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Pays de la Loire Vendée Saint-Jean-de-Monts
  • In Saint-Jean-de-Monts, facing the island of Yeu
  • 6 minutes from Tonnelle beach
  • Shore fishing spots

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Welcome to bike country! The Vendée is a privileged destination for all cycle tourists. It has an extensive network of cycle paths. Many facilities and services will also make your walks in the country of St-Jean-de-Monts much more pleasant.

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A land of cycling

The Vendée has a total of 1 kilometers of cycle paths, including 800 kilometers in the country of Saint-Jean-de-Monts. The only commune of Saint-Jean-de-Monts where the Camping Le Rivage offers 26 kilometers of uneven cycle paths. As you will have understood, the Vendée is a real cycling destination! Beginner or seasoned practitioner, you will discover a great diversity of landscapes. Between sea, dunes, marshes and forests, your holidays are looking wonderful.

The Velodyssey

300 meters from camping, take the Vélodyssée. This famous cycle route runs along the Atlantic from Brittany to the Basque Coast. To appreciate the Vélodyssée, nothing beats its route which crosses the region of Saint-Jean-de-Monts. La Barre de Monts, Fromentine, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie… Over more than 35 kilometers perfectly suited to families and beginners, you will cross very different landscapes. Dunes, sandy creeks, jagged coasts, but also forests... A diversity of rare beauty! You will cross the Pays de Monts national forest on 18 kilometers of marked trails before reaching the dunes and then the Grande Plage of Saint-Jean-de-Monts along the ocean. You will pass through the old fishing village of Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez. It adjoins Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. Then you will reach the Corniche Vendée and its famous rocks at Sion-sur-l'Océan. 

Recommended routes

Depending on your desires and your preferences, between land and ocean, here are 3 magnificent circuits to discover.

  • The shells and pine cones loop
    This easy-to-access 17-kilometre trail offers ocean spray, fine sandy beaches and national forest. A great overview of the wide open spaces that characterize the Vendée!
  • The panorama loop
    This loop of 27 kilometers of medium difficulty allows you to have a complete overview of all the Vendée landscapes. The ocean, the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier, the forest and the very heart of the Vendée Breton marshes. An unforgettable ride and breathtaking panoramas.
  • The Daviaud loop
    This pretty circuit accessible to beginners offers 13 kilometers. Set back from the ocean, you will experience a real immersion in the heart of the Vendée Breton marshes!

Shore fishing

Saint-Jean-de-Monts is a fantastic playground for all shore fishermen.

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Pleasures of fishing on foot

When the ocean recedes and we discover the foreshore, the fisherman enters the scene for a game as entertaining as it is gourmet! Search the sand, explore the smallest nooks and crannies between the rocks and miss no clues... A fun outdoor activity, shore fishing will delight young and old alike. It will also bring you its share of surprises at each game.

Tasting pleasures

The pleasure of shore fishing will be as great as that of tasting! It is practiced throughout the year on the beaches of Vendée and the Pays de Saint-Jean-de-Monts. You will find oysters, mussels, scallops, pine nuts (tellines), cockles, clams, winkles and shrimps. 


Be careful, however, to take the tide times into account and to use the appropriate equipment. The fisherman must bring appropriate footwear, basket or bucket and the appropriate regulatory tools. Pruning hook, non-grid claw, sea urchin grapple and clam knife… Rakes and gable scrapers are prohibited. In the interest of resource conservation, the quantity and size of shellfish are regulated.

Shore fishing sites

The 19 kilometers of beaches of Saint-Jean-de-Monts lend themselves to the practice of shore fishing. But some spots are more conducive to fishing for certain species.

  • Under the Noirmoutier bridge, scrape the sand to discover shells.
  • In Saint-Jean-de-Monts, the beaches of La Davière and Tonnelles are ideal for telline fishermen.
  • Clams and mussels await you at Pont d'Yeu, in Notre-Dame-des-Monts
  • For a harvest of gray shrimp, head to Plage des Demoiselles in Saint Jean de Monts or Plage de La Bergère in La Barre de Monts–Fromentine.
  • For oysters, winkles and spider crabs, go to the rocks of the Vendée coast.
  • For a unique experience, try shore fishing in Gois. In addition to finding clams and cockles, you will have the chance to cross this unique submersible road at low tide. 

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