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Camping Le Plô

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Occitania Tarn THE BEZ
  • Camping family-run in the heart of the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park
  • New chalets and tents equipped to try glamping

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Hike to Camping The Plô


The Sidobre and the Haut Languedoc regional natural park will seduce hikers of all levels with the wild beauty of their landscapes.

Discover the charter Hiking.

Start your pedestrian discovery of the region with walks around the camping. You will find maps and advice at reception to guide you on the trails in the region. 

The team offers three hikes to discover the surroundings:

  • La Boucle de la Durencuse, 10 km for about 3 hours of hiking up to 820 m altitude. You will discover the universe of the Durencuse, a simple little stream which joins the waters of the Durenque to form a beautiful river. This walk takes place directly from the camping. 
  • The Sentier des Merveilles, in Sidobre, to explore the most famous rocks of Sidobre on the Crémaussel plateau which dominates the Agout valley. Between panorama on the plain and legendary rocks, count around 1h30 for the complete circuit and 45 minutes for the small loop.
  • The Balade des Légendes dans le Sidobre will take you for a hike of around 1 hour 45 minutes (or 50 minutes for the small loop) in the footsteps of 8 famous legends of the region. 

If you want to discover more hiking through the majestic and mysterious landscapes of Sidobre, go to the site of Sidobre Tourist Office. From the Saut de la Truite trail of about thirty minutes and less than a kilometer, to the Masna hike, of more than 5 hours and 18 km, you will travel through the Sidobre on marked trails according to your level and of your desires.

Then set off to discover the universe of the Montagne Noire and its biotope. In the Pays Cathare, in the heart of the Aude, you can explore the wild nature and the remarkable heritage of the Black Mountain, buttress of the Massif Central. Between torrents and waterways, dense forests and remarkable villages, the 18 hikes suitable for all levels and all ages take you through varied landscapes of great beauty.

mountain biking at Camping The Plô


The Sidobre is also a paradise for mountain bikers of all levels. The owner of the camping, Richard, and his son Thomas, have also decided to share their experience and their beginner mountain biking routes with you.

Discover the charter MTB.

They provide you with a blog on the website of camping. They invite you to discover in particular the course of the rocks of Crémaussel, a 1h15 course not far from the camping. Technical and well marked route, you will walk between rocks of Sidobre and tree roots. A beautiful course to learn about the joys of mountain biking while discovering the geological wonders of Sidobre!

The Sidobre Tourist Office website offers several routes, suitable for all levels.

Experienced mountain bikers will set off on the circuit n ° 1 of the Trois Crêtes of more than 34 km, in the Vabre area. The alliance of water and rocks offers valleys with steep slopes. Between gorges and mountains, you will take the opportunity to discover remarkable works. 

The Lacrouzette sector offers many courses on the site of Sidobre, remarkable granite landscape. The trails run through piles of rocks sheltered by hills, forests and torrents.


Change of scenery and head to the Montagne Noire sector and its 20 VVT-FFC labeled mountain bike circuits throughout the Thoré Valley. Beginners will walk the forest tracks and the edges of the lakes. Confirmed practitioners will set off to storm the ridges to enjoy the panoramas of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. all levels will be represented. Beginners will train on the Arcachon circuit, in Bout-du-Pont-de-Larn, a small 2 km circuit on the hillside, for a gentle initiation. 

The Fontaine des 3 Evêques mountain bike hike offers you 13 km on the granite highlands, through peat bogs, beech groves and high meadows. 

Experienced mountain bikers will explore the Beson forest and the Master Glassmaker circuit over nearly 20 km for a 975 m drop. Technical circuit, it will take you in the footsteps of master glassmakers, in the middle of the woods. A dive into the nature and traditions of the region. 


Heritage at at Camping The Plô


The heritage of the region cannot be approached without first talking about a geological wonder near your camping, the Sidobre.

Discover the charter Heritage Discovery.

The region is also a high place of architecture and culture and art and history enthusiasts will feast on the surrounding towns and villages. 

The city of Castres, about twenty minutes from your camping, will delight lovers of museums and architecture. Crossed by the Agout river, the “little Venice of the south” will impress you with its many mansions from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, its Saint-Benoît cathedral or its town hall, a former episcopal palace, from the XNUMXth century. Do not miss its Goya Museum, the second museum in France for Spanish painting.

Your steps will then lead you to Albi, a former episcopal city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The "red city", because of the color of the bricks of its cathedral and its city center, conceals architectural marvels: the Sainte-Cécile cathedral, fortified masterpiece of southern Gothic and its treasures, the Pont-Vieux, XNUMXth century, or the Palais de la Berbie, the former XNUMXth century episcopal palace, which houses the superb museum dedicated to Toulouse-Lautrec.

You cannot visit the region without stopping by the incredible medieval city of Carcassonne, one of the largest in Europe. You are entering the capital of Cathar Country! Its three kilometers of massive ramparts and their 52 towers, its famous castle and its medieval houses will transport you to the past. You can enjoy its many shows in season and its entertainment, especially for the youngest.

The Sidobre region is full of authentic villages, far from very touristic towns, with their traditional markets and medieval festivals. Among them :


  • Brassac, just 5 km from the camping, a village in its medieval “juice” of the XNUMXth century. Crossed by the Agout river, you will admire its old XNUMXth century bridge and its two castles, on each side of the bank, vestiges of its turbulent history. Do not miss a visit to the Château de la Marquise and its park. A multitude of mountain biking and hiking trails start from Brassac.
  • Burlats, 16 km from camping, where you will be given the opportunity to stroll through its narrow streets with numerous Romanesque remains from the XNUMXth century, including the Adélaïde pavilion or Adam's house, overlooking the Agout.
  • Lautrec, ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, is an open-air book of medieval history. The half-timbered houses, the XNUMXth century halls or its old windmill, still in operation, can only seduce you.

The natural heritage of the region is also famous, as the richness of its landscapes and its biodiversity is breathtaking. The Black Mountain is the foothills of the Massif Central. Nature, powerful and wild, reigns supreme: its green and thick forests, its powerful waterways and its authentic villages will seduce young and old. Its exceptional panoramas will even allow you to see the Pyrenees.

Then set off to discover the Deux Midis, at the heart of Occitan culture, by exploring the Haut-Languedoc regional natural park. It is made up of more than 300 hectares, 000% of which is forest. You will cross no less than 67 different landscapes! With unprecedented biodiversity, the Park has no less than 18 species of flowers. Discover an extraordinary biotope!


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