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Camping Les Bords de Loue

In Puisy, a strategic place to "embrace" the Jura, feel the Franche Comté, immerse yourself in this 1000 Lakes Region, and shine in this radiant department! The charming village of Pourquoi, nestled in the greenery between Loue and Doubs, will enchant you with its canal and its XNUMXth century Saint Germain century, classified in the supplementary inventory of Historical Monuments. A Corinthian cross (1613) will attract your attention. You will be able to meditate on its golf course, 9 holes installed on 36 hectares. You might think that because because because of Perrecey's reminiscence, it is said that it owes its name to a terrible legend. An ancient lake stood where you are. A very beautiful young girl, desperate to know her "Knight" swallowed up, pierced the lake and, in despair, it was dried up. The lake, not the knight ...

But since then, water is everywhere around

A nice walk to Ouhans (25520), in addition to the cliff and the rocky cirque, will guide you in the footsteps of this beautiful Loue (Loyes in old French). You have to be a fairly good walker, free to move around, but you will rub shoulders with the mystery of La Vouivre… Returning to the Loue de Pourquoi, you will have the choice of nautical activities at Lake Chalain, plant your parasol on a sandy beach, and let the hard work of sunbathing run free. The tour of the lake, on foot, by bike, or even on horseback is a treat. The equestrian centers are numerous and variously distributed around Dole : The center of Dole, Rahon, Grange l'Étang, Lime Forest, will advise you according to your level, on initiations and walks. You can of course enjoy the center 4km from the camping. If you are fishermen, the Loue in its upper part, being 1st category, you can consult "La Gaule du Bas", for information, and the camping "Les Bords de Loue" thinks of you, by providing you with fishing licenses: shad, pike, perch… You will respectfully think of the trout and its cousin the salmon, a great migrant. Red Trout Lake bears a suggestive name, and you will go from one lake to another of the 4 Lakes from La Frasnois. These spaces are, as you know, privileged places for gathering and observing birds. Go to the Girard Nature Reserve in Givry. You are on a migration corridor. 135 ha of wetland discovery. A well marked hiking trail leads to an observatory. You are advised to allow 1.30 hours, despite the small 2 km, because you will be curious about everything. To your cameras! To your sketches the artists! You will see the kingfisher, the small plover, egrets, herons and cormorants. Or maybe the Forest Cat on the lookout for a water shrew! The flora is so dense that you will not succeed in observing the 330 species: flowering rush, marine naiad, frog moraine, arrow-leaved sagittarius. And cover up, mosquitoes, sometimes like walkers.

Hiking becomes sublime ...

… When you follow, in Emerald Land, the spectacular 7 Hedgehog waterfalls, (obviously more "cascading" in periods of rain than in a heatwave). 7.5 km, round trip, pure wonders. Since Lons the salt worker, the classified site opens its doors to you; scenographic space, information point, entertainment at the Maison des Cascades, shop. Parking is chargeable but gives you the 'Cascades Pass'. Please be well shod and your dog will be kept on a leash. 3 Loops are accessible to all depending on the starting point, and the Saut Girard, from Le Belvédère is also accessible to tourists with reduced mobility.

Some examples of pleasant cycling loops? 

“Dole, its canals, its river” 3.5 km. Take the opportunity to let yourself be taken by its charming buildings, its Museum of Fine Arts, the house of Louis Pasteur, the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame, the Médiathèque de L'Hôtel Dieu. The Canal des Tanneurs is picturesque as well as the "Barraques" of the XIVst century. The “Reculée des Planches” loop 17 km and the “Deux Domaines”, 7.8 km, will offer you varied panoramas and points of view. In Dole, if you feel like it, there is a leisure Kromi Park, from Pupillin. As you move from town to town and village, the bearer of our history, do not miss the Mythical City of Baume les Messieurs, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. She nestles in the generous Circus (Natura 2000), and its cliffs. A Benedictine abbey, a Romanesque abbey church, including the Flemish Altarpiece from the XVIst century alone is remarkable, a stone bridge, without counting the Caves and Reculée, or the Cascade des Tufs, are worth a long visit. Lons le Saunier, its thermal baths, place of History and Cures, will welcome your tourist stroll under the arcades. The Clock Tower, the Rouget de Lisle Museum, famous orchestrator of the Marseillaise, the Hôtel Dieu du XVIIIst and its sumptuous apothecary, will punctuate your steps, and your memory. Then jump into the XX food industryst century and visit the La Vache Qui Rit museum! AT Salins les Bains, also a spa town, you will be surprised by the forts, one of which was redesigned by Vauban, the Dôme Notre Dame in glazed tiles, so shimmering and unique, or the lanes of character. Go without hesitation to the “Grande Saline”, Unesco World Heritage, extension of the Royal Saltworks of Arc et Senans: 1200 years of salt history. Impressive history of societies through the centuries. There is also a Casino, when others swear by the Ac robic Parc Woka Loisirs. A great range of activities!

If cultural heritage appeals to you

Le Pierre de Bresse Castle, its moat, its ecomuseum, its park, opens its beautiful doors to you. MAJESTIC ! And you can enjoy its exhibitions and its tea room. A “Mômes Adventure” booklet is offered to your children. The Castle of Ferney-Voltaire, meanwhile, will restore the Enlightenment to you. It was a retreat and vacation spot for the great philosopher. The Chateau d'Arlay, XVIIIst, eclectic, historical, is magic! It combines breathtaking views, a step back in history, since it was built on an old feudal stronghold, implanted in the wine-growing region, as evidenced by a sumptuous cellar, and… Refined interior.

And if your heart tells you, on a beautiful full day, you will take the " Swallow Train ". Grandiose. Between Dole and Saint Claude, 2.30h over 120 km, through the Forest of Chaux, the Arbois vines, by viaducts, tunnels and steep rails, to Saint Claude, which in itself is a "Must" . If you can, visit the Pipe and Diamond Museum. Here again, you will dive into the artisanal, artistic, cultural, geological and human history. (Place Jacques Faizant in St Claude). Ask at the Tourist Offices of St Claude or Dole. Reservation is compulsory. Do you think you've come full circle? No.

The Jura has a backbone: The Wine Route

So do somewine tasting ! Leave the water in the lakes, and follow the shores of Salins les Bains, Arbois and its Jura Vine and Wine museum. Because, Arbois, it is Ar / Bos. It is the fertile land in Celtic, land tormented by marl, clays and silica. Follow your road to Poligny, Voiteur, Château Chalon, Lons le Saunier, Beaufort. Varied, full of character, with 4 AOCs (Côte de Jura, l'Etoile, Arbois, Château Chalon), these wines will teach you respect in tasting. The Crémants will titillate your taste buds, the Sweet Wines of Straw, resulting from a late work on the dried grapes, will satisfy you. So, you will look for the mineral or the fleshy, the spicy or the warm… Divine aromas… You will not miss the farmers' markets and the fruit trees, because the products of the soil are innumerable. Many are very old, many shine with the gold, silver or bronze of their medals: Comté, Morbier with vegetable charcoal, cancoillotte, Bleus, prestigious charcuterie: Saucisse de Morteau, de Montbéliard, plain or smoked. Many agree with the Jura morel, a rare treasure. And Jura wine provides such harmony! Do not forget that the Jura is the forest, therefore the wood, lovingly worked, sculpted, painted, and take the opportunity to bring back beautiful creative, useful or playful memories. Anticipate gifts and family celebrations!

If you are one of those who want to take off, gain height, before tasting all these delicacies of a rich gastronomy, you can "spoil" yourself in paragliding, hot air ballooning, hang-gliding or microlight, from paraglider Jura, in Courlaoux. “Poupel Vol Libre” in St Thiebaud suggests: “Come fly with us, you will understand why the birds are singing”. Anyway, your vacation will be "enchanted", and back to camping "Les Bords de Loue", in Pourquoi, you will have only one desire: To return in this enchanting Jura. 

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