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The diversity of the landscapes of the Eastern Pyrenees will offer you the possibility of hiking every day in very different environments! Opt for the app all trails to discover the hikes around the camping.

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Lake tours, walks along the coast or mountain hikes, you can vary the pleasures of walking throughout your vacation. You will discover superb panoramas on the Roussillon plain as on the Mediterranean, and nature and environment enthusiasts will observe the unique diversity of flora and fauna. You will be able to admire French and Spanish biodiversity as you will regularly cross the border. On this occasion, you will be able to admire the Albera Natural Park in Spanish Catalonia.

The Pyrénées Orientales have many hiking trails for all levels, with or without height difference according to your preferences.

Le camping will be at your disposal to advise you in the best possible way in the choice of your hikes and to lend you the necessary documentation for your hikes. 

It is impossible to talk about hiking in the Eastern Pyrenees without talking about the legendary Canigó Massif, labeled Grand Site de France, and more precisely the northern slope of Canigó and the Piedmont sector. At the gates of the Catalan Pyrenees Regional Natural Park, in the Pyrénées-Orientales department, the Canigou peak stands less than 15 km from the Spanish border. It is located 40 km west of Perpignan and 50 km from the Mediterranean beaches. The Grand site of Canigou is located in the natural region of Conflent and dominates the upper and middle valleys of Têt. The highest point of the massif, the peak of Canigou rises to 2784 m. It is the highest eastern summit of the Pyrenees, mythical for the Catalans. Its summit allows you to see all the way to Barcelona when the sky is clear. The peak of Canigou dominates the Catalan landscape and can be seen from the whole of the Languedoc coast, as far as Port-Camargue.

The preferred season for an ascent without mountaineering equipment, of the classic hiking type, lasts from May to October since the summit is snow-capped in winter. Think in summer to leave early in the morning because it can quickly get very hot and to take enough water.

Different circuits are possible, here are two to give you a good overview of the wonders of Canigó:

  • The Volta de Caladroy loop : a 13,9-kilometer half-day loop that will take you along the belvederes route. Of medium difficulty, count around 390 meters of vertical drop. The departure takes place not far from camping in Néfiach or at the castle of Caladroy in Bélesta. The circuit is a short hike path and will be marked in yellow all along. You will cross a landscape of scrubland and walk through the northern balconies of Canigou, following the yellow markings for short hiking trails. Little shade, it is more pleasant in the morning or in low season. At the heart of the Catalan maquis, you will start from the village of Nefiach to get to Caladroy wine castle, through a landscape of broom, oaks, vines and olive trees. A place steeped in history, the building still has its XNUMXth century towers. 
  • The Belvederes route - Les Balcons Nord du Canigou : a magnificent route that will take you to the ascent of Mount Canigou. The belvedere route is a hike that takes place over several days: a distance of 68 km, it is divided into 8 stages. It is also a difficult hike, with an elevation gain of nearly 1900 meters. The stages are however of varying lengths and levels, between 4,5 km and 12,5 km. They can be done independently. There is also a hiking loop for each of the stages of the belvedere route: from 5 to 15 km, these loops exist for all levels. The route of North balconies of Canigou connects Millas to Prades and is parallel to the National 116 which it overlooks: it is thus easy to reach one of the stages for a hike of a few hours or just a day. As a family, the stages of Eus-Arboussols and Arboussols-Tarerach are accessible, with respectively less than 5 km and less than 7 km for 1h30 and 2h20 of walking.

other hiking routes cross the Eastern Pyrenees, for which you will find all the information at the reception of your camping :

  • The Carança gorges from Thuès (6km, 2h to 2h30)
  • The lakes of Camporells from Formiguères (9 km, 2h30 to 3h00)
  • The lakes of Camporells in a loop through the Val de Galbe (16 km, 6 a.m. to 30 a.m.)
  • Madrès via the Col de Jau (16,5 km, 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.)
  • Béar lighthouse, from Cap Béar to Paulilles (4,6 km, 2h00 to 2h30)
  • The Coume d'Or peak via the Porte-Puymaurens pass (16 km, 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.)
  • Pic dels Pedrons from Pas de la Casa (6 km, 3h30)
  • The peak of Canigó by Mariailles (23 km, 7:30 am)
  • Puig Carlit from Les Bouillouses (15 km, 6 hrs)
  • Tour Querroig (Albères massif, 12,5 km, 3h00 to 3h30)

[Photo : Damien RAMOS]

Moutain Biking

There is no doubt that the Eastern Pyrenees are a key destination for mountain bikers!

With its massifs traversed by a number of tracks and paths, its balconies above the Roussillon plain and its coastal paths, the Pyrénées-Orientales department is undoubtedly a mountain biker's paradise.

Discover the charter Moutain Biking.

The MTB circuits in the Eastern Pyrenees there are hundreds. You will find them for leisure mountain biking as well as for downhill mountain biking or enduro.

If you prefer to be accompanied, you can contact the reception of the camping to advise you on professional guides. 

The region's circuits are suitable for all levels, all types of mountain biking (including electric mountain biking) and for all durations, from initiation walks lasting a few hours to itinerant hikes over several days. 

Le camping is at your disposal to answer your questions and advise you as best as possible according to your level and your desires. Here are some circuits around the camping for a nice overview of the region:

  • The Pyrenees passes route : a complete route that crosses the massif of the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean over nearly 1100 km and more than 93 hours of mountain biking. Ideal for the roaming vacations of mountain bikers.
  • The Dellà Bac : a 17 km circuit in the Galbe valley. The course is rolling but sporty, of average level. Allow 2 hours of mountain biking on a loop with a positive and negative drop of 380 meters. The hike will offer you a sublime panorama of the villages of lower Capcir and the surrounding peaks.
  • The dam balcony : this circuit of a little over 20 km is difficult. It requires good technique and excellent physical condition. It displays a positive and negative elevation of nearly 600 meters. On the heights of the Agly dam and the lake, you will enjoy many panoramas.
  • The edges of Agly : a family mountain bike hike, with beautiful landscapes, easy and on a shaded route. With a distance of 8,6 km, the circuit will take you around 1 hour. The terrain is flat, with a very slight drop of less than 00 meters.


  • Cliffs and smugglers : a sporting and technical course that takes you through varied landscapes, from the flowery scrubland to the mineral backdrop of cliffs and limestone rocks, passing through pine forests and vineyards. 14 km to go and a positive elevation of about 200 meters.
  • The Estagels mountains : a circuit of medium difficulty, with a distance of 9 km with a drop of approximately 120 meters. Between scrubland and vineyards, some old olive groves remain. The loop is punctuated by numerous points of view which give to see varied landscapes, picturesque villages in limestone cliffs and typical Mediterranean wild nature in cultivated terraces.
  • The loop through the ages : a beautiful loop combining culture (Castle-museum of prehistory in Bélesta, a dolmen, Neolithic remains…) and intense sporting activity (sometimes steep descents, rock, sharp bends and beautiful climbs with vertical drop). A 19-kilometer circuit reserved for initiates.

More information on the “A Travers les Ages” MTB circuit on: camping-lagarenne.fr and tourism-roussillon-conflent.fr.  

Fancy adrenaline and thrills? Or just to practice? The Boulternère pump track welcomes you to the first pump track in the Pyrénées Orientales! Information on : tourism-roussillon-conflent.fr.

Find other routes on: visugpx.com.



The Pyrénées Orientales region offers beginners or experienced bikers diversified routes and breathtaking panoramas.

Discover the charter Motorcycle.

Between seaside routes, along the Mediterranean or mountain routes with the Pyrenees, there will be something for all tastes and all levels. The Catalan country offers many possibilities, including that of visiting two countries crossing the border with Spain!

Various routes will allow you to enjoy a beautiful panel of landscapes:

  • A beautiful loop on horseback between France and Spain, that of Perpignan - Coustouges - Cadaques. Just over 230 kilometers for a superb ride between Occitania and Catalonia, the Eastern Pyrenees and the Girona region in Spain. Leaving from Perpignan, you will cross the border via a Pyrenean pass and will be able to take a break at Lake Darnius. By taking the national road towards Figueras then Rosas, you will head towards Cadaques and its incomparable charm between sea and mountains, a village adored by Salvador Dali. Your return will be via Cerbère, Collioure and its famous Notre-Dame-des-Anges church surrounded by the sea on 3 sides, Argelès then Perpignan.


  • Why not try a beautiful loop between Perpignan and Barcelona on a route passing through Argelès, Rosas and along the sea to the capital of Catalonia? Breathtaking views of the Mediterranean for a day trip to enjoy a visit to Barcelona.
  • To indulge yourself in famous road bends, head for the D86 on the heights of Port Vendres, not far from Collioure. A breathtaking panorama and a route that will delight bikers who love thrills!
  • One cannot escape the delight that the roads of the Pyrenees provide to all bikers. The famous peak of the Pyrenees offers you winding roads at will, mountain villages with incomparable charm, some of which have been labeled “Most beautiful villages in France” (in particular around Prades) and superb landscapes. Unmissable! Do not hesitate to consult the article devoted to motorcycles in Catalan country on motomag.com

More information on the different routes on moto-trip.com and liberty-rider.com.


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