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Camping La Croix Badeau

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Just fun… That's what hiking is all about. Freedom too. To each his own rhythm according to his form and his desires.

Discover the charter Hiking.

Hiking is THE easiest way to discover a region, its heritage, its landscapes and of course its inhabitants. No need for technical and heavy equipment to carry just to walk and walk. Walking and walking again to take the time to observe, contemplate, smell, feel and live each moment fully. Dawn has many marked hiking trails (5.000 paths for 3.000 km) and organized around sites of natural or heritage interest. Around Géraudot, 6 km of easy walk will allow you to discover the Orient lake, which is a delight for hikers as well as boaters, fishermen and sailors.

Around the same lake, the hike “The Little Orient”Offers you a longer stroll over 14 km. From Dienville to Radonvilliers, you can walk along Lake Amance and take time for a picnic and a swim from the supervised beach. Go find out The arch of Lusigny-sur-Barse, a monumental wooden and steel arch, 12,3 meters high, spans the return canal of the Seine reservoir-lake (Orient Lake), for an 8 km hike. Finally the walk Acorn wood will guide you for 5 km to discover the flora and fauna from the reservoir dam of the Seine to the Orient lake.


Go on a hike by bike to fully enjoy the Lakes of Champagne - Ardennes. At the Lacs d'Orient, and Lac du Der for example, 85 km of Voie Verte take place under your wheels.

Discover the charter Bikes.

Alone or with family or friends, you will share moments of sport and nature. Cycling has the advantage over walking to allow you longer distances. But beware ! Don't go any faster though! Take the country roads crossing the vineyard, the forest paths or follow the Seine. Simply set off to discover Champagne in a different way… Meet its treasures… Champagne, Heritage, Gastronomy, Artists, Nature…

All your senses will be awakened as you pedal at your own pace to discover new sensations, take the time to stop to listen to Nature breathe and smell the sweet scent of the countryside that the wind blows on your face. Welcome to Champagne… Go at your own pace and contemplate the landscapes and villages that you will cross on your way or which will be your travel destination!

Departing from Soulaines-Dhuys, you can in particular recover the loops of the champagne hills at the sources of the Dhuys - 58 km - I4 11. Do not miss Bar-sur-Aube and its church, the champagne cellars and Colombé-le- Dry (typical village with 4 flowers). You will also take the Napoleon loop and the half-timbered churches - 92 km - H2.

Do not miss the half-timbered churches of Lentilles, Bailly Le-Franc, Juzanvigny, the Halle de Chavanges, Soulaines-Dhuys, the Lakes of the Forêt d'Orient, the Halle de Dienville, the Napoleon Museum / Trésor des Eglises à Brienne, the Ecomusée de la Forêt d'Orient castle in Brienne, the Old Church in Dienville, Epothemont, Hampigny, la Rothière, Chavanges and Maizières-lès-Brienne.

Consult the carte and circuits "Dawn by bike".

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