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Camping l’Eau Vive

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Occitania Batch Carennac
  • In the Lot, on the edge of the Dordogne
  • Direct access to the river
  • 10 minutes from the Gouffre de Padirac

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Dance the Lot, the Dordogne valley is an invitation to explore by canoe. the Camping Eau Vive is an ideal starting point to experience a magnificent descent.

Discover the charter Canoe.

The canoe base

From the beginning of May to the end of September, the canoe base Saga Team Dordogne welcomes you to make you live an unmissable experience. Beginners or lovers of gentle walks, but also lovers of sporty descents, will all find their happiness on the Dordogne.

Pratical information

Canoe or kayak rental prices vary according to the boat and the route chosen (from 2 to 5 hours of navigation). Count 9 to 25 euros per person for the rental of equipment and transport.

  • Canoe or kayak
  • Vest and paddle
  • Waterproof container
  • Minibus shuttle

Route upstream from Camping Eau Vive

Five courses of 9 to 19 kilometers are accessible.

  • From Argentat
    Allow 1 hour to Monceaux, 3 to 4 hours to Brivezac and nearly 5 hours to Beaulieu.
  • Routes starting from Monceaux-sur-Dordogne
    One of the routes stops at Brivezac and the other at Beaulieu.

Course downstream of Camping Eau Vive

Two routes of 11 and 22 kilometers are accessible from the camping. The shuttle will accompany you at the end of your descent.

Hike to Camping Eau Vive


The Lot is a wonderful area for walking and hiking. 1 kilometers of marked paths are indeed accessible to walkers of all levels.

Discover the charter Hiking.

Itinerary from Carennac

Departing from Carennac, discover the unique ruins of the Château de Taillefer, perched on a spur of the Causse de Gramat. From up there, the view of Carennac, the bastide town of Puybrun and the castle of Castelnau is simply magical. This difficult classified loop requires nearly 4 hours to cover the 13 kilometers.

Slow hike in the Dordogne valley

Trekking enthusiasts will be delighted by a 90 kilometer loop requiring a minimum of five days of effort. This splendid route will take them to the most beautiful sites in the Lot, such as the Dordogne valley, Rocamadour and also the Gouffre de Padirac.

Circuits around the Camping Eau Vive

  • ENS circuit of the Couasne de Floirac
    2 hours of walking are necessary to cover the 7 kilometers of this easy loop, located in the town of Floirac.
  • Between vines and walnut trees
    Count less than 3 hours for the 8 kilometers of this loop starting from Queyssac-les-Vignes in Corrèze.
  • Straw wine trail
    More than 4 hours of hiking take you on 15 kilometers to discover the Corrèze wine heritage. the Camping Eau Vive is indeed only a few minutes from the Corrèze. The opportunity to learn about the scents of straw wine. This sweet white or red wine is a must for Corrèze aperitifs.
Fishing Camping Eau Vive


The Lot and the Dordogne valley are a paradise for anglers. In lakes or rivers, trout and grayling fishing awaits you.

Discover the charter Fishing.

A preserved site

The Dordogne valley is labeled a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is even the largest of the eleven reserves thus labeled in France. Fishing is therefore closely monitored and regulated.

Pratical information

Before setting off for the banks, consult the guide dedicated to fishing in the Lot department. For example, you will find all the regulations, an interactive map and expert advice. Don't forget to take a fishing license. It will cost you 10 euros for a day, and 32 euros for a week.

Fishing course

  • Fly fishing in the Dordogne valley
    The Argentat-Beaulieu portion is the legendary fly fishing area in the Dordogne valley. Quieter, the Beaulieu-Souillac part is also a good choice.
  • The lake of Mezels
    Not far from Carennac, the lake of Mezels awaits you. In this fish-filled lake, you can fish bleak, barbel, chub, carp, tench and many other fish all year round. From March to September, rainbow trout and brown trout await you there.
Cycle tourism at Camping Eau Vive

Bicycle tourism

The causses, the hillsides, the vineyards and the Dordogne valley are revealed on the small roads of the Lot. They are perfect for cycling with loved ones.

Discover the charter Bicycle tourism.

Tours of the Dordogne Valley

Not far from Carennac and the Camping Eau Vive, several cycling routes are available to you. We have selected three.

  • The route of the barons of Castelnau
    This pretty loop is rated easy. Count a little less than an hour to cover the 8 kilometers of this route which criss-crosses the Lotoise countryside. The panoramas over the castle of Castelnau and the Dordogne valley will leave you speechless. The castle of Castelnau was indeed the most important medieval fortress of Quercy.
  • Loop in the valley from Creysse
    For less than an hour, the 7 kilometers of this route take you along the river and through the Lot countryside.
  • In the chestnut groves of Ségala
    At the foot of the Auvergne, this 15 kilometer walk takes you between valleys and mountains, through the typical villages of the Lot.

Tours in the Causses du Quercy Natural Park

  • The crest loop
    Count 3 hours to cover the thirty kilometers of this medium-class loop. In the heart of the causse, you will discover villages, churches, castles and residences. You will also admire the panoramas from the ridges.
  • Between Causse and Limargue
    On the Causse de Gramat, the 12 kilometers of this pretty walk are accessible to all. Treat yourself to a stop at the Château d'Assier. It is classified as a historical monument.

Lot & Dordogne tours

The application Lot & Dordogne tours is dedicated to lovers of cycling, mountain biking and hiking. Thanks to it, discover the Lot villages, the Lot, Dordogne and Célé valleys, as well as the Causses du Quercy. Dozens of itineraries illustrated with media content are offered there.

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