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Camping Ferme de Croas Men

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Finistère, by the diversity of its landscapes, will quickly become a hiker's paradise. Along its wild coasts with emerald waters or in the heart of its woods, you will find something for all tastes and all levels! Find all the routes on baiedemorlaix.bzh

Discover the Hiking charter.

The Bay of Morlaix is ​​home to the GR34, a famous path that runs along the Breton coast from Mont Saint-Michel to Saint-Nazaire. Almost 2000 kilometers long, it is also called the customs path, created after the revolution to monitor smugglers. Maritime, historical or natural landscapes, you will be amazed!

From Locquirec to Carantec, the GR34 follows the meanders of the coast and the river. From the bay of Morlaix, allow about 25 kilometers to walk to Plougasnou or Carentec. The reward will be at the end of the road! The key is Tahiti beach, famous in the region for its turquoise waters and its breathtaking view of Louët Island! Accessible only on foot, you will have to take the coastal path from the tip of Pen Al Lan or that of Cosmeur. 

Further up the GR34, discover the Pink Granite Coast, one of Brittany's wonders. Huge blocks of pink granite dot the coast to create a unique setting full of magic! Its coppery color and its blocks sculpted by time will not leave anyone indifferent. All information on cotesdarmor.com 

The Carantec tour is a beautiful course of nearly 18 kilometers, rather reserved for regulars of hiking. Carantec is located on a peninsula between the mouth of the Penzé and the bay of Morlaix. Carantec is famous for its beaches, its oyster farming, its countryside and its breathtaking view of the bay of Morlaix and its islets. Ile Louët, Château du Taureau, or Ile Callot, its panorama is breathtaking! Don't forget to take the time to visit the oyster producers for a little tasting! You can extend your hike by 6,5 kilometers by taking the submersible path at the port to reach Callot. Watch out for tide times! Information on baiedemorlaix.bzh 

For a family walk and measure the diversity of Breton landscapes, set off for the Vanneg loop, an easy 9-kilometer route, a great invitation to discover the valley and the La Penzé river. Walk along the river and observe your surroundings: natural wonders like built heritage gems are on your way. Immerse yourself in the itinerary on baiedemorlaix.bzh

If you are looking for wide open spaces and wild nature, the Monts d'Arrée are the perfect destination for a family walk or a hike. They are part of the Armorique Regional Natural Park. Enjoy the largest area of ​​landes in Brittany, with remarkable flora and fauna, dotted with wonders of cultural heritage. Find all the information on baiedemorlaix.bzh


To stop at the Croas Men Farm is to discover life on the farm. It is located right next to the camping. The estate has been operated for over 70 years by the Cotty family. The farm has gone through the evolution of agriculture and today retains a human dimension that respects its land.

Discover the charter Gardening.

The family now operates an organic farm of 50 dairy cows and produces milk labeled Biolait, a good 100% organic milk made in France! 

The 65 hectares of the farm are used to feed the animals: cows, donkeys, rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, farmyard animals (chickens, roosters, geese, ducks…), goats, pony. More than 30 animal breeds are represented to the delight of families and nature lovers. 

Throughout a landscaped course, you will discover farm animals, in a fun and educational setting. 

Want to learn more about the history of agriculture in the region? The Croas Men farm invites you to visit its peasant house from the 1900s and its small furnished museum. A century of traditions and rural life unfolds before your eyes, thanks in particular to the agricultural objects and utensils on display. You will discover the path taken to arrive at an organic farming method and the AB label. It certifies a method of production and processing that respects the environment, animal welfare and biodiversity.


Organic farming uses cultivation and breeding practices that respect natural balances. Any use of chemicals or GMOs will therefore be prohibited. The benefits of organic farming are manifold: preservation of soil quality, biodiversity, air and water quality, and enhancement of gourmet products that are good for health.

If you want to discover the farm, do not hesitate to refer to his plan. The farm is freely accessible every day from 8:30 am to 20 pm. Children must be accompanied. It will of course be necessary to ensure the rest of the animals and not to disturb them between 13 p.m. and 16 p.m. Nap time is sacred, even in Brittany!

From April to September, you can harvest eggs every day.

In July and August, discover the farm and the orchard on our tractor, for a fun and educational visit. 

After a few days, you will have become a real Breton farmer!


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