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Camping Le Bivouac

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From le Camping The Bivouac, all the gems of the Jura are within your reach.

Walks and hikes

In the Jura, many opportunities are available to you on foot or by tourist bike.

  • The circuit Healthy and Langouette will take you over 9 kilometers of waterfalls in deep gorges. You will be guided by explanations on a discovery trail.
  • The walk Billaude Waterfall accumulates the points of view, the freshness of the waterfalls and the discovery of the flora. Gentians, water buttercups, duckweed, bellflowers, orchids, wild tulips follow the rhythm of the seasons.
  • To Ain losses, the river plays hide and seek to spring up in a ponytail… Surprising! A walk of about an hour from Bourg-de-Sirod. 


The Jura is also a first class spot for trout fishing, including fly fishing. You will even find no-kill courses. Trout thrive in these clear waters dominated by limestone. The volume of water is important there. Take your license. Follow the advice of the Tourist Offices of Champagnole, Foncine-le-Haut, or Nozeroy.

Along the water

Au Vouglans lake enjoy water activities. The turquoise water of chalain lake will immerse you in another world. Champagnole, a landmark town, is surrounded by Hedgehog waterfalls, de la Billaude where the Saut Claude Roy and the Saut des Maillys will punctuate your walks and picnics. Don't forget water shoes if swimming in the lakes.

Viewpoints and geological treasures

  • Discover the incredible viewpoints from the Sarrazin Rock, or the rock of the gossips.
  • Walk on the GTF Tram Jurassienne routes and enjoy of the Malrochers karstic trail.
  • The Leverage Road et the Route of the Fir Trees are also worth noting for your projects. You will appreciate the violence of earth movements.
  • The Cave of the Loge Maillet and the Reculées root you for the part in the Würm glaciation. Vertiginous!

Heritage Discovery


Baumes-les-Messieurs is one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. Saint-Bénédictine abbey date of the IXrd century. Majestic and unshakeable, it is a jewel of Romanesque architecture. Spectacular and mysterious caves feature sumptuous limestone concretions. Baume waterfalls will give you beautiful breaths that will make you forget your cascades of worries…

Sites to discover

  • The Palladian Villa of Syam, near Champagnole.
    Nestled between cliffs and forests, it reveals its secrets of the Napoleonic era. Its Italian influence adorns it with colors.
  • The Syam Forges Museum intelligently traces the life of the forge up to the XXrd century. Its location at the confluence of the Saine and the Ain is ideal because of the flow and the power.
  • The Castle Fortress of Joux located 50 minutes from Camping. It is a key site in the history of builders. Perched on the mountain ridge! Isolated! Powerful ! The great Toussaint Louverture, after many struggles against slavery, saw himself locked up there by order of Napoleon, forever... And, it seems, according to Stéphane Bern, he would still be there... Somewhere... A dark story .

Gastronomy and wine tourism

In the Jura, the steps will convince you of the high quality of local products. Savor Bleu de Gex, Comté, Cancoillotte, morels, honey and sausages from Montbéliard or Morteau. 

Wine tourism enthusiasts, the famous Jura Wine Route will tempt you, from Lons le Saunier to Arbois. After visiting the Vine and Wine Museum, let yourself be tempted by visits to the cellars of Baume-les-Messieurs, Voiteur, Château Chalons, Poligny… Grandiose! The AOC Arbois, Côtes du Jura, l'Etoile and Château Chalon are real treasures. The passionate and talented winegrowers share their know-how and you will taste in Taste-vins the rich and fruity scents of singular wines. These wines come in a kaleidoscope. From the luminous Reds to the Paille du Chardonnay, from the golden nectar of Vin Jaune to the ruby ​​reds of the Trousseau grape variety. You will never stop learning about the contrasts of these terroirs. The sparkling white or rosé Crémant, so festive, harvested by hand, will reveal its charm in a clear and brilliant palette!

And in the evening, at camping "The Bivouac", you will converse with friendliness, a glass with a spicy oriental scent in your hand, so happy to chat.

If you want more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation and Themes.

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