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Camping Le Bois Verdon

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Saint Jean de Monts places you at the heart of multiple natural, cultural and historical beauties!

The Atlantic, first. Its endless horizon, which offers you its lights, its reliefs, its tides, its sunsets and helps you to extricate yourself from your daily life. The beaches unroll a fine sand as far as the eye can see: 22 beaches, 8 km without risk, their gentle slopes and the absence of contradictory currents make Saint-Jean-de-Monts a seaside resort of unparalleled seduction. Ideal for families. Depending on the orientation, the beaches of the Estacade, the Nautical Base and the golf course, to the north, will provide you with a magical view of the dunes and the 400-meter pier. Full west, the more urban beaches respond to the enchanting names of “Demoiselles”, (from which the SPPL trail starts), “des Oiseaux”, de la “Baigneuse”, which combine gaiety with seaside activities, ease of access , simple pleasures of nautical games and sunbathing. More wild, "la Davière", "la Parée du Jonc" and "les Tonnelles" will attract you, like secrets to share at the end of the forest paths. Swim! Walk! Build your sandcastle dreams! And as Saint Hilaire de Riez is close, the “60 Bornes” beach, quiet, away, will combine the smells of pine trees and sea spray. You can go sand yachting, kite-surfing, kayaking, body boarding. The beach is supervised in summer. 

The coastline is mostly Natura 2000 classified

So, participating in its preservation is a mark of respect on your part, and you will be thanked by the cleanliness of the sites, the trust and the harmony. You will enjoy the benefits of the invigorating ocean, and, depending on the spots, you will go sailing, or paddle, which makes you touch the angels by sliding on the water! Aquatic walking will give you back flexibility and bodybuilding, with iodized water, rich in trace elements, as the only complicit adversary. And everywhere, regenerating relaxation is a "must" under your parasol. For fans of active leisure, less than 10 km away, you can however play "le Marais" mini golf, whose 18 holes, protected by a beautiful shade, circulate in the middle of comic book characters, and a playground. water. “Explora Parc, also nearby, offers zip lines, tree climbing, archery, laser tag, and treasure hunts. Paradise for young and old alike in search of surpassing themselves, and… laughter. "Youplaland", meanwhile, is an area of ​​8.000m2, dedicated to the Quad circuit, and inflatable structures, flexible, colorful, which children love. Your camping "Bois Verdon" is on the edge of the Domaniale forest. The country of Saint-Jean-de-Monts is a real weaving of 170 km of cycle paths: marshes, dunes, forest, coast. 

Cyclotourists, you will be "pampered", because the key word is SE-CU-RI-TE.

Bike rental companies, with the Accueil Vélo logo, will help you avoid having to worry about yours, will advise you. The circuits benefit from inflation points, water points, picnic areas, sanitary facilities. "Vélivélo" even makes deliveries to campings. No worries then. The choices of circuits are available by downloading, or by going to the Tourist Offices. You will love “la Barre de Monts” on the Vélodyssée, which takes you from cool forest tracks, to the dunes and to the Grande Plage of Saint Jean de Monts, along the ocean. A delight ! You can "push" to the Rochers de Sion, on the ocean, and thus, discover the old fishing village of Saint Hilaire de Riez, towards Saint Gilles Croix de Vie. La Vie, what a pretty river… You will choose the Loop “Shells and pine cones”, 17 km easy from the esplanade de la mer in Saint Jean de Monts. Or the “Panoramas” loop, 27 km between Notre Dame de Monts and Fromentin. So the 13km of the “Daviaud loop” from the Barre des Monts will be a “sunny lunch”! You will discover the town of Perrier, in the gentle loop of "Les Yoles", 10,7 km, or that of "Rochelles" from Soullans, in order to find the marshes, fauna and flora. To your brushes, to your cameras, artists and botanists! 

If you want to know more, go to Biotopia, in Notre Dame des Monts. It is fascinating to follow their visits, year round. It is a place of discovery and research, open to everyone, to raise awareness about the environment, in a fun and interactive way. There, you will better understand the human impact, on the forests, the coast, or the marsh. It opens onto 40 hectares of walks, and there is no shortage of events and exhibitions. Find out, because nightlife and treasure hunts are even planned in the summer. This place is a nugget of secrets which, however, enlightens you on the world of biodiversity, so threatened, and for which we are all responsible. Do not be surprised, along the dunes and paths to meet, rafts-nesting boxes and protective fences, or educational panels, because the state forest of 2.260 hectares is fragile. Even if you don't see it, protected seedlings and seeds will grow into great trees, thanks to your respect for walking areas.

You can also travel in a fun way by joining TroTTineTTe in Saint Jean: All terrain, GPS, it is a beautiful original vehicle. From 12 years old. (On reservation). Unless you prefer, close to Explora Parc, the horse rides at Nelly's Ranch, between forest and beaches. L 'Attelage de la Vie is, by reservation also, (departure from St Hilaire de Riez), supervised by a storyteller who, over 2 or 4 hours, will help you relax and get away from it all. You will learn fascinating stories about this corner of Vendée.

Athletes, Trail enthusiasts, will be well served

Because Saint Jean de Monts is the first resort on the French coast in this area. Usable all year round, the grounds are maintained, and Nordic Walking crazy people will benefit from it. The advantage? Beginners or confirmed, you will have the choice. From the Boucles Ateliers of 3 km, to the circuits “from the Lighthouse to Pey de la Blet” 6.7km. Train on “Au Fil de l'Eau”, 10.7 km, then get stronger: “Les Plages Sauvages”, 15.6 km, the “Trailers” 22.6 km, the “Grand Trail 52 km… You see! You will be able to develop your athletic qualities. Well done Stars!  

And the others too!

However, you can consider holidays other than sports and take advantage of the Little Train of St Jean de Monts, which organizes 45 minutes of a guided tour. You will be nicely seated, listening, from the church whose stained glass windows are worth your curiosity. At Notre Dame de Monts, you will be surprised by Kulmino, because visiting a water tower and discovering how wind turbines work are unusual. Go towards the dune, the "Garden of the Wind", its original mill, the jibs and staysail blow a current of air and Life. Stroll through the green theater. Fun and informative. If you are curious about heritage, do not miss the fortress of Apremont, a small medieval town, in the heart of the bocage. Located on La Vie, on a rocky outcrop, the castle itself renovated during the Renaissance, will be a great visit. Especially since the Rampe cavalier is unique in France! Another star! You will stroll towards the small Gallo-Roman bridge, in the alleys, and will be able to follow the animations and summer shows. Also go to the Abbeys of Condrie, Challans, or that of L'Ile Chauvet, which is no longer an island, in Bois de Céné. From the XIIrd century, it welcomes you with a rare entrance porch. Built by the Benedictine monks, you will also see exhibitions retracing the history of the marshes, and polychrome wooden statues. 

Festivals in August!

Speaking of festivals, if you can, take an interest in "La Déferlante", between fantasy, music and burlesque, which is sweeping over a dozen towns on the coast. But it is to another festival, that of arts and crafts, that Sallertaine invites you. 15km from your camping, creators, craftsmen and artists, welcome you for demonstrations of know-how; and you will find great ideas for souvenirs and gifts! Anticipate! Anticipate! Nearby, “La Bourrine à Rosalie” will introduce you to the popular arts and traditions of the Marais Poitevin habitat.

Do not forget to punctuate your stay with the Eternal Star, unparalleled whiteness.

That which was born from the fusion of the elements, sea water, sun and wind: the White Treasure of the region since the 90th century .. The SALT. Go to the Saline du Recoin, or La Vie, in St Hilaire. Follow the guided tours. Those of Prédevie, or the Boucheaux in Beauvoir sur Mer, are also places where the guides will interest you in the history of the Vendée. You can also contact a licensed guide: “Vendée de Julie” Rte des Sables in St Gilles Croix de Vie. They will all tell you about these hard and long-lasting jobs in the sea. "Stopover Fishing" in St Gilles Croix de Vie, will fascinate you, thanks to the scenographies, exhibitions, workshops, turned towards this other noble and essential profession. You will complete with the Sardine Workshop, pearl of the Gods, in St Gilles. Speaking of fishing, if your heart tells you, become fishermen on foot! Go to the ARS website. Watch for tide signs (XNUMX and over), put on your boots, put on your oilskin, arm yourself with a grapette, a wicker basket… and Dare!

Finally, you will come back to camping "Bois Verdon", happy with your purchases of Vendée brioche, Préfou, and other local products. You will open your oysters with an inimitable taste, taste the “Rose de St Gilles”, an exceptional seafood, and think that, yes… Definitely, you are privileged… Lucky ones!

Tourist documentation to download

To prepare your holidays in Vendée with confidence, go to the website of our partner SportRIZER, and you can book the sports around camping ! If you would like more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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