash them carefully after draining them.

Find all the practical advice on Ile de Ré website.

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