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Camping Le Daguet

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Breathtaking tours

Land of a thousand and one castles… Land of celebrities where Montaigne, Fénelon, Brantôme, Bertran de Born, Elisée Reclus and Joséphine Baker lived… Cradle of civilisation, but also the heart of French gastronomy. Dordogne awaits you from Camping The Daguet. By circulating in the Dordogne valley, you will immerse yourself in an extraordinary historical, cultural and architectural heritage. Most beautiful villages in France, historical monuments, world heritage are plethora in this South of the Dordogne.

  • Reignac of the XVIrd century
  • Tursac is a cliff castle
  • The castles of Losse XVIrd and Commarque XIIrd
  • The Château des Milandes cultivates with intelligence and passion the memory of Joséphine Baker.
  • Book in advance to discover Lascaux II or Lascaux IV, international center of parietal art.
  • Develop your imagination in the troglodyte village of La Madeleine.
  • Les Eyzies
  • The gardens of Marqueyssac
  • Domme, the history of the Templars and its cave
  • Castelnaud La Chapelle, the Museum of War and the Middle Ages
  • Beynac et Cazenac, its primitive keep and its XNUMXth century kitchen
  • Belvès 


This city of art and history has the highest density of listed historical monuments. Stroll, get lost in Sarlat... Then, follow the fun, historical and artistic tours that will take you by the hand for an exciting discovery of this medieval and Renaissance city. The Lantern of the Dead Moors will intrigue you. Go see the artists, craftsmen and greet the Onlooker above the Three Geese.

Along the water

Swimming and water sports

Since Camping The Daguet, you can enjoy kayaking. Go down to the river and choose between the beaches of Calviac, Carsac, Castelnaud bridge, Cénac bridge, near Domme, Coux and Bigaroque, to swim or rent nautical equipment. The paddle is in the spotlight these days. Water shoes are recommended for your youngsters… And for you too!


The Dordogne is rich in fish. It is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. You can even fly fish if you are an expert. Then will come to you char, trout, pike, zander or carp. If you catch about fifteen bleak per person, you will enjoy preparing them delicately fried with a hint of garlic. And then, the respectable migratory shad, eel and salmon benefit from the fish ladders and elevators, which you will try to see on the course of the river.


Choose the app all trails and discover the hikes around the camping. Several routes are quickly accessible.

  • Paths of Meunier
    In Vezac or Carsac, for 9 to 10 kilometers classified as easy.
  • Bastide of Domme
    18 kilometers await you there
  • Gourmet Hike
    17 kilometers to Sainte-Nathalene

Bicycle tourism

By bike, the 38 kilometers of the Tour de Périgord or the 58 kilometers of the loop of Sarladais and the castles of Dordogne, are essential routes. If you are in good shape, let yourself be charmed by the Gageac-la-Viderente route.

If you want more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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