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Occitania Lozère VILLEFORT
  • Unusual accommodation
  • Immediate proximity to the nautical activities of Lac de Villefort

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Many hiking trails for all levels, beginners or experienced, are to be discovered around Villefort from our camping. Simple walks or long-distance hiking trails, nature and mountain lovers will be delighted!

Discover the charter Hiking.

You can start with the tour of Lac de Villefort, ideal for beginners and families, by taking the GR 72 for about 2 hours and 15 minutes of walking. Confirmed hikers will embark on the Tour du Chassezac, a 46-kilometer loop starting from the camping by the GR 72 and the GRP-tour des Chassezac gorges. Explore the Chassezac river, a tributary of the Ardèche

If you want other routes, you will be delighted! Here is a non-exhaustive list that will allow you to prepare your trip to Lozère ...

We also offer themed hikes for the day or on demand with our guide Manuel who will accompany you off the beaten track to discover the Cévennes in a different way. Hike Cevennes is the address of his site. Like us, you will be won over by the personality and professionalism of this mountain guide who loves travel, nature and the Cévennes of course!

Over the seasons and listening to nature, it offers original and exciting outings: identification, collection and cooking of wild plants, observation of fauna and flora, deer slab, tales and astronomy, learning from the construction of a wooden shed, in winter snowshoeing ... So many innovative and fun ideas to discover our region differently.

Bicycle tourism

Do you like the bike because it's a soft, healthy and durable way to get around? Do you like cycling because it allows you to take the time to observe the scenery, meet people, smell the scents of the seasons and vibrate to the rhythm of the lights of your day? Do you get on the bike thinking it's a good sport for your health? Well for all these reasons at the same time, cycle tourism is an increasingly popular way to travel, and Lozère is an ideal terrain for cycle tourism.

Discover the charter Bicycle tourism.

Au camping Lake, you will find everything you will need when traveling by bike. A personalized welcome, adapted accommodation, tailor-made services, information and substantiated documentation! No doubt you will want to go on bicycle routes to discover the region. While waiting to benefit from their wise advice, you can already project yourself into the Borne Valley hike. Of medium difficulty, there are 50 km of magnificent circuit at the detours of Pourcharesses, Prévenchères, La Bastide Puylaurent and Pied de Borne. 

You also have the choice near Villefort to go for the following hikes:


Heritage Discovery

The Cévennes National Park today extends over the departments of Lozère, Gard and Ardèche. Mid-mountain territory, it is made up of five geographical entities: the Aigoual massif, the Méjean causse with the Tarn and Jonte gorges, Mont Lozère, the Cévennes valleys and the Cévennes foothills. A protected and regulated magical destination, which still lets some mysteries fly ...

Discover the charter Heritage Discovery.

The petrified forest of Champclauson, The Chassezac gorges, Païolive wood, the Cocalière cave, Le Vallon du Villaret, so many places to visit absolutely for a weekend or a longer stay to better understand our heritage.

A little historical parenthesis to better understand this heritage: The Cévennes, a land of granite and schist, are located on the southern edge of the Massif Central and on the Mediterranean side, between the sources of the Ardèche and the Hérault. The landscape was entirely redesigned by the hand of man who created benches, faysses, terraces fitted out for the cultivation of vines, mulberry trees and cereals. The habitat sometimes of schist, sometimes of granite, covered with slate, still merges today in the harmonious environment of nature. It was the country of the Camisards. The Huguenots of the Cévennes wore the white shirt at night as a sign of recognition, hence the name "Camisard". TheHistory of the Cévennes had its bloody hours when the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 resulted in the ban on practicing the Reformed religion.


Like hunted beasts, chased by the dragons of Marshal de Villars, shepherds, wool carders, chestnut pickers, the common people prophesied "freedom of conscience" to the world. A freedom that we unconsciously find in the rugged terrain, the mountains and the impenetrable but familiar valleys, which have become natural shelters where secret assemblies have been held ... Some names of Camisard leaders: Roland, Jean Cavalier, but also of martyr: Marie Durand. To follow in the footsteps of these great characters who have made our history, perhaps start by visiting our village Villefort and the lake, Alès, Génolhac, the village of Saint Ambroix, Saint Julien du Tournel and its castle. , the village of Banne, La Garde Guérin (fortified village which represents a particularly well preserved example of medieval architecture), and the Mont Lozère tourist circuit from Vialas to Chamborigond.

Are you already won over? Come and discover or rediscover the fauna, flora, mountains, villages and inhabitants that bring the Cévennes and its region to life. culture… Listen to the song “the Mountain” by Jean Ferrat, and you will have an idea…



A discipline in tune with the environment and the idea of ​​gentle and responsible travel. Canoeing and kayaking is an easy activity for both solo and group. A good board, a minimum of equipment and paddles, and you are free on the waves.

Discover the charter Canoe.

You will enjoy sailing on Villefort Lake where a nautical base awaits you with professionals to rent all the equipment necessary for your safety. The 127 ha lake is due to an artificial reservoir of the Villefort dam.

Its construction began in 1956 and the impoundment took place in 1964, submerging the Bayard valley and forcing about twenty families to leave their homes.

When the level of the lake is low, you may be lucky enough to see some remains submerged under the waters of a XNUMXth century bridge, which was not destroyed during the impoundment. By canoe, or between two swims, you may be able to spot the queens of the lake (brown and rainbow trout, minnow and chub). So? If you have understood that this activity will allow you to breathe the fresh air, and to fully experience a moment of plenitude and happiness, you will be delighted to reside at the camping Lake! 

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