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Camping Le Clapas

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Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Ardèche SALAVAS
  • In the heart of the Ardèche gorges
  • Direct access to the private beach of camping on the Ardèche
  • Unmissable canoe spots

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Located in Salavas, directly on the water and near Vallon Pont-d'Arc, the Camping the Clapas promises you wonderful days of laughter and canoe discovery.

Discover the charter Canoe.

Legitimately associated with the Ardèche gorges, canoeing is THE sport to practice to explore the region. Over water, rock, fauna and flora, you will be conquered. Contact the reception directly. You will have all the necessary information to be put in touch with the canoe rental companies. They will provide safe equipment and good advice to spend excellent moments with family and friends.

Acute Vive in Vallon Pont d'Arc is the privileged partner on camping. You will have the choice between 2 and 3-seater canoes or even 1-seater kayaks. You can go for a half day or a full day. Depending on your desires and your shape, everything is possible!


The Ardèche is a vast territory and moreover a vast playground. For those who love hiking, a number of marked trails and routes dot the landscapes between valleys, rivers and lakes. Choose the app all trails, and discover the hikes near the camping !

Discover the charter Hiking.

1 kilometer from camping you can join the GR4. From Salavas, where the Camping The Clapas, you can easily reach 3 well-known marked trails.

  • In the footsteps of the Huguenots : This hike bears this name because it crosses paths followed by the Huguenots, persecuted for their religion in the XNUMXth century.e century. They thus joined Switzerland, then Germany, Holland… Relatively difficult, you will travel 21 km with 408 meters of elevation gain, or around 7 hours of walking.
  • The Rieussec : This hike from Salavas is quite technical. 2 hours 45 minutes on average of hiking with passages that may require roping.
  • The Balconies of Libya : Always close to the camping, this famous hike takes you for an average of 4 hours among holm oaks and along the capricious Ibie River. Its water does not always flow on the surface.

Ardèche, land of hiking

Do you already have your mind on the road? To multiply the possibilities of hiking, do not hesitate to take the car and join for example the Ruisseau du Tiourre, the Bois de Saleyron, or the Gaud discovery trail. 25 minutes by car, the Païolive wood worth the trip to explore this ancient forest. It is dotted with limestone rocks with sometimes surprising shapes. The wood extends over 15 km² to the south-east of Les Vans, on the foothills of the Cévennes, in the extreme south of the department.

Many other destinations are great on foot so all to the hike! 


Here is a sport which has the wind in its sails! Mountain biking is a great alternative for soft mobility, respectful of the environment and increasingly accessible thanks to technological developments in equipment and bicycles with electric assistance.

Discover the charter MTB.

Nearby routes

Depending on your physical condition, your desire and your level, several mountain bike trails are accessible from Salavas.

  • drinking fountain from Vallon-Pont-d'Arc is an easy trail to leave in less than 2 hours.
  • Pont d'Arc, the circuit from Labastide-de-Virac is also easy for an outing of less than an hour.
  • sampzon, Circuit from Vallon-Pont-d'Arc requires an intermediate level for a loop of 17,4 km.
  • The exit Viaduct over the Auzon starting from Salavas, is a great ride of 53,5 km for an intermediate level.

The Salavas Forest Trail

For the more athletic, why not embark on the Trail Salavas Foret – Stony trail Circuit from Vallon-Pont-d'Arc for a magical loop of 16,8 kilometers!?

Wise advice

In short, it is impossible to give you here an exhaustive list of all the options for mountain biking outings. So before your trip or as soon as you arrive at camping, document yourself and ask at the reception. You will be advised and accompanied in the organization of your mountain biking adventures! 


A priori technical and not very accessible, climbing is actually an activity quite open to the greatest number. It is a unique opportunity to gain height in an often enchanting setting.

Discover the charter Climbing.

dream of climbing

Who hasn't dreamed of climbing along rock faces? This will be an opportunity to discover or rediscover this sport. It is known to increase flexibility and suppleness, reduce stress, activate memory and boost creativity! So, ask at the reception of the camping to know their best partners. Salavas has several climbing routes. Fontgarnide is a very beautiful cliff facing North-West. It can be humid in winter, but quite pleasant in season, except on Mistral days. You will find routes of all difficulties, mostly on slabs (clear holes and cupules) and of good size (1 to 2 pitches).

Discovery, internships and training

All climbers, whatever their level, will be satisfied. Jeau is another way of Salavas. This small cliff is assiduously frequented by CREPS trainees. It includes easy and advanced routes on very weathered limestone in places. Discovery, internship, training, half day or full day... Formulas for all tastes ! The partner of camping Southern Ardèche Monitors Office, will be able to accompany you in complete safety. 


Le Camping The Clapas is ideal for amateurs or fishing enthusiasts. The Ardèche for example is a first category river where you will find eels, pike, blageons.

Discover the charter Peach.

You can fish with blows, fly, toc, dead handled or lures.

Fishing in the river

  • 13 kilometers from camping, the Ceze is a second category river where you can fish for pike, chub and perch.
  • 22 kilometers from camping, discover fishing in the Rhône. River of great renown, you can fish for bleak, barbel and bream.
  • At 31 kilometers, terminal is a first category river ideal for trout, rainbow trout and brown trout fishing.
  • And still a little further, the Loire and the Lot are other possible destinations for this water and nature activity.

Lake fishing

  • If you like to fish in the lakes, then Mornas lake only about thirty kilometers from camping authorizes you to support fishing, with the pose, with the blow, with the English, with the fly, with the toc, with the bombette, in surfcasting, with the train, with handled dead and with lures. You will find pike there!
  • About forty kilometers away, Villefort Lake is suitable for trout fishing.

A regulated fishery

Don't forget that the fishing conditions are regulated and that the fishing license is compulsory. Besides receiving the camping, you will find all the necessary information on the website of the departmental fishing federation. An appropriate and well-supplied site for finding maps, contacting guides, buying the fishing card and lots of other good, useful and practical information for a serene fishing holiday. The partner of camping Eric Langlume, Cévennes and Ardèche fishing guide, will undoubtedly be able to give you the advice you need! 

If you want more information, visit the pages Accommodation, Camping et Tourism our site.

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