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Camping Le Daguet

Land of 1001 castles, land of celebrities - Montaigne, Fénelon, Brantôme, Bertran de Born, Elisée Reclus, Joséphine Baker - cradle of civilization, heart of French gastronomy, you will be dizzy when you choose your excursions!  

Périgueux is 70 km away, but if this capital of Périgord is on your way, take the time to stroll around its Saint Front cathedral, whose bell towers and domes dominate the picturesque streets above L'Isle. The old districts of Mataguerre or that of the Tour de Vésone are worth your trip and guided tours from the Tourist Office. However, by traveling on this valley of the Dordogne river, you will interfere with a historical, cultural and architectural heritage, which makes many regions, even… countries, pale! You think that the inscriptions "Most beautiful village in France", "listed as an historic monument" or as "Unesco World Heritage", plethora in this South of the Dordogne, are commonplace. No no no ! These labels are recognized nationally, internationally or globally, in the face of the extraordinary. The Dordogne, once navigable, powerful, but dangerous, was a natural barrier, attracting in the Middle Ages, Bastides (New Towns of the time), and river trade to Bordeaux or England. The union of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henri II Plantagenêt made it an “English” region, which remained a stumbling block in political and religious minds. Hence, the terrible fortresses that you will visit… Placidly… Wherever you are, whatever your choices, the Tourist Offices offer themed guided tours in order to arouse the desire to discover, the desire to learn, want to distract yourself, while looking up! 

The stone, the roofs, the sculptures invite you beyond many secrets.

La Roque Gageac, close to your place of stay, one of the most "Beautiful Villages of France", typically tight against the cliff, is also built in the meanders of the Dordogne. Remains of the XNUMXthst century, to the staircase on the cliff side, to the XNUMXth century Churchst century, or at the Tarde manor, you will go from one discovery to the next, surprised to see Mediterranean plants! You are facing south. La Roque-Gageac is benefiting, and so are you. A fun visit; “Les Enigmes d'Eliette” will delight your children… and you too… In Domme, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France”, here is another Bastide Royale, a medieval treasure. 

You will flirt with the birds, as you overlook the Dordogne, its plains, its holm oak forests. 

You may want to go down to the 22 hectares of the Jardins de Marqueyssac, nearby, in Vérac, romantic and declared “the most visited garden in the South-West!” But in the Domme site, do not miss to plunge yourself back into the dramatic history of the Templars, or, more lightly, to take a visit by "little train", and more deeply, to visit the Grotte de Domme, 20m below the village ! In short, Domme is a U-NI-QUE site! Another listed fortress… Incredibly erected on its rocky outcrop, it will attract your curiosity, and probably the passion of some. It is Castelnaud La Chapelle. Because you wander through rooms where everything is highlighted, by a precise and thoughtful scenography. The Museum of War and the Middle Ages exhibits weapons, armor, but also jet weapons, outdoors. You will be able to attend demonstrations. Guided tours, costumed, themed, are a "plus" to develop the interest of your young people ... and yours too ... In front of Castelnaud: Beynac and Cazenac. You will find the 4th century. It is one of the 10 Baronnies of Périgord. The visit is free for children under 1337. The barbican is exceptional, as well as the primitive keep, or the cuisine of the 1453th century. A panoramic view from the terrace is a breath of fresh air! If you continue towards Belvès, which means Belle Vue, you will not be disappointed. You have to "go up" to Belves! Visit the Château Castegens, the cellars, and follow the reconstruction of the last battle of the Hundred Years War (XNUMX-XNUMX), that of Castillon. Monpazier is a model of a XNUMXth century bastide, and you will love strolling under its arcades. Do not hesitate there too, to choose one of the themed visits: Treasure hunt, Bastideum, arts and crafts. Everything will call out to you.  

A must ? Sarlat, of course! 

City of art and history, which rightly prides itself on having the highest density of Listed Historical Monuments! Glorious and deserved! Stroll, get lost ... Then, follow the fun, historical, artistic tours that will take you by the hand for a fascinating discovery of this medieval and renaissance city. La Lanterne des Morts-Maures will intrigue you. Go see the artists, the craftsmen, go to greet the Onlooker, above the 3 Geese, and who observes the colorful animation of the market of the disused church, whose powerful doors are due to Jean Nouvel.

Surroundings, castles galore! 

Reignac of the XVIst century, in Tursac is a cliff castle, the Château de Losse XVIst, or Commarque XIIst should be part of your choices. As well as a little gem, the Château des Milandes which cultivates with intelligence and passion the memory of a great lady: Joséphine Baker, artist, resistance fighter, defender of human rights, creator of a family "arc -in sky ". You can attend falconry shows. The castle is a wonder of restoration, of memories. Go up your circuit towards the valley of the Vézère and its 250 sites of interest, classified by Unesco, in order to penetrate in the intimacy of the prehistoric Périgord. Book in advance to discover Lascaux II or Lascaux IV, international center of Cave Art. Develop your imagination in the troglodyte village of Madeleine (hence the Magdalenian art). Les Eyzies is no longer to present, but to explore. Between the Grotte du Grand Roc, the Roc de Cazelle, the Caves of Font de Gaume and the Combarelles, which are classified as World Heritage by Unesco, you may contact the OT, they will help you choose!

All these sites make you privileged

Because you are staying at Camping "The Daguet", so close. Dive into the heart of the earth, graze caving, admire the limestone concretions and the suggestive and poetic play of lights, awaken your respect for our terrestrial globe! It is also a welcome bath of freshness sometimes under the summer sun, for your young people… And you too! When you want to enjoy the Dordogne river, nothing is simpler. Since camping, you can enjoy kayaking, or go to Carsac, or thanks to "Périgord Aventure et Loisirs", choose an itinerant formula. Go down to the river and choose between the beaches of Calviac, Carsac, Pont de Castelnaud, Pont de Cénac, near Domme, Coux and Bigaroque, to swim or rent nautical equipment. Paddleboarding is in the spotlight these days. Water shoes are recommended for your youngsters… and for you too!

If you are fond of fishing, which you know how to observe, follow the phases of the moon, wait… Then you will think that the Dordogne is rich in fish, because it is declared one of the cleanest in Europe. You can even fly fishing if you are expert. Then char, trout, pike, pike perch, or carp will come to you. If you catch about fifteen ablettes per person, you will enjoy preparing them delicately fried with a touch of garlic. And then, the shad, the eel and the salmon, respectable migrants, benefit from the ladders and lifts for fish, which you will try to see on the course of the river. Finally, you who love the well-being of a river, indulge yourself with a barge ride, thanks to "Gabarres Norbert" or "Gabarres Caminade". 

A choice ! Hiking is king in Périgord, as is the little queen on 2 wheels.

 Don't forget a hat, water and a snack. Choose the app Alltrails and discover the hikes around the camping. If you walk, the “Chemins de Meunier” in Vezac or Carsac, 9 km or 10 km, are easy. Towards Domme, you will do without haste the 18 km of “La Bastide de Domme”, and a “Rando Gourmande” could well inspire you at Sainte Nathalène, 17 km. In cycle tourism, what about the 38 km of the “Tour de Périgord” or the “Sarladais et châteaux de Dordogne” loop, 58 km, which begins on the greenway from Sarlat then Grolejac. If you are in the mood, "Gageac la Viderente" and its 90 km will not scare you! Many hikes are offered in the Tourist Offices and can be downloaded. Do you want to ride a horse? So take a dream trip, thanks to “la Ferme de Fonluc” in Les Eyzies (05 53 35 30 06) If you prefer the peaceful gait of the donkey, no problem. Several formulas will be offered to you by " Au Pas de l'Ane », It is unusual and exotic for your young people ... and for you too ...

And then, and then… When we talk about Périgord, we talk about gastronomy, and that titillates the taste buds! With reason ! 

You will go from market to market. Every day, a village along the Dordogne has its own, not to mention the unmissable Sarlat which offers it every day in summer. All of these markets keep your 5 senses alert. Taste the dense and fruity Périgord walnut, its derivatives, the cakes you buy from pastry chefs, or oils from producers. The goose and the duck are worked by gastronomic artists, the goat cabécou and the so tasty strawberries, the vine (Botus edulis, in other words: the vine of Bordeaux) incomparable of perfume when it grows on the terroir, are products which should be purchased from local producers. And the Truffle! Black gold! Unique! Combined with foie gras, simple potatoes, humble scrambled eggs… It's a treat. Rare. Do not forget the products of the chestnut, which had a saving role in the cooking of yesteryear, as well as the Tourin, royal soup of the poor… Taste the peach wines, the local Pineaux. Make a place of choice, you who are interested in oenology, Bergerac wines. They have the same grape varieties as those of Bordeaux. Learn the Pécharmants. Their name alone is a poem. "Pe" comes from Pey, the hill. They are rich and powerful, with a very fragrant range. On the south shore of Bergerac thrives Monbazillac, which will accompany foie gras, Roquefort or desserts.

And, this is surely what you will do when you come back from one of your trips, in the evening at camping "The Daguet", where Nathalie and Philippe know that their hosts need peaceful family conviviality to taste the sweetness of the evening, a glass of a soft drink in hand.

To prepare your holidays in the Dordogne with confidence, go to the website of our partner SportRIZER, and you can book the sports around camping ! If you would like more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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