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Camping Aux Vallons

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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Var Bauduen
  • On the shores of Lake Sainte Croix and the Gorges du Verdon, camping with heated swimming pool
  • Many outdoor activities around and towards the Côte d'Azur

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Welcome to the Gorges du Verdon, a natural playground for lovers of the hike. You will find the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. Choose the app all trails and discover the hikes around the camping.

Discover the charter Hiking.

No matter your level, you will find trails adapted to your form and your hiking objective. All of them will allow you to observe the flora and fauna and will leave you with magnificent and lasting memories. Since camping you can organize your hiking days thanks to the good advice of Françoise and her team. You will be told the good plans and tips for exploring the region on foot, the Blanc Martel trail, the Imbut trail, the Bastidon trail ... To give you a taste, here are some of the names of the hikes which are part of the “Must” of the region.

Heritage Discovery

The heritage is so wide and diverse that it will be difficult to give you an exhaustive list! Architectural, historical, natural, traditional, gastronomic heritage…

Discover the charter Heritage Discovery.

We offer you a sample of the must-see villages to visit: 

  • The Provencal village of Régusse, its medieval atmosphere, its windmill, its clock and its ramparts.
  • The village of Salernes in the Var, with its remarkable fountains, the site of Saint Barthélemy, the XNUMXth century Romanesque church of Saint Pierre, the Saint-Jacques chapel, the Sainte Croix chapel in Solliès, the Roman bridge, the Roman bridge and the wash house.
  • Entrecasteaux castle built in the XNUMXth century and emblematic of the region.
  • Draguignan, a former prefecture so rich in history: The Pierre de la Fée dolmen, the Artillery museum, the Fine Arts museum, the Rhône memorial, the clock rock, the market place, the Saint Michel church and the essential museum of popular arts and traditions of Middle Provence.
  • Bauduen, a former agricultural village which was transformed into a superb tourist site when the Sainte-Croix dam was impounded in 1973.
  • Aups. Integrated into the Verdon Regional Natural Park, it is the capital of Haut-Var, near the lake of Ste Croix and the Gorges du Verdon.


For nature lovers :

  • The lakes of the Verdon : An enchanting site full of colors, lights and reliefs that will transport your imagination to a world where flora and fauna live in harmony along the water, along the lakes. Lake Esparron-de-Verdon, Lake Quinson, Lake Sainte-Croix du Verdon and Lake Castillon du Verdon will surely become the subjects of your future photographs, drawings, sketches, paintings. Be creative! You will be inspired!
  • Sillan la Cascade is a village in the Var perched on the rocks from which spring small springs and waterfalls. The belvedere is breathtaking and swimming is possible along the river. In addition to the majestic waterfall and classified as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in France, this village is full of curiosities: Château de Sillans, Saint-Etienne church, picturesque alleys and delicious gastronomic addresses for lovers of homemade ice cream.

For all traditional heritage enthusiasts:

  • The museums of Provence in Verdon 25 kilometers from camping : The toy art museum in Bauduen, The Simon Segal Museum in Aups, The museum - Faykod park near Aups, the woodturners museum in Aiguines, Terra rossa - house of architectural ceramics in Salernes, the museum of prehistory of Quinson, the prehistoric cave of Baume, the museum of Earthenware in Moustiers Sainte Marie.
  • And Provençal craftsmanship! close to camping, The Art of Pottery. An art represented by the ceramics of Aiguines or Salernes, villages about thirty minutes from the camping in Vallons and earthenware in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Olive wood carving. The santons of Provence traditionally made in Aubagne (1h45 min). Lavender sachets.



The Gorges du Verdon are one of the favorite sites for holidaymakers for canyoning. Contrary to popular belief, you don't necessarily have to be an expert or very athletic to have fun in this activity. More and more tourists and children are learning it.

Discover the charter Canyoning.

Canyoning consists of embarking on the descent of canyons, rivers, gorges, streams. It is therefore practiced at the level of a river bed or stream or river. You will go where the waters flow through the narrow parts of the ravine. Canyoning uses the movements and methods of advancement of several disciplines, the best known of which are hiking, climbing, or even caving. Its characteristics make it a sometimes risky activity which requires equipment and supervision. Gepetto is a guide that you will love for activities such as aqua hiking and rock climbing! 

Sensations guaranteed! You will evolve in the middle of gorges and steep canyons with waterfalls of different heights that you will cross by jumping, abseiling or letting you slide on natural slides. Often on foot or by swimming, you will be seduced by this fun activity, with circuits adapted to your level and your adrenaline rush! 


Have you ever dreamed of climbing vertiginous walls, to gain height to reach heights? Here is an indoor or outdoor sport more and more in vogue and which is even sometimes taught as part of the discovery at school.

Discover the charter Climbing.

So if you already know this sport, you also know its vocabulary? Blocks, routes, belay equipment, harness, ropes… A precise lexical field provided in the image of this fascinating sport. Thanks to the exceptional environment of the camping In Les Vallons, you will discover or re-discover this sport accessible to adults and children alike, and you will have the chance to be accompanied and supervised by Gépetto and his team of professionals. So go ahead and look up!

According to connoisseurs, the Verdon is the largest, the most beautiful, the most breathtaking, the most mythical and the most fascinating. You will evolve in the footsteps of the greatest climbers like Berhault and an Edlinger who have participated in no less than 60 years of history of theclimbing in Verdon. Left bank or right bank? Do you climb in spring, fall or summer? Take the time to document yourself, the journey is not the arrival ... 

Bicycle tourism

For all those who travel by bicycle, the camping Aux Vallons promises you a warm, personalized and organized welcome for you, cycle tourists.

Discover the charter Bicycle tourism.

Labeled “Accueil Vélo” by Cycling Leisure Provence (association specializing in the organization of tourist routes by bicycle), you are sure to find the services and equipment adapted to the trip by bicycle.

  • This is the assurance for you that the accommodation is located less than 5 km from a signposted cycle route.
  • You will be greeted with special attention.
  • You will have at your disposal a cycle route connecting the accommodation and the route you have chosen to explore the region by bike.
  • You will benefit from tourist information and useful services during your stay.
  • You will have all the existing documentation for the territory, translated into the languages ​​of its customers (English, German, Dutch…).
  • You will have tourist documentation (tourist map, guide, restaurant, practical guide) and useful information (train and bus timetables, tourist information).
  • You will have bike-specific documentation (cycle routesrental points for bicycles and small equipment, repair shops, shops and specialized accommodation) and, if necessary, the contact details of professional bicycle rental companies and repairers.
  • Finally, you will have sound advice to assist you in the choice of cycling routes and the nearby cycling network (nearby sites for visits, restaurants, etc.).

So all by bike! Including mountain biking, you are welcome for stays or roaming, we offer you the same advantages with mountain biking routes!

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