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Camping Les Marins

You are in the Combrailles, between Clermont-Ferrand and Limousin, “submerged”, at the foot of the Puys range, where the watchword is Nature! Go quickly take a deep breath at the Cotillon dam. Then take a walk between Notre Dame de L'Assomption, of Romanesque origin, which dominates the village of Lapeyrouse, and whose chevet is remarkable, and the Pas de la Vierge. 

Then the Leap of the Virgin ...

You will dive, without thinking about it, into the origins of Christianity. TO Durmignat, the Moulin de Villonne, and the Romanesque church of Montaigut will be echoes, and you will quickly soak up your environment. the Lapeyrouse lake, or that of Montmarault, so close to your camping "Les Marins", will offer you fine sand to plant your parasol and swim. Pedalos, canoes, windsurfers, are at your disposal, and you will relax at the tavern, unless, sporty, you are fans of volleyball and tennis.

Itinerant, you will follow the gorges of the Sioule

... find the Gour de Saillant, and you will lose yourself in the meanders of Queuille. Gorgeous ! Go to the Queuille dam. The 2-hour walk will share with you the freshness, waterfalls, rustling of the forest, and understand why this paradise is called "Little Amazonia". Gone for parties, do not miss the Viaduc des Fades, which masterfully spans the Sioule. The railway linked Lapeyrouse to Volvic. It is a specimen of rigor, a "cathedral of steel". It arises from the "Belle Epoque", at an exceptional altitude. It is now only an extraordinary passage of Vélorail. But the wild gorge, with perfect curves, deserves your effort of ten kilometers if you follow the Loop. It is advisable, of course, to choose this walk on a clear day. 

You are constantly moving in the heart of geology And the Gour of Tazenat is just one more example. Spectacular crater lake, it bears witness to the “shock” encounter between lava and river. Extend your walk to the Moulin des Palles, private, but which punctuates your curiosity about the small heritage. 

If you are a fan of hiking , you will have an endless choice: the Bois de Motaillas, in Vitrac: 4.5km. Allow 7 km to follow the “Chartreuse Port Sainte Marie” hike in Les Ancizes. The "Chevie de Pontgibaud" will take you easily for 7.5 km in the heart of lava flows and volcanic stones. The Clidane Valley, from Bourg-Lastic, will unfold its 10 km with a privileged view of the Sancy. If history guides you, discover the “Resistance” hike, from Saint Julien-la-Geneste, 14 km. The Maquis is explained on panels, and this period of the 2nd World War will allow you to better understand this secret region where water and vegetation dominate. The Gorges de la Sioule are a "Must". Classified Natura 2000, you will walk them for 20 or 30 km, as you wish, as a tourist or inveterate walker, from Saint Gervais d'Auvergne. Passionate, well-equipped hikers, you will have the pleasure of initiating your friends or the youngest on the educational hike of the École de la Forêt, in Charensat. A walk off the beaten track? You will contact Rufino, for a private visit of 2.5 km to Saint Hilaire la Croix. Sculptor, he will give you an artistic "perspective" on this world of rocks, water, forests. In Marcillat en Combrailles, you can choose from 2 mountain biking tours: Les Tartares (5.30h) or Les Mares et Murets (3.30h). Take advice from the person in charge of camping. “The Moulin Parraut (around 3.30h) will take you through the Charroux, a charming medieval village. The peaceful charm of the “3 Cuves de Chambonnet” in Sauret-Besserve, plays on the water in cascades. 

If you have an artist soul, you will love this place

You will take out your cameras… And you will sit down to capture the lights, contrasts and reliefs. A few good sketches and sketches will exercise insight, and bring out your watercolors, for UNIQUE works! An interesting Pierre Fada dolmen (Fada: des fées) is worth your curiosity, towards Saint Etienne des Champs, as well as Combrailles throughout history, in the south, a one-day discovery tour. 

Water is omnipresent and the Sioule river, the fisherman's paradise fly or knock. There are many fishing sites. The bas de Prade, first of all, in Servant, combines a fun course, a leisure center and fishing. There is something for the whole family, and you can buy your cards at the restaurant on the lake, or at the town hall of Montaigut The lake of La Loge, in Lapeyrouse, is 11 ha dedicated to fishing: carp, roach, perch (And even night fishing for carp). the camping Les Marins thinks of you and also offers the purchase of cards. The Gour de Tazenat in Charbonnière-les-Vieilles is a crater lake, and it is in its limpid waters that you can swim or fish. Hiking, picnicking, or enjoying a pancake will appeal to everyone. For change ? The Etang du Cheix, in Biollet, that of Magaud, in Saint Angel, or even Chancelade in Charensat. And for fly pros, the No Kill course from Châteauneuf-les-Bains will delight you over 1 km, with your feet in the clear water of this Mythical Sioule. On the lookout for brown trout. 

Sportsmen, on the lookout this time, for thrills and adrenaline, you will climb the Via Ferrata des Gorges de la Sioule, which offers 2 levels of difficulty. Either, or,… You will contact the equestrian center and Pony Club of Durdat Larequille, to find an animal so present in our lives until the 50s. And which you may miss.  

You are surely curious about heritage. Therefore the Chateau Chazeron, in other times Casa Ronda, being a historical monument of the XNUMXth century, you will like to discover this superb residence of the Plaine de la Limagne. It became a Gothic palace in the XNUMXth century, kept its gargoyles, and in the XNUMXth century became a comfortable residence, the rose garden of which you will also visit. the Castle Rock, was meanwhile, a fortress erected on a spur overlooking the Sioule. You will surely be attracted toBois des Brosses Arboretum, and the “Roman Bridge”. It is in Saint Rémy de Blot, on the meander of Rochocol. Here is another great hike. At Chateau Dauphin, in Pontgibaud, the fortress followed the evolution of time and became a family home, with a listed vegetable garden. Within the domain, do not also miss a visit to the Mine Museum, which bears witness to the exploitation of galena (lead ore), from the XNUMXrd to the XNUMXth century. 

If you are music lovers or musicians, Organs of Pontaumur, in a XNUMXth century church will surprise you, and you will understand the enthusiasm of Bach enthusiasts. Hence a Bach en Combrailles festival. Heritage is also Collegiate Church of Notre Dame in Herment. Listed, from the XNUMXth century, reminiscent of a disappeared fortress, it unrolls an imposing staircase and opens onto a magical panorama of the Puy de Sancy chain et Mounts of Cantal. You will live again, you will release your breath! Of course, these natural settings, beeches, oaks, chestnut trees, are rich in an intense fauna of discreet mammals, but which you will seize if you do not forget your binoculars, and show respect, (and yourselves of discretion and patience): chamois, mouflons, deer, marmots, otters and beavers. Look up, you will see peregrine falcons, red kites whose wingspan can reach 1.95 m, fly, almost motionless in the summer sky. Observe beetles, and nocturnal Short-eared Owls, or Nelson's Serotine Bat. 

Also remember, about Chateauneuf-les-Bains, that it is a city of waters. Thermal since antiquity, it has survived the centuries thanks to hot springs, analgesics. It is also a place of well-being, with a Spa. Its buildings “moored” to the Sioule, benefit (and you too…) from a wild natural circus. Nearby, the Moulin de Braynant is a rare piece! The setting is superb, and Jean-Claude Gauvin is a miller loyal to traditions. You can meet him, enjoy his exceptional products.

You are not far from Clermont-Ferrand

Double city, unified under Louis XIII, and whose origins are Gallo-Roman. A Gothic Cathedral and a Basilica punctuated the life of this city. Then, the Michelin company having settled in the region, the rhythm changed, modernized. You can discover this industrial and commercial life at "L'Aventure Michelin", rue du Clos Four in Clermont. A 2000 m2 course, an exploration game, film, vehicles, arouse interest and curiosity. An interactive application can be downloaded. Finally, after strolling through the city, you can travel back in time on the Auvergne Steam Train. 

Foodies! You will not miss the artisanal meats, truffles, stews and stuffed cabbage. And then, the region is a real… Plateau… Of cheeses! Saint Nectaire, Fourmes d'Ambert or Montbrisson, Salers! Vichy pastilles and the water of the same name, or Volvic, will help you digest your feasts! But it would be sad not to give in sometimes to the sin of gluttony! Unless, wine tourists convinced, you will not end your summer trips with a delicious Cote d'Auvergne, drinkable, or an atypical Gentian, shared, in the evening, in the sweet atmosphere of camping "Les Marins" by Lapeyrouse.

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