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Camping Le Rochat-Belle-Isle

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Centre-Val de Loire CHATEAUROUX
  • In the heart of Berry, in Châteauroux
  • At the gates of the Brenne Natural Park
  • Direct access to the river, Lake Belle-Isle and its nautical base

stroll in Châteauroux 

Once at Camping Rochat-Belle-Isle, you will really enjoy the city thanks to the Discovery or Medieval guided tours (in summer and heritage days).

A little bit of history

The very first Chateau Raoul, hence the name of Château-Roux, was installed in 1112, on the ruins of an abbey dating from 917. It was then a stronghold, the place of historical heartbreaks between Philippe Auguste and the famous King of England, Duke of Aquitaine: Richard the Lionheart. The old city, enriched by the activities and trade of cloth and wool, built its ramparts in the XNUMXthrd century. Of course, the centuries have reshaped the city.

Remarkable sites

  • Couvent des Cordeliers, an austere convent that has become a Historic Monument, with unique characteristics in France
  • Walks located on the old ditches, Cordeliers washhouses
  • Remarkable Houses
  • Shepherd lying down by Ernest Nivet
  • Passage of the Large Scale
  • Bertrand Hotel Museum
  • Halls and Farmers Markets
  • Martinerie American Base

water and forests

Le Balsa n'Eo Aquatic Center is only 3 kilometers from the Camping The Rochat-Belle-Isle. Family and fun, it offers a wellness area. You will enjoy the lake so close and the fishermen will be the kings. 27 fishing spots are around Châteauroux!

  • The Domain of the Chair for example, or the pond of Duris, and that of Mez Savary, will allow you to exercise your talents, on the lookout for pike, zander, trout and gudgeon. You will be able to initiate your children with complete peace of mind. The shores are pleasant and await you.
  • The Belle Isle Nautical Base is yours, with the canoe, the kayak, the paddle.
  • In Saint Plantaire treat yourself to a delicious ride on the boat La Demoiselle des Fileuses. This commented excursion on Lake Eguzon will allow you to discover the riches of the dam.

Banks of the Indre at Vélo-Chamina, between Touraine and Berry

Rent your bikes at the Tourist Office. Then glide along the peaceful and bucolic banks. Varied itineraries will guide you. For example Poinçonnet Forest, the Elbe Valley, the Mare au Diable… Or even the Jeu des Bois and the Coulée Verte… There are so many trails with evocative names to explore.

Horse riding

If you are horse riders, rides are organized by professionals. Get in touch with The stables of Claude Meurgues, of Chantal Mirleau, the Equestrian Center of Castel, or the Tower of Gireugne, in Sainte Maur. Internships and walks will delight you and will be great initiations for the youngest who always want authentic contact with the animal.

Observation of flora and fauna

In the Parc de la Brenne, you will be, depending on the season, the observer of the black stork, the gray woodpecker, the great egret and the pintail ducks. If you are patient, the common snipe and the salamanders will surprise you. Some mammals, such as the badger, mustachioed or scallop-eared mousefish require some knowledge and perseverance. Also look for delicate or hardy orchids, and renew your botanical knowledge.

Historical patrimony

The castle of Valencay

Le Valençay Castle will leave you with lasting memories. This Renaissance château belonged to Talleyrand, Napoleon's statesman. It is endowed with precious furniture, and was the place of deposit, protector of the works of art of Louvre during the 2rd world War. You will pass from the art of the XIIIrd century, to the collections of the XIXrd. An exceptional exhibition recounting this filiation is open until the end of November 2021. A theater commissioned by Talleyrand in 1819, located in the castle, draws a setting for the art of comedy, and you will feel the perfume still present there. of the XIXrd century. Then you will travel on foot or by electric car, the paths of the park, witness to biodiversity. Children will find their account there, because farm animals, or an aromatic garden will interest them. 

Poulaine's Remarkable Garden

In 40 minutes you will also be at the Jardin Remarquable de Poulaine. Its rose garden, its waterway, its English park and its bamboo grove vary the design of the park and its colors according to the seasons.

The castle of Bourges

The Château de Bouges is a real little Trianon. Located on 80 hectares, it is richly furnished and decorated. You will be attracted, perhaps amazed, by the arboretum, the saddle rooms of the stables, and the exhibition of horse-drawn carriages.

George Sand's House

This great lady, Aurore Dupin, alias George Sand (1804-1876) spent her childhood there. Then became heiress of this family home, she lived there independent and free. Writer of La mare au Diable, Un hiver à Mallorca, La Petite Fadette, she was a witness of her time and her region. Rebellious, passionate, defender of women's rights, and invested in the 1848 revolution, she made the Château de Nohant a place of family life, friendship and culture of the very first order. Listz, Balzac, Dumas, Flaubert, Delacroix and Chopin stayed there, who wrote romantic and brilliant scores, in the warm atmosphere of the estate.

gastronomy and oenology

Le Pâté Berrichon is a veritable institution. Each restaurateur makes it an honor to show you that his knack is the best, for your happiness! And what about potato pancakes, creamed lentils, smoked fish! Family and friendly, this cuisine is to be discovered, in restaurants and caterers or on the markets. Other craftsmen are experts in the Art of sugar. If you want to learn about Berry cuisine, Les Dégustations de Luc offer initiations, tastings, or training in Châteauroux. Play the Tastevin, at Domaine Matthieu and Renaud Mabillot in Reuilly, or at Domaine Nairaud Suberville. These are a few examples of beautiful estates, sometimes reported as early as the Middle Ages. They take care to reveal their passion and their famous varieties to you, in the respect of traditions and a reasoned reflection of the environment. 

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