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Camping La Chatonnière

Located in the north of the Dordogne department, at the gates of the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park, the camping combines the softness of the L'isle river, the shadows and lights of the forests, and the richness of the heritage. Opt for the app Alltrails and discover the hikes around the camping. Countless marked hiking trails unfold around you, on foot or by bike (which you can even hire at the camping): Napoleon circuit, Plateau du Guet circuit, Boucle des Ponts circuit. La Boucle, "Papèterie de Vaux", from Payzac, will take you on exciting industrial tourism! Payzac is 16 km from camping. Donkey rides? Contact the Ferme Chêne, de Greletti, 9 km away. On horseback? This equestrian world awaits you in Mialet, 14km away. 

Jumilhac is an architectural treasure. 

You will never forget its roofs, of a powerful slate, nor the complex imbroglio that roofers must master by constantly achieving feats. You will never forget the legend of La Fileuse. You will never forget the dark hours of the Château, nor its exceptional carved wood fireplaces. A theatrical night visit will give even more spice if you are with your family. The furniture is rich, the paintings restored, the location surprisingly central in the village. This will allow you a pleasant stroll in the French gardens (Rendez-vous aux Jardins event in June). You will stroll towards the Pont de la Croix Bancaud, or the Priory of la Faye, to meet artists, artisans and producers of local flavors. The market takes place every Sunday morning in summer.

You will be privileged ...

Because the L'Isle river offers you its small swimming spots, one of which is in the sand near the camping. Fishermen, you will be won over. Within a radius of 15 km, you will discover "spots" of Lisle, Loue, Côle or Dronne, as well as the Lakes of Miallet, or Rouffiac in Périgord: Pike, perch, trout, gudgeon will play with you according to the seasons. Don't forget your fishing cards. If you like swimming, the Rouffiac lake will surprise you with its water skiing and wakeboarding facilities. Unless you join Bussière Galant, (what a seductive name!) Where the Espace Hermeline is developing a beautiful adventure park. Between water, swimming (a tiralo is available), fishing with 2 pontoons, fishing cards available at the reception, and land pleasures, you will be spoiled. A Vélorail, some wagons have electric assistance, will take you on a 12 km tour of discovery of the past, and will sharpen your attention on the preserved flora and fauna. Rushes of Toads, Hairy St. John's Wort, Monkey Orchis, or more simply… And the nettles which mark the course. If you are feeling acrobatic and full of energy, rejoice. The Accrobranche offers several levels, and a zip line will give you unusual sensations! In short, you are now ready for a full day of varied pleasures.

In Jumilhac, the community of towns has thought of all of you, young and old. 

You will learn archery on a hiking trail. Minors must be accompanied, but you will be reassured by a professional. The site of the Castle is also a place where you can try your hand at supervised climbing, or abseiling from the roof of this noble building! The Tourist Office will help you choose and advise you. What an adventure !

A window on the whole Dordogne

Since camping the Chatonnière, of course, you can set off for Périgueux, the Perigord capital, about an hour away. This illustrious city will seduce you with its contrasting neighborhoods. Lose yourself in the Gallo-Roman Périgueux, towards the Vésone tower and the Vesunna museum, the work of Jean Nouvel. Wander through medieval Périgueux, Rue Limogeanne, Place de la Clautre and its picturesque market, observe the magnificence of the Saint Front Cathedral with its 5 domes, walk along the green lane on the banks of L'Isle. Follow a guide for the Périgueux Renaissance. These specialists have the keys to secret doors that open onto moving courtyards, sculptures, spiral staircases… Or… Take the informative, fun and relaxing “Little Tourist Train” for a global view. But Saint Yriex la Perche is a must, a quarter of an hour from Jumilhac, to find Art and History. This intimate little town, whose fame was linked to gold veins and then Kaolin, an essential element of Limoges porcelain. The Ceramics Museum will tell you about this "white gold". Double wealth… Double life… Gold, recognized here since Welsh times, gave birth to a long tradition of gold miners, and it was not until the end of the XNUMXth century that its exploitation was stopped. Shhh… The gold is under your feet! Find this saga at the Galerie de l'Or in Jumilhac, or at the Maison de l'Or in Chalard, near St Yriex. By the way ! Beautiful double swimming pool in St Yriex!        

Wealth of heritage, again ...         

Another beautiful trip can take you to Brantôme and Bourdeilles, passing through Saint Jean de Côle and the cave of Villars, where limestone concretions and rock paintings combine geology and fascinating prehistory. 45 minutes of bucolic landscapes will lead you to this village, one of the most beautiful sites in Périgord Vert. Described as the Venice of Périgord by R. Poincaré, it is entwined by the Dronne and the canal. A charming delight dominated by the unchanging Benedictine abbey, which stretches along the cliff, and is reflected in the water. For an unusual moment, rent a Kayak. The 2000th century, independent abbey bell tower will dominate your walks along the water. And the rock shelter behind the abbey has a surprise in store for you. Bourdeilles, very close, is worth a visit of the Castle, (with audio guide and playbook for the children), as well as a peaceful wandering in the alleys. Bourdeilles and Brantôme respond to the Natura XNUMX program. The waters bear witness to good ecological health: crayfish, lamprey, shad, always fragile, always monitored.


A strong point of Périgord? Wherever you are, you will be spoiled in the restaurants and tables d'hôtes. You will all be delighted to learn that according to "certain medical studies": Foie gras, duck fat, butter parsley, vines and Bergerac wine… Are excellent for the arteries! So, do not deprive yourself! Feast on local markets. Cul Noir, fed on Périgord chestnuts, has no equal, and commands your respect! The AOC apple and its derivatives, the Bijou de St Yrieix madeleines deserve a moment of attention for your pleasure! You will cross many orchards if you go to the Château de Hautefort (28 km from Jumilhac). The panorama and the castle are unusual and surprising. In summer, the theatrical scenarios, the activities, the French gardens, the park, are “Pluses”. Go down to the Coucou pond. Fishing, walking, picnic), and go up to visit the Medicine Museum at the Hospices, historical monuments. Too. Great day isn't it?

Back to Camping the Chatonnière, you will share convivial moments around, perhaps, a barbecue, to exchange the little secrets of your great visits to Périgord Vert. You will thus become the ambassadors of this sacred region, with many facets.

To prepare your holidays in the Dordogne with confidence, go to the website of our partner SportRIZER, and you can book the sports around camping ! If you would like more information for your stay, do not hesitate to consult the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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