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Camping du moulin de Thoard

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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Alpes de Haute Provence Thoard
  • In the heart of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
  • At the start of great hikes and near the Geopark of Haute-Provence
  • Home Bikers

the village of Thoard

In the mountainous circus, Thoard is a picturesque village perched on a rocky peak. Formerly a formidable defensive medieval post, it is home to steep streets. You will wander through a labyrinth of narrow passages, arches and fountains. There is even a dungeon, which has become the bell tower of Notre-Dame-de-Bethléem. Three fortified houses and a noble farm in Planas have also stood the test of time. The gardens of Barri, the library, the game of bowls on the Pre de Foire advance in our contemporary life. Today the village is a jewel. It is now protected from the invasion of electrical cables. A market takes place every Sunday morning. You will find Thoard lamb, artisan bread, cheeses, and so many other delicacies to savor right away! 

Outdoor sports and leisure

By bike

15 local hikes await you from Thoard. Some hikes are quite technical, but sporty and exciting if you are well prepared.

  • The summit of Corbeau, from Hautes-Duyes: 26 kilometers in a loop via the Col de Mounis
  • The Crête de Géruen: 15 kilometers
  • The tour of La Roche des Brigands: 10 kilometers from Hautes Duyes
  • Excursions in the Monges from Authon
  • The trails of the 3 Chapels from Digne
  • Donkey Ears
  • The Caguenard trail
  • The Madeleine trail

On horseback

Many equestrian centers open the doors of their stables to you.

  • The Arc des Duyes, in Hautes-Duyes
  • The Riou equestrian center in Marcoux
  • Thor's pony club

In the heights

Athletes looking for thrills will climb the Rochers de Géruen, the Via Ferrata and its 100-meter cliff. For ever more powerful sensations, the Cap Adrénaline de Digne awaits you. Initiation and accompaniment of paragliding or hot air balloon flight.

Heritage and culture

  • The castles of Bussière and Beaucouse are milestones that have shaped the city. The resistance was active there during the Second World War.
  • Overlooking the impetuous Durance valley, the citadel of Sisteron was the "Most powerful in the Kingdom" of Henri IV, according to him. A hyphen between Provence and Dauphiné… Thus it was a defensive structure for military observation. Its towers are the remains of the 1370 enclosure. 
  • One kilometer from the village of Authon, the singular Refuge d'Art by Andy Goldworthy will surprise you. It combines small heritage and artistic creativity.

An exceptional decor

Diversity of rocks, limestone, marl, gypsum… Scots pines or pubescent oaks… Patchwork of moors, copses, maple, acacia or beech forests… Nature draws marvelous landscapes in this way. Do not miss the Duyes torrent. At first a thin trickle, it gradually feeds on other falls. Your excursions will combine art and science. Also go to the Clue de Sisteron via the Col d'Hysope and Fontbelle. Finally, the UNESCO-listed Geopark extends over an area of ​​around sixty municipalities. You can't help but be stunned by the 18 geological sites on offer to experts, amateurs, observers... The seabed in the open!


20 minutes from Camping The Moulin de Thoard, Digne-les-Bains is the capital of lavender. Just by pronouncing this word, you are projected into its scents and its azure blue! Good air, health, charm and sweetness of life. This city of Gallo-Roman origin is a renowned spa resort, whose mountain waters, highly mineralized, resurface at 50°C. Its interest is therefore important for the respiratory tract, rheumatology and fitness.

And more…

  • The walks of the Scientific Museum
  • The medieval Botanical Garden cultivates heirloom vegetables, aromatic plants and fruit trees at the Couvent des Cordeliers.
  • The Butterfly Garden is a discovery of butterflies to be done with the family from April to September.
  • At the Lavender Museum, you will take a "Show Tour", and learn everything about lavender growing and distillation.
  • The Valley of Asse and the Gorges of Trévans, will be for all an excursion in the heart of the lavenders and the olive trees.

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