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Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Ardèche SALAVAS
  • In the heart of the Ardèche gorges
  • Direct access to the private beach of camping on the Ardèche
  • Unmissable canoe spots

breathtaking experiences

Very touristy, the Ardèche has succeeded in preserving the richness of its natural heritage. Gorges, torrents, vast wild territories... The Ardèche is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for nature lovers and travelers looking for action. Canoeing, hiking or cycling, mountain biking... Climbing, canyoning, caving, via-ferrata, via-corda, tree climbing... But also bungee jumping or horse riding... And to discover the Ardèche from the sky, experience the 'ULM, hot air balloon, paraglider, parachute, or glider!

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The Ardèche along the water

The Ardèche gorges

One of the key attractions of the Ardèche remains the famous descent of the Ardèche gorges by canoe or kayak. Family activity par excellence, it allows you to navigate in the heart of the gorges. Routes ranging from 8 to 32 kilometers, over 1 or 2 days, are available. This canyon extends over about thirty kilometers south of the Ardèche. Some cliffs dominate the river at more than 300 meters! Thanks to the partnership with Acute Vive, book your descent directly at camping.

The Ray-Pic waterfall

In the heart of the Ardèche Cévennes, at more than 1 meters above sea level, the Ray-Pic waterfall is located 68 kilometers from the camping. It is fed by the La Bourges river, and is made up of two waterfalls that gush out from the middle of the basaltic organs… One at 60 meters and the other at 35 meters in height. This waterfall made famous the volcano of Ray-Pic, or cut of the Fialouse. It is at the origin of one of the longest lava flows in France.

The Gorges du Doux

The Gorges du Doux extend to the north of the Ardèche, between the Rhône Valley and the Ardèche mountains. The valley offers a wide variety of landscapes of forests, pastures, rivers... Contrary to what its name would suggest, the Doux can come out of its bed and cause major floods. In addition to hiking, you can cross the Gorges du Doux aboard the Mastrou, a steam train dating from the XNUMXthth century, and renovated in 1969.

Heritage and nature

The village of Thueyts

Located 57 kilometers from camping, the village of Thueyts was erected 476 meters above sea level. Built on a basalt flow above the Ardèche river in 121 BC. A haven for hikers, the village offers magnificent views of exceptional natural sites such as the Gueule d'enfer waterfall, the Giant's Causeway and the King's Ladder. The breathtaking view of the Ardèche river from the top Pont du Diable is not to be missed.

Païolive Wood

37 kilometers from camping, Païolive wood is an ancient forest that stretches over 15 km2. It is dotted with limestone rocks with astonishing contours. Formed at the bottom of the sea during the Jurassic era, time carved them and gave this place the nickname of Bois des fados, wood of the fairies. This natural labyrinth is traversed by the Chassezac river.

Caves, potholes and mineral treasures

The Chauvet cave

5 kilometers from camping, the Chauvet Cave is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. This nature reserve is indeed one of the cradles of humanity and a treasure of prehistory. Discovered in 1994 by three speleologists just a few kilometers from the Pont d'Arc, the Grotte Chauvet is one of the greatest masterpieces of prehistoric art!

L'Aven Orgnac

18 kilometers from camping, Orgnac is a town known for its famous Aven. This cave has impressive volumes and a rare variety of limestone concretions. At less than 50 meters deep, the first room allows you to see under a ceiling of 30 meters, a concretion of more than 11 meters in the shape of a pine. In the Hall of Chaos, some stalagmites are over 15 years old. The visit ends with the Red room. 000 meters below the Earth's surface, it is carved out by the natural river that flowed here 121 million years ago.

Mont Gerbier de Jonc

80 kilometers from camping, Mount Gerbier de Rush is a 1 meter high volcano. It is the most famous juice of the Ardèche. Its sloping domed volcanic summit is characteristic of the region. Located on the watershed line, its relief and climatic conditions have allowed a rare variety of fauna and flora to flourish. Its three sources “L'Authentique”, “La Géographique” and “La Veritable” are at the origin of the Loire. With its 551 kilometres, it is the longest river in France.

The Circus of the Madeleine

36 kilometers from camping, circus of the Madeleine offers hikers a beautiful route. Follow the Cirque de la Madeleine, Maladrerie des Templiers and Baume d'Oullins loop. Surrounded by cliffs, the site embellished with a magnificent rounded beach would almost make you forget its difficult access. It is moreover this remoteness which led to the construction in the twelfthth century of a Templar clumsiness. It was intended to accommodate the sick of the plague. You can still see the remains of this building during the hike.

The rock of Trou de la Lune

The rock of Trou de la Lune is located in the heart of the Ibie Valley. This little corner of paradise is a breach in the river... A natural break formed by a small waterfall that gave birth to a natural pool. The water here is extremely clear. It is a hole in the cliff dominating the basin, in the shape of a moon, which gave its name to this peaceful place.

The rock of Brion

93 kilometers from camping, Brion's rock emerges at an altitude of 800 meters. This ancient, elongated volcano is made up of basaltic lava columns. Between 950 and 1050, this site housed a medieval village and a castle. Only a few sections of granite wall remain. The rock of Brion dominates the valleys of Eyrieux and Dorne. It is home to a rich flora which makes it possible to study the species brought and cultivated by man in the Middle Ages.

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