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Camping des Etangs

It is good to stop at camping ponds in Garganvillar. It is a small refuge to leave the endless highways, and find back roads, the taste of freshness in summer, curiosity for heritage, a gift within our reach. It is good to discover and share with our own people. Because nothing beats these peaceful journeys and… Without a screen, the treasures that surround us.

Water has been an axis of circulation for ages

And you will be mesmerized by the contrast that reigns around Garganvillar. Almost Mediterranean atmosphere, punctuated by small rivers, canals, and of course, ponds. A succession of limestone plateaus and narrow valleys has drawn the surroundings. Water has been captured, domesticated. You will benefit from it by titillating the fish of the private pond so close, or, if you are enlightened amateurs, by going to the lakes of Touffailles, Beauzeille, Montaigu or Roquecor. You will take care to update your fishing license and to follow the information given on the site of the Fédération de Pêche 82. 30 agents are at your disposal, and will provide you with the appropriate equipment. The black bars, pike, perch and pikeperch are yours. Are also present, according to the seasons, eels, shad, Atlantic salmon, so remarkable in their migrations. Be patient and curious, you will be spying on crayfish, but yes! With respect to sizes, it goes without saying! Be careful, the white-legged crayfish is protected. What a pleasure to watch, play, smell the fish, which in turn spies on you, plays with your bait and your patience.

Water is also the springboard for human intelligence

Fountains, wash-houses, weirs are the witnesses of this. Witness of the passing of time. Testimonies of the art of our ancestors that you will discover while strolling or hiking. You and your young people will love the relaxation offered by the Montaigu Leisure Center. The sand is white, fine, the ancient oaks, the colorful pedal boats, the comfortable and playful canoes. However, there remain 2 important obligations. Take your parasol and sunscreen! In addition, a team on site, thinks of your entertainment and offers, depending on the day, archery, gymnastics, pétanque, hikes, or dance evenings. Be informed, however, given the health crisis. Water is the Canal des 2 Mers which connects Bordeaux, Toulouse, then the Mediterranean. You are at the junction of the Tarn and this precious canal. You will have many spots for boating, canoeing, and becoming paddle tightrope walkers. You will discover the novelty of electric boats, guided discovery walks. Go to the Moissac harbor master's office, to Rand'Eau Loisir, or to the Tourist Offices. 

Moissac is a Land of Confluence

Let yourself be embarked, or rent a canoe. The marina offers you a guaranteed change of scenery. The Napoleon Bridge, Pont Tournant de Saint Jacques, the Cacor Canal Bridge, from the XIXst century, which spans the Tarn, are all works of art to salute. Hats off to engineers, technicians, workers and little hands. It should be noted that beautiful hikes on the “Vélo Voie Verte” are within everyone's reach if you have your bikes. If necessary, Rand'Eau Loisir in Moissac or Eper'Cycle in Castelsarrasin will be your bases to rent them if necessary. The latter, a former fortified town in the Toulousain county, was a refuge town, before flourishing economically in the 65th century. A stroll will make you discover this picturesque atmosphere of a small pink town with its Saint Sauveur church. Several sections of the GR 3, in Moissac, will allow you to enjoy beautiful trips. Riding along the canal is a piece of cake. You will find breathing, and softness to the rhythm of your two wheels. If you prefer to try horseback rides (donkey or carriage), no problem. "L'Escapade", the "Ferme Equestre du Grelou", or the XNUMX Pont du Bartac "are present. For rich getaways, go to the Théoule water mill, so close to the Camping of the Ponds. A sacred mill, a sacred mill! Built in the XVst century, it is original with its Donkey Bridge, impressive by its flow, and protected by a classification as an historic monument. The Montech water slope on the canal is exceptional. Only 2 examples exist in the world! It is worth the detour! It is a boat lift that saves them the equivalent of 5 locks. Then you can choose to become adventurers at "Agrip Aventure" and show great courage by going from a bridge of monkeys to a platform on a tree trunk.

Only 6.5 km from Camping ponds, in Cordes Tolosannes, the Cistercian Abbey of Belleperche, on which the Moulin de la Théoule depended, is a must. It had a strategic position on the road to Saint Jacques, was a place of prayers, austerity, and yet shone as a hostelry for pilgrims to Compostela. His active agricultural life opened the doors to a great reputation in the field of flavors. It also houses a very interesting Tableware Museum, and offers exhibitions, events, including one that revolves around The Earth and Tea. The Abbey is a marvel, on your way, to you, the new pilgrims, in search of discoveries. Then you will devote time to Moissac, whose Abbey Monastery is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Beauty. Serenity. The 76 capitals of the Cloister, consecrated in 1100, require an audio guide, or a fascinating guide. He will tell you about the celebrity of the cloister, transmitted by the no less famous “In the Name of the Rose”. You will be amazed by the sculpted Bestiary and the famous Tympanum, as well as by a moving Entombment. Gothic in style, the Abbey is Gothic in style. In Moissac itself, a kiosk of L'Uvarium, recalls the establishment of the village in a wine-growing tradition. You will do the 2 km Urban Route which will take you through the many sights of the old town. Go for a stroll in the rue des Arts / rue Jean Moura, and at the marina. You will be surprised by the concentration of Art Deco buildings.             

Two other villages deserve the appellation Plus Beaux Villages de France. In Lauzerte, a medieval bastide, the pilgrim's gardens, the half-timbered dovecote (distorted reminder of columns and not doves), the Place des Cornières, or even the Rencontres Musicales in August, will set the tone for your stay, and your tourist pleasure. . Auvillar, which flirts with the GR 65, is an old stronghold between Agen and Moissac. And what a view! Medieval houses, the Clock Tower, the XNUMXth century monumental gatest century, will awaken your artistic senses. An original Round Halle aux grains recalls the commercial role of this city, kingdom of shipping. An earthenware museum will link earth, water and fire, for a route following the subtle link between art and crafts.

30 minutes away, Montauban is a town of art and history. 

Pink city where brick predominates, you will follow the historic paths. An imposing Ingres and Bourdelle Museum, combines architecture and art history, illustrated by these two great artists of the region. An old bridge and a Port Canal punctuate your walk. Stop at the Victor Brun National History Museum. It's a nice surprise (Free the 1ers Sundays of the month). The Toy Museum will take you on childhood secrets, revealed thanks to passionate guides. As for the museum shop, "Archéodéco", its eclectic reproductions are unusual. They range from Rodin, Klimt, Dali, to Tontons Flingueurs or Rabbi Jacob! For collectors, curious or passionate about precious and original gifts.

And since you are in a region of orchards and vineyards, you will love the products in the colorful markets, where each trader gives the best of himself. Reine-Claude, prunes and pancakes, foie gras, farm goats, white garlic from Lomagne, melons, walnuts and truffles from Quercy create a patchwork of gastronomy. And what about lavender! You will taste livestock products, cow or goat, and of course Chasselas de Moissac. Its PDO vines offer a grape ... with therapeutic virtues, which facilitate digestion, and immerse you in well-being. It sublimates the flavors and you will taste the La Négrette du Fronton grape.

So in the evening at Camping the ponds, you will be happy to find in the hollow of your basket, a Quercy des Îles, a terrine with Floc, or grapes with Sauterne. All to share in a friendly atmosphere, or to keep for winter evenings, to awaken your taste buds and your memories of happy summer visitors!

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