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Camping Au Bord de Loire

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Gennes is located at the junction of two ancient Roman roads, one coming from Chênehutte and heading towards Brissac, and the other heading towards Doué. It was an important Gallo-Roman agglomeration. In the Middle Ages, its territory belonged to the lord of Trèves, and to that of La Harielle and Joreau for Saint-Vérin, and to that of Sous-le-Puy for Saint-Eusèbe. Several monuments that attest to its past are to be visited in the surroundings.

  • Troglodyte shelters in Bouchet, the Cour d'Avort and the Forest
  • Castle of Milly
  • Castral site of Milly-le-Meugon
  • Dolmens of the Forest, the covered stone and the Madeleine
  • Menhir of Pierre Longue and standing stone called Pierre Longue du Bouchet
  • Churches of Saint-Eusèbe, Saint-Vétérin and Saint-Pierre de Milly 
  • Manors of Bouchet, Mardron and Sarreau
  • Mill of Sarre
  • The Gennes bridge, scene of fighting in June 1940
  • The Gallo-Roman theater-amphitheater of Châtaigniers 


The Loire Valley, from Sully-sur-Loire (45) to Chalonnes-sur-Loire (49), has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since November 30, 2000. This international recognition both protects and enhances an exceptional cultural landscape along the Loire, the longest French river. The Loire Valley bears witness to the interactions between people and their environment, over 2 years of history. It is remarkable for the quality of its architectural heritage, its historic towns and its world-famous castles. This landscape also illustrates the influence of Renaissance and Enlightenment ideals on thought and creation in Western Europe. 

A prodigious nature

When you stay at Camping On the banks of the Loire, you will be at the heart of a magnificent natural setting. The Loire is a lively and majestic river that crosses 12 departments and travels about 1 kilometers from its source in Ardèche. The history of the territories it crosses, of the landscapes and of the people, is closely linked to it. The omnipresence of its water has given rise to green landscapes sometimes favored by the mild climate, sometimes punctuated by rock, valleys, or vineyards and forests. Over the course of floods and declines, the river and its rivers have deposited their sediments in the valley. They then created a mosaic of soils, some of which, rich in silt, are particularly fertile. This wealth has allowed the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers… But also the development of livestock farming in the wettest and most clayey areas. The river has thus shaped the landscapes but also the mentalities of its inhabitants: sailors, fishermen, farmers and city dwellers.

Heritage “favorites” less than 15 km from camping

  • Cave aux Moines in the town of Gennes
  • Moulin Hydronef 9 kilometers away
  • Priory of Saint-Rémy-la-Varenne 9 kilometers away
  • The Atelier Gallery of the Manoir de la Caillère 10 kilometers away
  • Loire Odyssey 10 kilometers away
  • Stone and Light 10 kilometers away
  • Mushroom museum in Saumur 10 kilometers away
  • Cellar with sculptures at 11 kilometers
  • The national school of the Black Frame of Saumur at 11 kilometers
  • City of Blaison Gohier 12 kilometers away
  • Forges troglodyte houses 12 kilometers away
  • Rochemenier troglodyte village 13 kilometers away
  • The Bouvet Ladubay contemporary art center 13 kilometers away
  • Saumur, village of Art and History at 14 kilometers
  • Combier Distillery 14 kilometers away
  • Small tourist train from Saumur 15 kilometers away
  • Château de Montgeoffroy 15 kilometers away
  • Motor museum in Saumur 15 kilometers away


Hiking is obviously in the spotlight in the Loire Valley. The GR 3 and the GR 3D cross the town of Gennes-Val-de-Loire. Along a marked route of more than 200 kilometres, the path draws along the undulations and escarpments of the southern slope of the valley, a palette of colors and landscapes representative of the Angers Loire. You will therefore sometimes follow the Loire. Other times you will move more in the heart of the vineyards. But you will always discover unusual and grandiose landscapes. Castles and resorts in the Loire, inhabited islands, historical sites await you. Opt for the app all trails, and discover the hikes near the camping !


Cycling enthusiasts will also enjoy getting closer to the natural treasures. The Loire à Vélo awaits you in Anjou for a long-distance walk over nearly 150 kilometres. A true international tourist route dedicated to cyclists, this inter-regional route of more than 800 kilometers from Nevers to the Atlantic Ocean will deliver all the emotions and atmospheres of the river to you.


Saumur Val-de-Loire is also a trail resort. A 13,9 kilometer route with a positive and negative elevation of 159 meters starts from Gennes-Val-de-Loire. The estimated travel time is 1h10 to 2h05. Chênehutte is also crossed by the Loire et Tuffeau route, which starts on the banks of the Thouet.

Horse riding

For walks and horseback rides accompanied by a qualified professional on the banks of the Loire, in the heart of the vineyards, to discover the natural and cultural heritage, the Relais des Moulins is the privileged partner of camping.

Canoe and paddle

On the banks of the Loire, canoeing is a must for those looking for freshness or the simple pleasure of water. You can then go hiking on the Loire by canoe, kayak and stand up paddle. Courses with varied distances will meet your desires. A wonderful opportunity to discover the Loire heritage as well as the fauna and flora of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Natural Park along the water. Ask Benoît about organizing your canoe trips. Every Thursday departures from camping are provided, for example.

Wakeboarding and waterskiing

If you are passionate about wakeboarding or simply a fan of sliding and outdoor activities, Exoloisirs is a park with a body of water equipped with a 5-pylon ski lift. You will experience intense emotions in wakeboarding and water skiing.

Saumur Forest Adventures

If you are with toddlers, take them to Saumur Forest Aventures! It is a base for outdoor activities where you can indulge in tree climbing, paintball, Laser Game... You will thus spend a pleasant day outdoors!

Take the height

Only 20 minutes drive from Camping On the banks of the Loire, you can access a climbing complex. And if you also treat yourself to a magical moment in a hot air balloon!? Seen from the sky, the Loire Valley will reveal all its charms to you thanks to Anjou-Nantes Montgolfière. The departure base is 2 kilometers from the camping and the spectacle seen from above will be exceptional.

Tourist documentation to download

If you want more information for your stay, go to the pages Camping, Accommodation et Themes.

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