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Camping des Bastides

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The region is rich in quality local products and gastronomic specialties for an unforgettable experience! Start your taste journey with a visit to the restaurant of the camping, the rich family cuisine borrows from regional specialties.

Discover the Gastronomy charter.

Located between the Dordogne and the Lot, you will benefit from multiple influences in the kitchen. Magrets and hazelnuts are among the essentials. Hazelnuts are the specialty of Lot-et-Garonne. Small nuts, it is as good for health as it is for our taste buds! Once transformed, you will taste it grilled, praline, chocolate or cooked. 

It's impossible to talk about Lot-et-Garonne without talking about the famous Agen prunes! Benefiting from a Protected Geographical Indication, it is a dry fruit made from the Ente plum. Harvested between mid-August and mid-September, the plums are spread and roasted in the oven for almost a day. Developed in the XVIe century, its production took off as we know it in the mid-nineteenthe century. But let's talk about cooking and gastronomy! It is eaten as it is, surrounded by smoked bacon or as an accompaniment to many dishes, savory or sweet: meats and roasts, clafoutis or muffins, you will be spoiled for choice!

For sweet mouths, you will not be able to escape the tourtière! This ancestral dessert requires great know-how. It is an apple or prune cake, according to your desires, flavored with Armagnac. It is made up of many thin layers of buttery and sweet dough, for an inimitable taste and an airy texture. you won't be able to resist a second part!

You will find these specialties in the surrounding markets and in the ancient market of Villeréal, the famous country house in the region. Founded in the 1305th century, the bastide saw the construction of its first hall in XNUMX. These wooden halls today date from the XNUMXth century.e century and retain their original vocation: the market is set up there every Saturday, and Wednesdays in summer. 

To make your mouth water, check out coeurdebastides.com.

Heritage Discovery

At the crossroads of the Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne, heritage lovers will be delighted here as the richness of regional history has given rise to the construction of splendid monuments.

Discover the charter Heritage Discovery.

Le camping des Bastides is aptly named, since it is located in the heart of the Bastides region, these “new towns”, born from the will of political power, in the south-west of France, between the XNUMXthe and the XIVe century. The result is superb medieval towns with characteristic stone architecture, regional and original specificities.

Discover the most famous of them, near the camping :

  • Monflanquin, superb XNUMXth century bastidee century which dominates a landscape of hills and orchards. Its checkered architecture will offer you authentic alleys with their half-timbered and stone facades, numerous bridges, its small covered passages upstairs between two houses and its beautiful central square bordered by arcades. Born under the aegis of the King of France, you will be seduced by its architecture and its eventful history, which you will find in its museum. An exhibition not to be missed if you want to immerse yourself in the history of the bastides of the south-west! All information on coeurdebastides.com  
  • Monpazier, labeled “most beautiful villages in France” and kept almost intact since its creation in the XNUMXthe century by the King of England. A large national site, with no less than 32 monuments classified as Historical Monuments, it is considered to be one of the models of its kind. It's impossible not to get lost in its narrow streets, a true architectural jewel of the medieval period, and not to stroll under its arcades where its market has been held for nearly 700 years. You will be charmed by these many arts and crafts shops of which she has made a specialty. 
  • Villereal, splendid royal bastide, perfect example of its new towns of the Middle Ages. Built in the XNUMXthe century on a regular basis, it still retains today impressive testimonies of its past: its commercial place housing splendid halls of the XVIe century with solid oak pillars, its XNUMXth century fortified churche century and its narrow streets with half-timbered houses, harmoniously mixing stone and wood.


The richness of medieval history and architecture is also evident in the many castles that dot the landscape. Two of them, close to the camping, are worth the detour:

  • Gavaudun castle. Rebuilt in the XNUMXthe century on the ruins of the castle of the previous century, it was one of the last French bastions of the Hundred Years War. A true feat of defensive military architecture, its curtain walls on the sides of the cliffs and its impressive keep will leave you speechless. It dominates a valley classified as a natural site of great beauty. Do not miss its treasure hunt, which will delight young and old! More information on coeurdebastides.com and on the site of the castle chateaudegavaudun.com.
  • Bonaguil Castle. Its gigantic proportions and its state of conservation have made it a benchmark of medieval military architecture. It takes its final appearance in the course of the XVe century, before being remodeled in the XNUMXthe and to bear the brunt of the throes of the Revolution. Do not miss the visit of the different bodies of the castle, its graffiti through the ages and the exhibition of its archaeological objects. More information on chateau-bonaguil.com.

[Photo : Bert Kaufmann]



The Lot-et-Garonne is crisscrossed by many hiking trails, on foot, by bike or on horseback, which combine natural and cultural discovery of the region. Stroll through the Bastides region and immerse yourself in the rich history of the region through its green valleys, woods and orchards. Choose the app Alltrails and discover the hikes around the camping.

Discover the charter Hiking.

You will find at the reception of the camping all the information and advice necessary for the success of your walks. Several trails are possible near the camping, in the surroundings and in the region.

Here are some trails that will make your mouth water:

  • Gavaudun, the path of the Mills. You cross a valley classified as a natural site, of great ecological interest, on an easy path of about 10 kilometers. You will dive into the world of mills, documented since the end of the 52th century. La Lède, a tributary of the Lot, has 6, of which XNUMX will be visible on your route. More information on coeurdebastides.com and on the topo sheet aquitaine.media.tourinsoft.eu.
  • Monflanquin, the Bordeneuve loop. More than 14 kilometers around the Bastide de Monflanquin to admire it from the various points of view that surround it. A beautiful landscape of hazelnut and plum orchards, grain fields and woods will accompany you along your walk. More information on coeurdebastides.com and aquitaine.media.tourinsoft.eu.


  • Lac du Brayssou, the discovery trail, ideal for lovers of nature and wild animals. This easy discovery trail on the shores of the lake, perfect for families, will allow you to observe gray herons, mallards or whistling ducks, in a valley with many plantations and species. Find information on coeurdebastides.com and on the form aquitaine.media.tourinsoft.eu.
  • The GR 654, which you can split into different stages. Castillonès, a superb 654th century bastide backed by an old fortified castle, Cancon, the capital of hazelnuts, there are plenty of stops! Two stages achievable in one day are the opportunity to apprehend the GR 7 and the landscapes of Lot-et-Garonne: stage XNUMX of the Voie de Vézelay between Castillonès and Cancon (coeurdebastides.com) and stage 8 between Cancon and Castelmoron-sur-Lot (coeurdebastides.com). More information on coeurdebastides.com and on his plan aquitaine.media.tourinsoft.eu.

Find all the information you need on the various hiking trails on coeurdebastides.com.



Horse riding

The many hiking trails that crisscross the region will be the opportunity for beautiful walks with your mount. Accessible on foot or on horseback, they will give you the opportunity to combine a walk in the heart of nature and discovery of the regional heritage.

Discover the charter Horse riding.

Le camping provides your mounts with an enclosed space on its land with hay, to ensure all the comfort you want for your horse. 

Several walks are available in the region, on foot or on horseback. 

The Chemin du Dropt, a beautiful loop of over 140 kilometers, mixes asphalt and earth. The Dropt crosses the north-west of Lot-et-Garonne, through a green and hilly land marked by a medieval history very rich in architectural evidence. 

You will have the opportunity, during your walk, to cross and admire:

  • Duras, a superb village on a rocky promontory dominated by its castle
  • Castillonnès, one of the region's main bastides, and its arcaded square,
  • Lauzun and its castle
  • Villeréal, famous medieval bastide of Lot-et-Garonne, famous for its fortified church and its XNUMXth century wooden hallse century
  • Stop by Cancon, the capital of hazelnuts, a great local specialty!

Find information on coeurdebastides.com, and the details of the route on ignrando.fr.


Located to the north-east of Lot-et-Garonne, the Haut Agenais trail will take you to the high places of Aquitaine history, through its bastides and medieval castles. It mixes different types of soil: bitumen, gravel and earth. The diversity of its environment will offer you a wonderful walk through limestone plateaus, woods and green valleys. Agriculture marks the local landscape with prune and hazelnut orchards. You will take the opportunity to take a gourmet break if you feel like it! Tourtière, a local specialty, will make a perfect snack! The trail takes the form of a beautiful loop of nearly 170 kilometers which will make you discover the cultural wonders of the region. The steps of your horse will take you, among other things, to:

  • Bonaguil, last fortified castle in France from the XNUMXth centurye century and feat of military architecture
  • Gavaudun, defensive castle on a rocky outcrop
  • Fumel, the castle overlooking the Lot with its terraced gardens
  • Tournon, superb royal bastide from the XNUMXth centurye century

More information on

coeurdebastides.com, and the detail of the path and the high places of culture crossed on ignrando.fr and ignrando.fr.



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