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Camping Le Rivage

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Au Camping Le Rivage, you will feel like in an iodized oasis. You will certainly appreciate the bustling markets, bike rides, thalassotherapy, water sports, shore fishing, golf or canoeing... So many activities that will punctuate your beautiful days. The passage to Noirmoutier is only 15 minutes from the camping. The pier for the island of Yeu of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie 20 minutes away. Nantes is 1 hour away and Puy du Fou 1h30 away.


The history of Saint-Jean-de-Monts was born from the sea and geological upheavals. Originally, the town was part of the island of Monts, also called Insula Montibus. The ocean has submerged vast areas, including the marsh that we know today, cutting on either side of the Beauvoir peninsula, two large gulfs dotted with islands and islets. The Pays de Monts national forest stretches along the northern Vendée coast and is an integral part of the region's landscape and tourist attraction.

Le Marô, Breton Vendée marshes

The Marô is a territorial identity enhancing the remarkable natural and cultural heritage offered by the Vendée marshes. This exceptional wetland covers 36 hectares. Straddling Vendée and Loire-Atlantique, Marô is a territory of 000 hectares of wetlands. It is even labeled Ramsar, a wetland of international importance. The Marô borders the Vendée coast and the Bay of Bourgneuf. It offers unique access to the island of Yeu and the island of Noirmoutier. Historically, the Marô marked the boundary between Poitou and Brittany, from which it took its name. Vendéen has been added to the appellation in recent years to specify the location of the territory. It is indeed 45% in Vendée.

Walks and hikes

170 kilometers of cycle paths and 120 kilometers of hiking trails await you.

  • La Barre de Monts - Fromentine
  • Oyster farmer trail, for 3,9 kilometers from the lighthouse 
  • From the lighthouse to Pey de la Blet, for 6,5 kilometers from the lighthouse 
  • Our Lady of Monts
  • Forest trail, for 11 kilometers starting from rue de la Braie 
  • Let's go in the woods, for 2.7 kilometers from Biotopia 
  • From the Dune to the Marais, for 5,2 kilometers starting from Pont d'Yeu beach
  • Dune path, for a departure from the nautical base car park
  • La Vigie, for 3 kilometers
  • Éole, for 5,2 kilometers
  • Explorer's trail for 1 kilometer from rue de la Parée Jésus 
  • La Grainette, for 6,9 kilometers from avenue Valentin

unmissable visits


In the heart of the Vendée Breton marshes, this living, authentic and modern eco-museum offers an immersive journey through seven worlds. An outdoor route evokes in turn the diversity of the marshes with its different lagoons, the golden age of salt with its salt marsh, the activities of the Daviaud farm, the authentic habitat of the Bourrine à Louise, or even the enigmatic music barn and attic of memory. 


Biotopia is a true nature discovery centre. The world of the coast and the forest will have no more secrets for you. You will explore the ocean, the dune, then the forest with simple manipulations and multimedia tools. Next, you'll search for beach treasures, then observe the plankton up close. You will also have fun with an interactive pond. Finally, you will discover the evolution of the coastline over time.

Wind Garden

At the foot of a curious mill topped with its sails, hide a library and an original garden. They thus offer visitors an artistic, fun and instructive walk. Animated sculptures, wind games, legends and meteorological indications mark out this route around a compass rose and a green theatre. 

Kulmino, the spectacular panorama

Take the elevator and overlook the Pays de Monts from the panoramic platform located 70 meters above the ground. Your tour will continue to the top of the structure, from the top of the water tower. You will then discover the breathtaking view of the Vendée Breton marsh, the coast and its forest... But also, the Vendée islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier. 

Charles Milcendeau museum

Visit the house of Charles Milcendeau. Listed as a Historic Monument, you will discover the works of Gustave Moreau's pupil there. Between daily scenes of market gardening life and flamboyant trips to Spain, welcome to the world of the country's famous painter.

Explora Park

This leisure park offers the whole family sporting and unusual activities. Adventure or nature, you choose the activities according to your desires! You have the choice between 10 courses in the trees, Archery Tag, Laser Tag, archery and virtual reality.

The Salt Route

Explore the marshes by bike or canoe. Fully guided or independently, the walks in the marsh promote unusual and fun adventures. Canoes from 2 to 12 places allow you to travel through time, to discover natural historical sites such as the Moulin de Rairé, La Bourrine, or the Abbey of Chauvet Island.


Family favourite, approach more than 1 animals of 100 different species... 120 minutes from the camping the shore, treat yourself to a day at Wild Planet animal park. You will observe wild animals very close to you! On foot and by car, you will discover the 5 universes included in the ticket for a guaranteed change of scenery!

  • Safari trail
  • Marine city
  • Bush path
  • Jungle temple
  • Inca Trail

Don't miss the optional 4×4 raid. You will board a bush truck and be accompanied by a guide. Listen to some anecdotes about the inhabitants of the park and you will approach, off-piste, closer to the animals...

Beaches and water sports

19 kilometers of beautiful, long fine sandy beaches, and a unique natural heritage. The Vendée beaches are renowned for the quality of their bathing waters. You will have the choice to practice surfing, kitesurfing, sailing, jet-skiing, canoeing but also fishing of all kinds, and all the activities present on the beaches exclusively for you. The wildest beaches are maintained manually. The guarantee of selective cleaning that respects biodiversity, ensuring maximum cleanliness and safety.

The islands of Vendée

The island of Yeu

The island of Yeu is located about 17 kilometers off the Vendée coast. It is accessible by boat and has a wild environment. The island has a great diversity of landscapes and magnificent beaches. You will find more than 750 species of wild plants here. The island of Yeu is often compared to the Breton islands. The southwest coast, known as the wild coast, is rocky with steep cliffs and magnificent little wild coves. The northeast coast is more typical of the Vendée with large sandy beaches, dunes and easy access.

Noirmoutier Island

Noirmoutier Island is accessible by car, as it is connected to the mainland by a submersible road, named Le Gois. It benefits from a mild and very pleasant climate, allowing the mimosas to bloom in winter. You can admire the salt marshes, the dunes, but also the forests which have taken their territory with the Bois de la Chaise which houses the most sumptuous villas on the island. The island of Noirmoutier has retained a retro side with its beautiful villas built at the end of the XNUMXth centuryth century by the Nantes bourgeoisie. This old seaside resort side is also visible on the beaches close to Bois de la Chaise, such as Dames beach and Anse Rouge beach.

trail running and nordic walking 


For trail fans, know that the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts has the label Trail station. 12 routes in the middle of nature, over a total of 200 kilometers await you there

Nordic hiking

Also practice Nordic walking throughout the year! Sticks in hand, you will have the choice among 5 courses Nordik Walk.

  • Discovery Nordic walking tour
    This activity discovery route, 3,9 kilometers long with a slight drop. Its wide and flexible trail is ideal for practicing the discipline.
  • Panoramic tour
    6,8 kilometers long, this circuit follows wide and flexible paths. Ideal for Nordic walking in the heart of the pine forest along the ocean.
  • GR of the Country of Saint-Jean-de-Monts
    This GR is really very pleasant over an interesting distance for good level Nordic walkers. Remember that this route is one-way and the physical markings are only made in the direction of Saint Jean de Monts – La Barre de Monts. As this route is not a loop, it is important to make arrangements with the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts Tourist Office for a return by shuttle or bicycle.
  • Roe deer circuit
    Departing from Biotopia. 14 km long, wide and flexible. In the heart of the national forest which smells of the good smell of pines and iodine because the sea and just behind the pine forest, you will enjoy this magnificent setting which will pass by the viewpoint of Pey de la Blet for a route that will take you will enchant for about 3 hours.
  • Circuit of the lighthouse at Pey de la Blet
    This superb course invites you to the seaside from the Land Yachting School of the Grande Côte. 6,5 kilometers of happiness in the heart of the pine forest, until you reach the Pey de la Blet viewpoint and return via La Barre de Monts. You will then contemplate the bridge and the island of Noirmoutier on the way back.

Tourist documentation to download

If you want more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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