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Camping les Naïades

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  • In the Ardennes, at the gates of the Argonne forest
  • Private fishing pond
  • Not far from the historic sites of Verdun and the Meuse Valley

The Ardennes forest

The Ardennes forest opens its admirable points of view on the Semoy. You will find castles steeped in tales and legends. The unexpected rocks will stir your imagination. They will lead you through this dense forest. The diversity of natural environments, the meanders of the Meuse and the moors of the Rocroi plateau form the backdrop of this natural site.

Peat bogs, dry grasslands, wet moors and forests attract wild boars, foxes, red deer, batrachians and butterflies. The oaks, beeches, larches, birches, hornbeams and spruces are the masters of the place. They are home to the black stork, Tengmalm's owl and the black woodpecker.

wine tasting

During your stay at Camping The Naiads savor Veuve Clicquot, Martel and Taittinger champagnes. Meet the passionate winegrowers combining tradition and modernity. You will discover the variations of white, rosé, brut and semi-dry champagnes.


Au Camping the Naiads, enjoy the private fishing pond. Small equipment is even offered on site. You can also cast your lines at Clavy pond, or on one of Châtel's 49 spots. the Domaine des Bievres is for its part a small wooded and wild paradise. 13 posts are set up there. The herd is monitored. The peninsula brings you comfort and fishing pleasure.

Hiking or cycling

  • GR 14 from Apremont to the Grandes Armoises
  • Circuit of the Argonne streams : 14 kilometres, classified as easy
  • Sergeant York Road
  • Discovery of the Ariethal viaduct in Exermont
  • 12 marked mountain bike circuits by Argonn'R
  • The Vertigo of Val d'Aire : 28-kilometre unmarked cycling circuit starting from Cornay


Dance the Ardennes forest, Châtel-Chéhéry is worth a visit. Discover its abbey in the Argonne forest. It is called the forest of the Celts. The Saint-Juvin castle-church is also a beautiful place for a walk. Then take a trip to Cornay, whose XNUMXth century church was restored in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. In Vienne-le-Château, you will be at the gates of the former battlefields of the Great War.


Verdun is only about fifty kilometers from Camping The Naiads. Founded by the Celts on an oppidum, it welcomed Clovis in the 1916th century. It experienced a golden age in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, thanks to the development of weaving and the cloth trade. Tanneries and goldsmiths then enriched it. On the Meuse, a port then allowed the export of Argonne glass and ceramics. In the XNUMXth century, Verdun suffered the Prussian wars, before going through hell in XNUMX. History is traced in the moving underground citadel. Augmented reality glasses and special effects will give you an overwhelming immersion.


Visit the city of coronations at your leisure, thanks to the Reims Découverte application. You will rent a tablet at the Tourist Office and take advantage of the 5 circuits offered. Localization will give you guided freedom. The history of this city is exceptionally rich. The Notre-Dame cathedral hosted the coronations from 816 until 1825! Since the baptism of Clovis by Archbishop Rémi, you will discover the history of the Carolingians and then the Capetians. Then discover the Subé fountain, the Place Royale, the Tau Palace. Admire the famous triumphal arch of the Porte de Mars. The Saint-Remi Museum will then take you on a journey through the great history of Reims. The Fort de la Pompelle Museum will immerse you in the memory of the First World War, and the martyr towns of the Champagne-Ardennes region. Finally, extend your historical interest at the Museum of the Surrender. It illustrates the end of World War II.

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