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Camping Le Grand Jardin de Correns

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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Var Correns
  • Camping nature, intimate and soothing, ideal for exploring the treasures of the Var
  • White water and rock decor, for climbing, canoeing, hiking and fishing!

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Le camping is located 5 minutes from Vallon Sourn - Châteauvert - Correns. Are you looking for a pied-à-terre to enjoy climbing?

Discover the charter Climbing.

You have found THE destination of your dreams. Nicolas the owner of camping is a fervent follower and convinced practitioner! It is THE realm of vertical (even overhanging) routes on excellent dolomitic limestone. Long renowned for its hard routes (from 6b to 8b +), the site also has a good range of 5/6 routes.

With +250 equipped lengths, the site has something to satisfy a wide range of practitioners. The style of the tracks varies by sector, as do the grips. You will be able to practice on flats, inverts, rulers, and, although the holes are always there, they can sometimes be elusive.

You will also find some opposing passages, a lot of cracks, more or less open dihedrals and anecdotal slab passages.

The sites that Nicolas will advise you are all passable all year round, even in summer, thanks to the freshness of the river and the canyon filtering the sun.

Presentation of the routes:

  • Alex, 4c +, 25m: Nice climbing on a very nice rock.
  • Le Colibri, 5b +, 42m: an exceptional aerial route at the end of the route, a must do.
  • Corde fabric, 5c +, 35m: long route with ridges on a beautiful rock.
  • Iris, 6a, 20m: A fairly short 6a on good holds.
  • Keketols on the Moon, 6a +, 21m: Beautiful route on good ferries.
  • KNTZ, 6b, 20m: No bouldering at the start and continuity.
  • Morning wake-up call, 6b, 29m: Long and intense.
  • Neuromediation, 6c, 38m: Long, magnificent and committed route.
  • When the guns are silent…, 6c, 17m: Difficult start for the little ones and final on good catches.
  • Abolition of privileges, 7a +, 26m: One bouldering step to complete the route.
  • Tiané Mobylette, 7b +, 40m: Slab, continuity and commitment, gave the sector its name.


In a green setting, you will descend the Argens river for the 7 km which separate the Vallon Sourn from Correns.

Discover the charter Canoe.

You will bathe in wild natural pools, sunbathe in skylights and discover the unique flora and fauna of the 1st organic village in France. Did you know Correns? This small village in the Var hinterland is located a few minutes from Brignoles and Saint Maximin in the Sainte Baume massif. It is this place that we call Provence Verte, in the Haut Var. This village was made famous a few years ago thanks to the Château de Miraval, a wine estate. But Correns remains a very peaceful Provencal village of a few hundred inhabitants and… Above all, it is a perfect destination for a great kayaking excursion! Self-proclaimed the first organic village in France, this town in the heart of nature is crossed by the Argens, a river of around a hundred kilometers which begins in Seillons and ends up flowing into the Mediterranean.

If you like kayaking, you will be delighted with your pied-à-terre at camping The Grand Jardin de Correns. The descent of the Argens by kayak is a very pleasant walk. Outside of periods of heavy rain, the flow of the river is relatively moderate, and several routes are possible. Plan between 2h and 5h depending on the length of the route.


You can start your kayaking trip at the place called the lock located 10 minutes from Correns (in the direction of Barjols). You will start by going up the Argens towards Vallon Sourn. You can stop on small pebble beaches to rest. On the way back, the current will facilitate your descent. Take the time to observe the very preserved fauna and flora in this region of the Var. You will be able to see many fish in the clear waters of the Argens.

During your escapade, you will cross a number of small rapids surrounded by a steep cliff. They present no difficulty and this loop is really accessible for beginners and experienced canoeists alike. Part of the walk is pleasantly in the shade. You will arrive after a few hours paddling in the heart of the village of Correns.


More than 40 marked and maintained circuits are available in Provence Verte. Choose the app all trails and discover the hikes around the camping.

Discover the Hiking charter.

27 of them are labeled by the French Hiking Federation, a guarantee of the quality of the routes. The marked trails offer all levels of practice, from walking to hiking, for beginners to the most athletic. Thus, you can practice this activity as you wish with family, friends or specialists.

If you like to walk along the sea, the coastal path is a “Must”. You will appreciate the superb views of the Mediterranean, its steep coves and beaches. The coastal path includes more than 200 kilometers of routes on 432 kilometers of coastline. An ideal walk to walk along the sea, explore the flora and stop here and there for a picnic or cool off for a swim.

From the Mediterranean to the Verdon by the GR 49, another unique crossing takes you from the Var from south to north or vice versa. It is accessible on foot and on horseback. This route, initiated and marked out by the department, combines over 450 kilometers a multitude of landscapes, pleasures and sensations. 

Do you know Valley Sourn ? A typical day of hiking takes place in Vallon Sourn! To get there from camping, you will take a very pleasant road between Le Val and Châteauvert. You will evolve in the middle of large rocks and lush vegetation.


To your cameras! Take the time to observe the scenery and take some photos. The walk begins at the Vallon Sourn car park (perfectly equipped) and an arrow indicates the beaches 650 meters away. Before leaving, read the information panel on the flora and fauna and the rules of this protected area. You will leave by a shaded path in the cool. You will stroll between the trees and the river. You will smell the good smells of thyme, so typical of Provence! You will be truly struck by the surrounding calm, and only the songs of the birds will accompany you. You will cross meadows and undergrowth to the Fairies Cave. The lights and scents of flowers will color your path. You will arrive on a pretty wild beach where the water is cool but not icy. A raised slatted path is installed to preserve the plants and help the earth to regenerate. Clever and very pretty! How about having a picnic on the large beach of Vallon Sourn ?! The stream is wider there, the ground is composed of sand and small pebbles. After the return, you will take the direction of Correns and cross the Vallon Sourn marveling at the huge rocks. At the end of the gorges, stop at the lock car park. The setting is magnificent and the dam seems almost natural as it blends into the background. You can even cross it by canoe ... Do you feel like it? 


You will find all the information below and much more on the site of the departmental fishing federation in the Var.

Discover the Fishing charter.

The Argens is the main river in the department and crosses it from east to west over approximately 115 km. It rises at an altitude of 280 m, in the commune of Seillons, source of Argens, and flows into the Mediterranean Sea at Fréjus. The Argens presents a low slope profile from its upstream part, with current, deep flat and sills. Access to this limestone stream is not easy (dense vegetation, houses, steep banks) and fishing is practiced most of the time using a waterproof suit when the river flows allow it.

In Bras (course 1 to 3), the Argens offers a range of fishing possibilities: At the place called Tombereau, rainbow trout fishermen have a 500m course where the banks remain accessible. Coarse fishing is possible in the depths to capture small white fish (chub, bullfish). During the summer, the Signal crayfish food activity is in full swing. You can capture them using regulatory scales. Downstream from the Tombereau, a “No-Kill trout” course has been set up by the AAPPMA, with a good density of salmonids (brown trout) over 250 m, including some beautiful subjects. Finally, still in the town of Bras, a last section is accessible from the San Sumian bridge and up to the “No-kill” route. Brown trout are a little less numerous.


Between Montfort and Carcès (routes 4 and 5), access to the watercourse is very difficult. The banks are quite steep and it will be necessary to equip yourself with waders to go up the river when the flows allow it (end of spring / summer). Fishing with natural bait is the main technique for biting large river barbel or beautiful chub. Fly fishermen will look for the many common dishes, while fish-wielders will hunt predators (trout, big chub) in pits or deeper areas. The density of brown trout is low but offset by the size of some fish ...

From the confluence of the Caramy and the Argens, the watercourse is classified in the second fish category. In Carcès, route de Lorgues (Route 6), walking along the banks becomes easier. Over 1300m, white fish, perch and rainbow trout can be fished using all techniques in common dishes, lones or pits. The width of the stream allows the practice of fly fishing when the flow allows to practice the feet in the water. In the direction of Vidauban (routes 7 and 8), access to the waterway is still difficult. However, two sectors stand out: the Pont de Pardigon, upstream and downstream, and the threshold of Moutas, where the length of the fishery from the banks is greater. Predators dominate (pike, pikeperch, catfish in low density), accompanied by beautiful carp which offer unforgettable fights. The accompanying fish (blageons, roaches), chub and barbel, sometimes large, are readily available.

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