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Camping Les 3 Sablières

Your attraction to seals and sea calves will be more than satisfied! A host of strategic points: Brighton les Pins, St Valéry, Cayeux… The camping, ideal base, in the peace of a protected nature, will open a kaleidoscope of interests, projects, memories!

Le Crotoy is a case in point. Its location gives it the appearance of a peninsula, when the sea recedes (up to 12 km!) And gives free rein to all kinds of walks and fishing: cockles, shrimps, driftwood. The sky stretches out and merges with the sea. What sunsets! You will be at the heart of Baie de Somme Natural Park, and this Maritime Picardy offers you a beautiful Land-Sea range for your holidays or your desires for freedom. The pleasures of the sea are innumerable: Swimming, sand yachting, kite-surfing, paragliding, and the benefits of walking in sea water, while breathing iodized air, is no longer to be demonstrated. Riding is facilitated by space, and you have several centers around Le Crotoy. All are for everyone ... Whatever the level.

Since camping, you will not miss advice on your tourist outings on the Bay. For you fishermen, the sea is just a stone's throw away and fishing ponds 2 km away. If you take a guide, his professional and reassuring knowledge will amaze you. It is by canoe or kayak that you will go to the famous meeting awaited by these massive good-natured animals, which take advantage of the ebbing tides. If you stay on land, enjoy the beaches of Marquenterre, walk or hike between dunes and swamps (consult the Marquenterre Park brochure Valloires Abbey brochure). ("Les Crocs" hike St Quentin en Tourmont for example) Follow the bay to the north, thanks to the Terres et Merveilles destinations, you will have multiple possibilities to see, spy and love marine fauna. Fort Mahon beach will remind you of our Great History, with remains of the Atlantic Wall; the beach of Cayeux develops a beautiful plank path, which runs alongside innumerable huts, neat reminders of the Belle Epoque. The Chalk Cliff Route between Ault, Hourdel and Mers is unique! Stroll through Mers, where the masterpieces of the Belle Epoque, the daring colors of the facades, the ironwork, the rosettes, and bow windows are all appeals for art and photography lovers.

A must is of course, the discovery of ornithological park of Marquenterre, place of migration of 300 species. This polder / marsh of 1000 hectares, accomodates according to the seasons, waders (storks, herons, cranes), sparrows and raptors. Binoculars in hand, boots on, you will feast, and apprehend its treasures. There is even a Festival of Birds and Nature, where workshops are offered to your curious children. If you have a moment, do not miss the Little Steam Train of the Bay, a happy return to the heritage of Crotoy. Also go to St Valéry / Somme lose yourself in the picturesque “Courtgain” district, a name which recalls the meager salaries of fishermen, but which is now adorned with new and colorful harmonies.

Take a stroll towards Ault, the Bois de Cise, where the Belle Epoque houses combine bricks, stone turrets, balconies, under the metallic gray of the slate. Choose the app Alltrails, and discover the hikes near the camping ! The Somme also calls you to its valley, rich in cycle paths for mountain biking and cycle tourism. The Véloroute to Long takes you on the towpaths, and the river allows for electric boat trips. An XVIII castlest, surrounded by a park and greenhouses, a power station to visit, the Maison Éclusière, the functioning locks add many facets to your hike. Don't miss the Pont Rémy and take the Tour des Ponts, of course… 10 bridges… Not to mention a living Archeosite from Arabona, who recreates the life of a Gaul camp. As you are on the edge of the Crécy en Ponthieu forest, you enter 4322 hectares cleared by the Benedictines in the 100th century. This national forest was an important hunting ground for kings, which the Haute Loge remembers. Beeches and oaks have even attracted a Festival of monumental Sculptures, and you will discover them, which whisper to you the spirit of Picardy. Do not forget, you passionate about history AND History, that Crécy was the terrible place of the Battle of Crécy, which marked the start of the Hundred Years War, in 1346. You can relive this dark period at Historical Center Museum of Crécy. If the small heritage touches you, go to Rue. Its belfry, symbol of power and municipal deliberations from the 1909th century, and the Gothic jewel of the Chapelle St Esprit, stand out. Another center of interest? Remember that it was thanks to the Caudron Brothers that in XNUMX the first aviation factory was created, in Rue, and that thousands of airmen left their mark there. Visit the museum!

Very close, for you botanists, the Larronville marsh (consult the Discovery trail guide booklet) is a nugget: 60 species, including 12 protected, give rise to multiple observations. The Jardins de Valloires will also seduce you, as you will stroll over 8 hectares of botanical “poetry”! Saint Riquier has a beautiful abbey and a treasure room. The belfry is recognized as World Heritage by Unesco. And if you are on a bicycle, take the Traverse du Ponthieu, 24 km from Abbeville to Auxi le Château.

You have chosen the Baie de Somme, so your penchant for gastronomy will be flattered by Bouchot cockles and mussels, the glasswort is to be discovered, and restaurateurs develop their talents for superb combinations between land and sea. imposes on good tables, as well as the rillettes of smoked eel from the Haute Somme, or the salted meadow lambs (AOC Estran). Picardy gastronomy shines brilliantly thanks to the excellent market gardening products of the Hortillonnages (gardens surrounded by water) and you will like the flamiches and Caqhuses, or Ficelles Picardes.

And, back to Camping "The 3 sand pits", you will appreciate the comfortable infrastructures, which suggest the sharing of photos, information, anecdotes, and conviviality.

To prepare your holidays in the Bay of Somme with confidence, go to the website of our partner SportRIZER, and you can book the sports around camping ! If you would like more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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