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Camping Le Petit Lion des Tourbières

The natural site of the Vendoire peat bogs

It is located near the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park, near the municipalities of Brantôme and Nontron. Water is everywhere there, whether in the form of streams, rivers, ponds or lakes. The granite, limestone, clay or schist subsoil determines the crops, meadows and afforestation. You can discover a variety of flora and fauna. On this territory, many natural sites of interest have been developed in order to enhance them and also offer walkers a fun and educational discovery of the environment. The House of Peatlands takes you to discover both the natural history and the past linked to human activities of this basic peat bog with a multi-millennial past. Through an interpretive trail, an observatory or even a reception site, the heritage riches such as flora, aquatic environments, geology, landscapes but also the history of the region will no longer hold any secrets. you!

The peat bog, first and foremost a story of water ...

In Vendoire, you walk on water. In total, this peat bog represents an area of ​​102 hectares with 4 to 6 meters of peat height to contain approximately 4,5 to 5 million m3 of water. Peat is commonly used as a fuel for example in Ireland. In Scotland peat fires are used to dry barley during the manufacturing process of some Scotch whiskeys. Peat has long been used as a building material in areas where timber was lacking. In Iceland, for example, it was used in the Middle Ages for the construction of farms. In Ireland, poor families used it for the construction of small houses.

In its heart, the camping The Little Lion

Welcomes you at the crossroads to visit the Charente et the Dordogne, at the gates of the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park and a stone's throw from the Natura 2000 site of Tourbières de Vendoire. You will enjoy the pleasures of the Val de Dronne and will be spoiled for choice among sporting and cultural activities. Visit Brantome, the Venice of Périgord, and its abbey. Discover thearts and crafts in Nontron (forges and blast furnaces which recall the beginnings of metallurgy, which finds its expression today in the famous cutlery whose products have an international reputation) and its famous knives. Push the door of Romanesque domed churches in the Ribérac region (Ribérac, Saint-Victor, Grand Brassac…). To see also: Bourdeilles Castle, Villars cavecanoeing on the Dronne, Bastide of Saint-Aulaye. To the north-west, the Château de Mareuil, built in the XNUMXth century, watches over one of the four old baronies of Périgord. On the nature side, part of the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park covers this territory. In particular, you will discover an exceptional diversity in terms of fauna, flora and landscapes.

The treasures of Périgord Vert

As described so well the website of the Périgord tourist office, here are the villages to visit absolutely!

A 20 minutes, Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, classified “Most Beautiful Villages of France” since 1993 and of the label “Petites Cités de Caractère” since 2012. For more than a thousand years, the village has affirmed its vocation to welcome pilgrims, visitors and tourists. Two major historical monuments, the underground Saint-Jean church and the Saint-Jacques church. The icing on the cake, a leisure center on the banks of the Dronne offering swimming, canoeing, fishing and tennis.

A 35 minutes, Brantome, high tourist and cultural place of the department, is known for its museum of prehistory, the numerous prehistoric and megalithic sites of the surroundings, its Celtic and Gallo-Roman memories, its "cluzeaux" and troglodyte dwellings testify to its antiquity, its bell tower, its abbey Benedictine, its sculpted cave, known as the “Last Judgment Cave”, its cultural and tourist activities, and its table!

A 30 minutes, Bourdeilles, stands out on the banks of the Dronne with its castle, its charming 17th century stately mill, on an islet in the Dronne, the Gothic bridge overlooking the river and above all an unparalleled atmosphere that greatly appeals to walkers.

A 40 minutes, Nontron, sub-prefecture and capital of Périgord Vert, will seduce you with its ramparts and its old streets which dominate the gorges of Bandiat. Visit its medieval fortress and The Nontronnaise cutlery, which has been around since 1653!

25 minutes, Riberac, bordered by the “Double” forest and its ponds, crops and meadows in the Val de Dronne. Many churches typical of Roman art can be discovered including on an organized tour. One of the most important markets in Aquitaine (fatty poultry, farm calves, cereals, etc.) takes place there every Friday. For sports enthusiasts, hiking, mountain biking and trailer circuits leave from Ribérac. Visit the Museum of Tools and Life in St-Privat-des-Prés and the Cognac and wine museum in Saint-Aulaye

A 55 minutes, Saint-Jean-De-Cole, a picturesque medieval village, is famous for its Château de la Marthonie which dominates the main square of the village with its magnificent set of XNUMXth century towers, and its XNUMXth century Roman Byzantine church with its medieval bridge spanning the Côle.

And the gastronomy ?!

In Périgord Vert, gastronomic tradition reigns supreme. Foie gras, truffles, walnuts, chestnuts, red fruits, apples, cheese, snails, beef, pork, goose and duck, and many other local products bear witness to a rare and exceptional heritage. Take the time to treat yourself to a good table!

Main events, festivals and festivals in the Val de Dronne

  • Certified truffle markets in Brantôme, from December to the end of February
  • Potters Fair in Bussière Badil, in May
  • Weavers Market in Varaignes, in May
  • Water sports on the Dronne in Brantôme, in July / August at the foot of the abbey
  • Irish musical encounters of Tocanes Saint-Apre, end of July
  • Forges et Métallurgie Festival in Etouars, late July / early August
  • Spicy Music Festival, early August in Saint-Aulaye
  • Knife festival in Nontron, in August
  • Feast of the Cep and the veal under the mother in Saint-Saud Lacoussière, in October
  • Salon Rue des Métiers d'Art in Nontron, during the weekend of All Saints' Day
  • Turkey Fair in Varaignes, in November

Main sports activities

To prepare your holidays in the Dordogne with confidence, go to the website of our partner SportRIZER, and you can book the sports around camping ! If you would like more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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