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Heritage Discovery

You can explore the surroundings at your own pace and in complete freedom! This is the opportunity for you to discover the shipyard of Saint Nazaire, Pays de Retz, Saint-Michel Chef Chef, Tharon-Plage, la Plaine sur Mer or even Pointe Saint-Gildas.

Discover the charter Heritage Discovery.

From your camping, it's also all cultural heritage. of Southern Brittany which is offered to you: Pornic, Guérande, Saint Nazaire, not to mention La Baule… So many addresses which participate in the promotion and animation of the local built, archaeological and natural heritage. You will enjoy taking pictures, sharing your discoveries and better observing what surrounds you. Each place, each monument or work will leave you with unforgettable impressions, sensations and memories.

You can visit the Conservatory of Old Trades and the Bread Oven, The Tour de la Pierre à l'Oeil, the Casemate 105C, the Naval Air Base of the Wooden Town, the Maison du Lavoir, the Moulin de la Ramée, the Museum de la Marine, the Manoir du Pasquiaud. And of course you will immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Saint-Nazaire Shipyard, one of the most innovative shipyards in the world! You will be able to participate in a guided tour and have spectacular views of the ship (s) under construction.

Special mention for the bike!

Between the visits and discoveries of the heritage, why not get some fresh air by practicing the randonnée or bicycle tourism ? In both cases, you will take the time and come and taste the simple pleasures of gentle sport in the middle of nature.

Discover the charter Bicycle tourism.

In addition to the physical side, walking and cycling allow you to stroll, lose yourself in the middle of the landscapes that you will discover or re-discover. You will let yourself be carried away by the calm and tranquility of the surrounding countryside and the sometimes wild coast. A happy harmony of colors, smells and sounds will rock you as you travel. Special mention for the Loire à Vélo, Vélodyssée and Vélocéan routes, to discover absolutely!

Indeed, we can say without hesitation that the South Estuary highlights the practice of cycling, taking advantage of a privileged location at the crossroads of famous cycle tourism routes: La Loire à Vélo offers along the Loire, a wild river, 900 kilometers of circuits arranged and marked with a few uncrowded sections and a few cycle lanes, The EuroVelo 6 goes from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, the EuroVelo 1 combines Norway with Portugal, The Vélodyssée leaves for 1200 kilometers from Roscoff to the Basque Coast via Brittany and along the Atlantic.

And hiking!

Other circuits are specially designed for hiking with maintained and landscaped routes. You will be spoiled for choice with about fifteen loops, some of which go through the GR8. Opt for the app Alltrails and discover the hikes around the camping.

Discover the charter Hiking.

The Circuit des Collines, the Circuit de l'Estuaire, Circuit de la Chapelle Saint-Vital, Circuit des Landes, Circuit des Hauteurs and others, are all references to help you find the walk that suits your shape, to your program and your expectations.

Authenticity and shared happiness guaranteed!

Departing from Saint-Brevin, at the foot of the Saint-Nazaire bridge, set off on the GR8 and along the Atlantic coast for a postcard of very varied landscapes!

Formerly used to prevent smuggling, the old customs path is easily accessible on foot and borders the large sandy beaches of Saint-Brevin for 9 kilometers.

Fauna and Flora Observation

Finally, even if the region is suitable for discovering heritage, cycle tourism and hiking, the sensitive and wild nature of Loire Atlantique will inevitably lead you to want to observe the fauna and the flora local. The meeting of the sea with the land creates a diversity of ecological niches whose flora and fauna are remarkable.

Discover the charter Observation of flora and fauna.

The economy, history, heritage overall have a specificity. The presence of the Loire and the marshes is another richness of this countryside where you will discover wonders. The Pierre Attelée site, in the town of Saint-Brévin-les-Pins, is a wooded natural space surrounded by urbanized areas. This forest acts like a green lung. To date, the Conservatory owns 41 hectares in this forest area. This forest was formed by an artificial plantation of pines. This type of seeding was recommended in the past to fix the dune. Today, management is moving towards maintaining and restoring the gray dune and its floral procession. On the seafront, the site has the particularity of being subjected to a significant phenomenon of sedimentary deposits due to its proximity to the Loire estuary. This area is classified as a game and wildlife reserve and falls under the forestry regime.

The ornithological reserve of Courance is also a “Must”! You will learn about rare species that have already been noted along the beaches of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, such as Bonaparte's Gull (Chroicocephalus philadelphia), Elegant Tern (Thalasseus elegans) and Sickleback (Limicola falcinellus). Take your children to the prestigious “Planète Sauvage” animal park near Saint Brévin les Pins. You will attend beautiful shows, you will share adorable moments on the farm where you can pet the goats and you will transport your children to an African dream thanks to a mini-safari ...

So if after reading these activities you want more information, you can enrich your excursion program by going to the page Tourism. If you are already convinced, take the time to consult the choices of locations and rentals by going to the page Accommodation du Camping by Mindin.

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