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Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Puy de Dome LAPEYROUSE
  • North of the Puys chain
  • Leisure base and beach at the gates of the camping
  • 25 minutes from the Sioule gorges

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Auvergne is undoubtedly the ideal region for hiking. You will offer yourself unforgettable moments in the heart of nature in the heart of Combrailles, not far from the volcanoes of Auvergne.

Discover the charter Hiking.

Between forests, groves and pastures, lakes and high plateaus, the Combrailles will offer you a great diversity of landscapes, embellished with parts of history and local heritage. Many hiking tours are offered by Combrailles tourist office.

  • Start your hiking trip by a stroll around the Lapeyrouse lake. This pretty loop of 12 kilometers at the limits of Puy-de-Dôme and Allier, offers you landscapes of hilly bocages. They make the reputation of the Combrailles. You will also enjoy the facilities around the lake. They are the delight of children and fishermen.
  • The Roman road and Régheat wood, in Pionsat: Follow in the footsteps of the former inhabitants of the region. Explore the Roman road lined with hundred-year-old chestnut trees thanks to this beautiful loop of 13 kilometers. Cross the Régheat wood and the Boron valley. Take advantage of the remarkable viewpoints over the Combrailles.
  • The Gour de Tazenat : This is an original hike that will take you to discover the volcanic origins of the region. The crater lake is 700 meters in diameter. A path in the undergrowth forms a loop of about 7 kilometers. It allows you to go around and appreciate the diverse and varied aquatic fauna. This hike is very easy, perfect to hike with children. However, you will have to drive 50 kilometers to reach the starting point.


The Combrailles region is renowned for being a fishing country. Between the rivers of 1st category, ponds and lakes, you will be spoiled for choice. The Sioule river has even become a mythical place for all anglers who enjoy salmon and trout fishing.

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Fishing in bodies of water

Fishermen can begin their discovery of the region by the lake of the Lodge, in Lapeyrouse. You will need to bring your fishing license to enjoy the 11 hectares of the lake and its many fish. Carp, roach, trout, white fish, perch and tench await you there. Night carp fishing is permitted. Open from March to November for fishing, the body of water also benefits from the facilities of the leisure base. Playgrounds and picnic areas, bar... Ideal for family fishing!

For a smaller body of water also benefiting from infrastructures, the lake of La Prade in Servant is only a quarter of an hour from your camping and will require a fishing license. Any fish over 5 kg must be returned to the water. You will come across pike, pikeperch, trout, roach, carp and even koi carp!


Fishing in the river

For lovers of river fishing, there is no doubt that the Combrailles will largely meet your expectations in this area. River Morges in Saint-Hilaire-la Croix has 30 kilometers of first category rivers. It is populated by minnows, gudgeons and especially trout. Many trout fishing techniques can be practiced there, including fly fishing. The Sioule in Châteauneuf-les-Bains will undoubtedly be the perfect river for all lovers of trout fishing. Its waters of 1st category are home to two types of salmonid fishing, including a no-kill.

Find all the information on the website Puy-de-Dôme Fishing Federation. The tourist office also provides you with a list of fishing routes, especially for lovers of no-kill.



There's nothing like windsurfing to keep in shape! Windsurfing is a very complete sport that allows you to work all the muscles of your body. But not only ! It also allows your cardiovascular system to work. 

Discover the charter Windsurfing.

Benefits of windsurfing

Keeping the sail upwind will work your arms, shoulders and back. You'll also need your rectus abdominis and hamstrings to keep you balanced. Windsurfing remains one of the best sports in terms of sheathing. Windsurfing is accessible to children from the age of 8, provided they have perfect swimming skills and have sufficient build. Once mastered, windsurfing will quickly become an exhilarating sport, which will allow you to combine sport, speed and thrills! You will choose the length of your board according to the wind, your level and your aspirations.  

Lapeyrouse Leisure Center

What could be more original than to practice windsurfing a few steps from the volcanoes of Auvergne, in the heart of Puy-de-Dôme! You will have the opportunity to practice windsurfing in the immediate vicinity of your camping. Lapeyrouse nautical leisure center offers you a body of water suitable for your sports activities on the water, and in particular windsurfing. Find more information on Web Cities.  


The Combrailles will be the perfect opportunity to get into mountain biking or to improve your skills! The region offers mountain biking circuits in the Combrailles. They are a fantastic playground for mountain bikers of all levels!

Discover the charter MTB.

The grand tour of the Combrailles

For mountain bike enthusiasts, the tourist office offers a grand tour of the Combrailles nearly 285 kilometers. Slightly shorter variants are also presented. This tour is the perfect opportunity to tour this piece of Auvergne. You will cycle through volcanic landscapes, plateaus, ponds or groves. A real discovery of the nature of Puy-de-Dôme, but also of its cultural marvels, awaits you. Be careful though because the grand tour is not signposted. You can also benefit from a virtual audio-guided route on the “Combrailles, walks and hikes” application. 

Hikes and walks

For mountain bikers who prefer to devote themselves to rides over a day or half a day, there is no shortage of circuits! On marked trails or on side roads for the more adventurous, you will enjoy the many possibilities for rides offered to mountain bikers.

  • “Between Cher and Combrailles”, the maquis path, in Pionsat: A beautiful loop of 33 kilometers awaits you. It is reserved for experienced mountain bikers. You will enjoy a superb natural setting embellished with small heritage monuments, on this path which follows the path of the former guerrillas.
  • The Wood of the Guard, in Pionsat: A small easy loop of just under 15 kilometres, ideal for beginners and lovers of walks. Departing from the Château de Pionsat, this route takes you on a discovery of the forests and hedgerows of Combrailles. It offers you superb panoramas. 
  • Servant, in Menat. This loop of just over 17 kilometers and of medium difficulty, offers you a very hilly course. Between pastures and forests, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Chaîne des Puys and the Sioule, before a well-deserved break at Lac de Servant.


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