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En Ardèche, 39 tourist and cultural sites allow you to discover the natural and architectural riches of this territory. The promise is also made... You will be "Amazed by the Ardèche"!

Ardèche gorges

The Ardèche gorges attract visitors of all generations. Over 22 kilometres, the canyon shaped by water over millions of years offers a breathtaking landscape. The meanders, dry valleys, lapiaz, limestone cliffs, sinkholes and caves are indeed real geological treasures. The plateaus that surround the gorges are rich in preserved biodiversity, to be discovered on foot, by bike or on horseback. But to admire the gorges from the inside, canoeing is the essential means of transport in the Ardèche.

Outdoor sports


Canoeing down the Ardèche gorges is simply iconic. Over the years, the Camping ibie has developed a close partnership with the first canoe rental company, Alain Bateaux. You will thus benefit from the best advice and services.


Family walks, sporty hikes or treks on long-distance hiking trails… Everything is possible in the Ardèche for walkers of all levels. On the paths of the gorges, along the old railway lines... Attacking the Chirouse volcano, the Chenavari peak or Mont Gerbier de Jonc... In the Sainte Baume or Daronne gorges, or even around the lake des Meinettes… 400 kilometers of marked trails through forests and gorges, on the plateaus or along the ridges, will offer you hours of walks and hikes.

The great crossing of the Ardèche by mountain bike

From the Monts d'Ardèche to the Ardèche gorges, passing through the Mézenc and Gerbier de Jonc mountains, or even the Païolive wood, cross the department from north to south. 315 kilometers of forest trails and rocky paths, with a drop of more than 5 meters, constitute a real sporting challenge for mountain bike enthusiasts. Count 000 to 5 days depending on your level and your experience of itinerant mountain biking.

The Ardèche by bike

For cycling enthusiasts who prefer gentler routes, several routes are available.

  • The Via Rhôna
    In Ardèche, more than 90 kilometers of the Via Rhôna are divided into 4 sections. The low elevation is ideal for family walks.
  • The soft paths of Ardèche
    Along the old railway lines, the valleys are discovered at the slow pace of cycling.

Caving and canyoning

The Ardèche is also an opportunity to confront the mineral.

  • Potholing
    The caving guides offer approach walks, sports discoveries of the underground passages or caving explorations.
  • Canyoning
    Leaving from Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, the canyons of La Garde and Haute Ardèche are the playground for lovers of thrills and freshness.

Villages of character

Traditions, culture and old stones await you at the bend of the paths. Perched on rocky outcrops or nestled in valleys, the 21 villages with the Ardèche Character Villages label bear witness to the region's ancient and medieval past. Alba-la-Romaine, Vogüe, Banne, Chassiers, Chalencon or even Rochemaure are, for example, emblematic Ardèche villages.

Archaeological sites and museums

The Chauvet cave 2

The reconstruction of the Chauvet cave is a must in the Ardèche. It takes you 36 years ago to meet the first men, who were also the first artists.


The museum and archaeological site of Alba-la-Romaine takes you back to Gallo-Roman times, to the capital of the Helvian people.


Introduction to oenology, tastings and fun and interactive tours await you in this museum dedicated to Ardèche wines.

Mont Gerbier de Jonc site house

The birth of the Loire from its three sources of Mont Gerbier de Jonc, the Authentic, the True and the Geographic, is explained through models, slide shows and films.


Over the centuries, water has sculpted the gorges on the surface, but it has done the same in the Ardèche subsoil. It is indeed rich in galleries, caves and sinkholes dug by water. Some housed the first humans, others were not discovered until much later. All are exceptional for their cavities, concretions and unsuspected fauna. During your stay you will have the choice between the Aven d'Orgnac, the caves of Madeleine, Soyons or Saint-Marcel.

For a fun family experience, opt for the forest cave in Orgnac l'Aven. And for a magical and poetic experience, the air show at Aven d'Orgnac, Karst 217 will amaze you.

Monts d'Ardèche Regional Nature Park

During your stay at Camping ibie, treat yourself to a journey in the Ardèche mountains. You will discover unique and preserved landscapes. Don't miss the Ray Pic waterfall, a classified volcanic site. The La Bourges river gushes between the basaltic flows, and offers a magnificent natural spectacle.

Animal parks

In Ardèche, several animal parks delight the youngest.

  • The animal park of the Ardèche gorges in Vagnas
  • Lussas animal park
  • The Amarok Valley at Issanlas
  • The parrot park in Bren
  • The Peaugres Safari

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