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Camping La Parée Preneau

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Pêche à pied

Shellfish and small crustaceans await shore-fishing enthusiasts! Search the sand, explore the rocks, scrutinize the slightest clue, the slightest trace left by these small animals. Quickly grab your rake so you can feast on tonight!

Discover the charter Pêche à pied.

Fishing on foot will delight young and old alike, combining fun outdoor activity, discovery of nature and… gastronomy! Practiced between land and sea, over the tides that cover and discover the beach, each fishing trip will bring you its share of surprises!

A basket, gloves, a knife (for adults only), a small rake, a landing net and above all… a seal! At the rhythm of the spring tides, you will invest the foreshore, the part of the coast where shore fishing is practiced in the country of St Gilles Croix de Vie. 

On the beach the Parée Preneau, you will put yourself in the shoes of a shrimp fisherman. At La Roche de Sion, with a little patience and well equipped, you can pick up the oysters on the rocks. At the passage of Gois, it will be necessary to flush out the burrowing seashells in the sand by locating the air holes on the surface. If you fancy a good dish of spaghetti, go to St-Jean-de-Monts to find the cockles buried in the sand. Was the harvest good? So enjoy!

You will find the necessary information for walk fishing in the region on the site of the tourist office of the Pays de St-Gilles-Croix-de-vie.

Bicycle tourism

There is no need to travel far to enjoy the joys of cycling. The Parée Préneau is ideally located to enjoy your vacation without a car and benefits from the Accueil Vélo label.

Discover the charter Bicycle tourism.

As soon as the camping, you can go safely on the cycle path to escape and discover the Vendée! It will take you directly to the beach of Parée Préneau. And that's just the beginning! A network of 1000 kilometers of footpaths and cycle paths crosses the Vendée; Noirmoutier, Les Sables d'Olonne or the South Vendée are within walking distance! The network will allow you to discover the richness of Vendée's heritage, both natural and cultural, and will give you a good overview of its incredible biodiversity.

300 meters from camping, the Vélocéane is waiting for you! Unmissable cycling event in the north-west of the Vendée, this bike ride, to be done with friends or family, offers you a good overview of the landscapes and stories of the Vendée. Two courses of different length are available, the 19 km loop or the 39 km loop. Want to know more and find out about the routes? Meeting on veloceane.fr.

Beginner or athlete, alone, with family or friends, it's impossible not to find a course that suits you in Vendée! To allow you to fully enjoy your ride, you will find parking lots and picnic areas available on the various circuits.

The Parée Préneau is the perfect place to walk the coastal route, ideal for family outings. A wide variety of landscapes will be present on these trails accessible to all, relatively flat and well secured: beaches and sand dunes, forests or rocky coasts will shelter unspoiled flora and fauna and an incredible biodiversity.

The cultural and architectural heritage is never far away in Vendée, and cycling is a good way to find your pearls! The coastal route will take you to discover the various ports and seaside towns of the coast. Do not miss the symbols of our Vendée coasts: the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier, with a postcard decor and a diversity of landscapes that will leave you speechless. The island of Yeu and its 23 square kilometers of land will make you alternate between fine sandy beaches and rocky coasts. Impossible to remain unmoved in front of its typical white houses with blue shutters!

If you want to alternate between beaches and forests, try the circuit near the camping which will take you to St-Jean-de-Monts and St-Hilaire-de-Riez, the two most famous seaside resorts in Vendée. From the beaches where you can take a swimming break to the holm oak forest populated by deer and squirrels, you will change world in a snap! 

Also try the St-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie circuit, which alternates between wild nature and picturesque town. The loop of St-Gilles will begin with the Vendée corniche, an incredible jagged cliff populated with a multitude of small coves, where you will meet herring gulls and black-headed gulls. You will arrive at the city itself, its port and its tower dedicated to Empress Josephine. Take a gourmet break and taste the sardines which have made the reputation of its fishermen! This walk will take you through beaches, marshes and mud flats for a glimpse of the richness of the Vendée landscape. 

Find all the information on the official website for cycle paths in Vendée.

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