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Camping La Croix Badeau

A surprising heritage

Soulaines-Dhuys is a few hundred meters away, and nevertheless you are already caught up in a superb village described as the “Green Venice of the Aube”, so many are its rivers: La Dhuys (Celtic appellation) and Laines. Resurgence, 11 small bridges, including the Henri IV bridge, 1607, take you on the village circuit, which you can follow with a guided tour, a real journey through time. Look up, and see the beautiful restorations of the half-timbered houses, the mill or the Maison du Bailly, on the Petit Ru des vignes. You will be enchanted by the Maison à Ecailles and its "halloy", where the tourist office is located, and which is a masterpiece listed in the Historic Monuments. The half-timbered Saint Jean chapel is a small historical and architectural treasure. The Church of St Laurent and St Jean Baptiste will not leave you indifferent, because its spire will pique your curiosity. You will be surprised by the floral poetry to which the inhabitants hold, the medieval gardens and the vegetable gardens. The mansion (currently library) is another emblematic place that is alive and well. The former St Victor priory even hosts a Rock Festival, but remains open free of charge throughout the year, so that everyone can enjoy nature, the arboretum and the deer. Go to the Tuilerie Royer, it will reveal the secrets of this ancestral craft, which is pottery-ceramics. Sundays in April if you are at camping, you will appreciate the doors open to artisans and their products.

The region along the water

Of course, Troyes is worth a trip, 50 km, but you will probably prefer to go hiking or cycling to fully enjoy the Lakes of Champagne - Ardennes. At the Lacs d'Orient, and Lac du Der for example, 85 km of Voie Verte take place under your wheels. Children's games, horse, pony or donkey rides will facilitate your observation of nature. Because all these lakes attract birds, and budding or experienced ornithologists will linger in this region during migrations. In high summer, marinas offer water skiing, sailing, rowing, kite-surfing, and beautiful sandy beaches await you for swimming and sunbathing. Fishermen? You will be delighted, because carp, roach, bream, pikeperch and pike frequent these waters. 

A surprising diversity of activities

The Ecomusée de la Forêt d'Orient in Brienne, or the Espace Faune in Piney, deserve your interest. If you are in Brienne, take advantage of the Equestrian Center. Heritage enthusiasts, head to the Château de Cirey in Blaise, just 15 km away, where Voltaire considered his residence to be an “asylum of the fine arts”. The magnificent 40th century Château de Vaux awaits your visit and will intrigue you with its treasure hunts or its 8 wooden games. A Chasse et Campagne festival is scheduled for August 2021, XNUMX (if all goes well…).

In Rouilly-Sacey, a Forest Game allows you to sharpen your flair, and the multiple trails of the Soulaines Forest will attract athletes or photographers. An International Festival of Wildlife Photography and Nature takes place in Montier in November, (this year 2021… if all goes well…). We must rush there! Consult AFPAN “l'Or Vert”. If you are a walker, the Dhuys hike or the Pays d'Othe hike can be downloaded from Randonnée et Vélo Voie. And that's not all ! At 20 minutes Colombey les Deux Eglises will introduce you to the residence of General Charles de Gaulle. You will be in direct contact with our nearby Great History, and your young people will thus open their curiosity and the paths of Memory. Brienne le Château, Dienville, Bar / Aube, take you on landscapes not to be missed. Because you are in a Unesco Heritage region!

The “sparkling Champagne”

So choose your wine tourism route. By hike, car, motorbike or cycle ... Forget the pleasures of water ... To introduce you to this bewitching and sparkling region of Champagne. You are on the Champagne Wine Route, Côte de Bar. You will discover, thanks to passionate winegrowers, the reasons why France has the most famous bubbles in the world! “Vineyards and Discoveries” will help you choose your journey. Patrick at camping, will be of good advice. There are so many roads winding through the vineyards! Learn how this Unique wine is pampered by winegrowers happy to share their work and their know-how with lovers of Bon Goût. Perhaps you can spoil yourself by flying over the vineyards from the Celles / Ources aero-club and take a sumptuous first flight to spot low stone walls and "cadoles". These journeys whet your appetite, gastronomy is not left out to please you. 3 AOCs assure you of the high quality of Riceys and Coteaux Champenois wines. And then, the Andouillette de Troyes is famous, the Chaource a treat! The local shops offer you the best. Also discover in Soulaines, the "Framboises d'Ici", which are not limited to raspberries. 

Epilogue of a great family vacation

Finally, to reserve a day of family madness for your young people, go to Dolancourt, the famous Nigloland is 10 minutes from the Camping the Croix Badeau. This amusement park was named 3rd best European amusement park, with many attractions, shows, themed restaurants. The recent Grand 8 aquatic will shake up your sensations! So, in the evening, at camping "La Croix Badeau", your haven of peace, you will exchange photos and ideas for tourist sites. Finally, you will end a game of bowls around a delicate glass of "bubbles" ... in a friendly atmosphere.

To prepare your holidays in Champagne with confidence, go to the website of our partner SportRIZER, and you can book the sports around camping ! If you would like more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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