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Camping Les Eaux Vives

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Occitania Lozère St Bonnet-Laval
  • PRM reception
  • Whitewater sports and fishing professionals available to guide and introduce you

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The region, straddling Lozère and Haute-Loire, is a fantastic playground for all hikers, beginners as well as experienced. From famous paths and GR to more intimate trails, every walker will find something to suit him!

Discover the charter Hiking.

Le camping Les Eaux Vives is located as a stopover point for the GR 470: Sources et Gorges de L'Allier, a magnificent path that allows you to discover the wonders of this wild valley, its preserved fauna and flora. The GR470 goes back to the sources of the Allier, from Haute-Loire to Lozère. Superb hike along a wild river, through lands of legends.

You will also be very close, from the camping : 

Many PRs (small hikes) are easily accessible from the camping. 

From the camping you will be able to discover the panorama of the Allier gorges and the Velay plateau by following the PR 392, Le Nouveau Monde. Don't forget to raise your eyes to observe the sentinels of the Allier, these medieval castles posted on rocky outcrops. A superb trail that combines nature and culture!

Within the camping, you will find information and topo on the different hikes at the reception. 

The Grandrieu hiking association Trails in Margeride, adhering to the RSTF, has published a PR topo-guide (short hike): 23 loop circuits, marked out by the members of the hiking association, are offered, classified by level, with IGN color maps, essential practical information and texts to discover the region. It is available on loan from camping.

Le camping will also provide you with 13 hiking sheets from the Haut Allier community of municipalities, including the Naussac lake tour circuit, which you can also do by mountain bike. A beautiful trail where you can combine walking and the pleasures of water. Don't hesitate to take a refreshing swim break! Since camping, you can also access to the many hikes that mark out the Country of Cayres Pradelles.


Bikers are welcome at Camping Les Eaux Vives! At the reception you will find all the information and motorcycle routes in the region. On the camping, a room will be at your disposal to protect your motorcycles and an anti-puncture kit will be offered to you on your arrival.

Discover the charter Motorcycle.

Lozère lends itself wonderfully to the practice of touring motorcycles. Uncrowded roads and grandiose landscapes attract many bikers every year. Lozère Tourisme has developed, with the help of local biker associations, fifteen circuits to allow you to discover the entire region, its wide open spaces and its breathtaking panoramas. Don't forget to take well-deserved sightseeing and gastronomic breaks! The richness of the region is amply suited to this. 

Let yourself be tempted by a trip to the great expanses of Margeride, in the heart of the land of the Beast of Gévaudan, loaded with legends. You will take the road towards the granite lands of Margeride, north of Lozère, for a beautiful rural getaway, in the heart of unspoiled nature, where you will explore the Lozère hinterland.


On your way, you will pass by Lake Villefort and the shores of Lake Naussac, an ideal place for a swimming break. More information on the roadbook, sheet number 4.

For a more in-depth discovery of the Margeride, embark on loop number 10, the Margeride, between meadows, lakes and forests. Lovers of nature and wide open spaces will be delighted! The granitic plateau of Margeride, the largest in Europe, is a fabulous playground for motorcyclists, criss-crossed by small, sometimes very winding country roads, conducive to the discovery of a region full of surprises. find for each loop the road book very precisely detailing each route.



For all white water sports enthusiasts, you are in the camping ideal!

Le camping will allow you to make the most of the unique playground offered by the Haut-Allier gorges to practice your favorite sport: Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, Hot-dog, Canyoning, White water swimming ...

Discover the charter Canoe.

Beginners or initiates, alone, with family or friends, everyone will enjoy discovering the river and its secrets. Among the last wild rivers in Europe, the Allier is certainly one of the most interesting to navigate by canoe. Different levels of difficulty for a practice accessible to all, beginners or experienced. 

Along the water, you will discover a multitude of grandiose landscapes, in which unspoiled wildlife evolves.

From half-day to full-day, beginners or experienced practitioners will enjoy experimenting with the different sections offered by the river and its different levels of difficulty.  

Since camping, different routes are available, depending on the level of difficulty of descent, on 50 km of the Allier river, going from Langogne to Prades. Each course corresponds to a class:

  • classes I and II correspond to easy and moderately difficult routes
  • class III becomes difficult 
  • classes IV to VI correspond to difficult, extremely difficult or even at the limit of navigability routes.

Take advantage of the nearby courses:

  • From Langogne to St-Etienne du Vigan: 5 km - class II 
  • From St-Etienne du Vigan to the Jonchère bridge: 6 km - class III and IV 
  • From Jonchère bridge to Chapeauroux: 12 km - class III, IV and V 
  • From Chapeauroux to Alleyras: 20 km - class II and III
  • From Monistrol d'Allier to Prades: 12 km - class III


To venture into the gorges, do not forget to take the time to consult the information on the water level of the Allier on a New World scale / Chapeauroux.

Some passionate professionals are at your disposal on site to guide you, initiate you, advise you and rent you the necessary equipment.

To organize a day, a stay or just an unforgettable experience with a qualified guide, several partners of the camping offer you their services:

For more information on the routes, consult the website of the tourist office of Gorges of the Allier or on the tourism website Auvergne Experience on white water sports in Haute Loire



Mountain biking enthusiasts will be charmed by the fabulous playground of the Gorges de l'Allier! Many labeled spaces and trails will allow you to walk, hike or roam the gorges and enjoy the beauty and diversity of its wild landscapes, from forests to lakes or plains.

Discover the charter MTB.

The routes will make you discover the great geological diversity of Lozère, its exceptional flora and fauna. You will have plenty of time to combine sensations and discoveries!

Since camping, you can browse Margeride trails, its forests and granite plateaus. Itineraries that will also allow you to dive into the Haut-Allier gorges. Magic !

Find all the information on the Mountain biking in Lozère on and on different routes available.

For an overview of the different paths and difficulty levels of mountain biking trails in the Gorges du Haut-Allier, consult the technical sheet

You will have the choice between different spaces to browse the many trails that crisscross the Gorges:

  • Mountain biking area of ​​the Gorges de l'Allier: 398 km of marked trails, always near the Allier river, offering tracks and single-track, plateaus and valleys, granite and basalt, as well as visits to churches and chapels. A great diversity of practices and techniques!
  • Volcanic Velay mountain biking area: between the wild gorges of the Loire and the Allier, 400 km marked and labeled FFC for the pleasure of all mountain bikers, families and experienced mountain bikers. 133 kilometers of trails to discover the local heritage, both natural and cultural.
  • Saugues-en-Gévaudan mountain biking area: 520 km marked out over 16 circuits from 3 km to 39 km, with varying levels of difficulty, to discover the legendary land of the Beast of Gévaudan. You will take paths that cross the GR de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, cross the granite plateaus of the Margeride or plunge into the gorges of Haut-Allier.
  • Pays d'Auzon mountain bike area: 12 mountain bike circuits in the Pays d'Auzon, to discover the landscapes of southern Auvergne and satisfy both beginners and the most demanding mountain bikers.


All information on the websiteAllier Gorges Tourist Office.

It is impossible for mountain biking enthusiasts not to stop at the Gévaudan mountain biking area, whose 12 circuits of different levels offer beautiful views of Lake Naussac. All information on sitesvtt.ffc.fr.

You will use it to make around the lake of Naussac, a beautiful loop of about thirty kilometers with some beautiful technical passages. After the effort, comfort! So do not hesitate to treat yourself to a well-deserved swimming break!

Since camping, you can also access the many mountain bike trails that dot the Pays de Cayres Pradelles. Find more information on the different marked trails and their level of difficulty on velayvolcanique.fr

For any information, repair or rental of mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes, contact the partner of the camping, E-solution.



Trout fishing enthusiasts will find their paradise! The camping Les Eaux Vives, on the edge of the Gorges de l'Allier, is ideal for welcoming fishermen in the best possible conditions.

Discover the charter Fishing.

The surroundings of Chapeauroux offer an exceptional diversity of landscapes, streams, rivers and torrents, all classified in 1st category, with a predominance of salmonids.

All fishing techniques can be practiced: toc, fly, artificial lures or fly (grasshopper). Sport fishing, itinerant or waiting, the region offers, thanks to the diversity of its water points (rivers, lakes, streams), a great technical diversity where everyone can find their happiness. 

Le Chapeauroux is a river that will delight amateurs and beginners, both for its landscapes and for its fish; it is home to three salmonid species: salmon, trout and grayling (protected population). 

The Allier, mythical salmon river, is now a delight for fishermen, renowned for being a trout paradise, it offers magnificent fishing potential between Lozère and Auvergne. The wild Atlantic brown trout lives, grows and reproduces naturally in the Allier. You will also find a beautiful population of graylings, whose fishing is regulated in no-kill.

Do not hesitate during your stay to take advantage of the advice of The Lozère Fishing Guides Company, partner of camping, an association which aims to promote fishing tourism in Lozère. For expert advice on fly fishing in the region's rivers, you can ask Stéphane Faudon for help (lozerepechemouche.com), professional fishing guide and hydrobiologist.


An experienced fisherman or a beginner, why not let yourself be tempted by fishing lessons? With the partner of Eaux Vives Halieu Ethics, courses for adults, children or groups will be offered with Jérôme Bouard, fishing guide specializing in lake fishing for predators, pike or large salmonids.

To make your mouth water, the Fédération de la Pêche de Haute-Loire has published a video on kayak fishing in the Gorges de l'Allier. A fantastic opportunity to practice fly fishing and enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the gorges:

Find all the information on fishing in Lozère, in the rivers, streams and lakes of the region or go to the website of the federation of fishing in Lozère.

If you want more information, visit the pages Accommodation, Camping et Tourism our site.

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