Golf: In the heart of Indian summer, succumb to the serenity of the greens

What if you took advantage of the last sunny days to finally discover the pleasure of an afternoon of golf with friends?

Dfor a few years, Golf attracts more and more athletes. The number of licensees has indeed been multiplied by 20 since the 1970s. It has even become the eighth most practiced sport in France and the fourth individual sport after tennis, horse riding and judo. More than 600 people practice golf in France, including more than 400 licensees. Nearly 800 clubs are distributed throughout the territory.

What if you join the ranks of these athletes with legendary composure and sharp physical condition?

Golf: a break in the heart of an intense life

By nature, golf imposes a cut. The setting, the rhythm, the walk, the silence, the concentration, everything is conducive to disconnection. Golf is therefore the possibility of putting life on pause for an hour, an afternoon or a weekend. Golf is the perfect opportunity to let go take time for yourself, without a watch, without a phone and without a computer. A few hours of well-deserved break to be granted urgently.

Golf as a couple

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Far from the image of Épinal, golf is indeed a sport. The best practitioners hit their ball at speeds of over 300 km / h. Suffice to say that the bodies are put to the test. An 18-hole course involves a 10-kilometer walk performed in intervals, as well as torso rotations that solicit abdominals, bust, shoulders and arms. The energy expenditure linked to this practice would be nearly 400 kilocalories per hour. This sport requires and develops concentration, self-control, strategy, reproduction of the gesture, coordination and balance. It's simple, Golf is a source of youth for body and soul. Several scientific studies attest to the many health benefits of this sport.

Control your gesture

Moments of conviviality

What about the quality of relationships? On the greens, the competition comes after sharing, dialogue and conviviality. As a couple, with friends, family, girlfriends or with office colleagues, golf offers privileged moments to weave strong relationships in the greatest fair play.

Fair play during a round of golf

Golf: Techniques to be developed

Hard to get bored while playing golf. The challenges are many. You will have to gradually master the codes, the rules, the posture but also your swing, your put, or even the backspins and topspin ...

As you will have understood, golf is a sport, but also an art of living, a leisure activity that will take you discovering new horizons both geographically and humanly. It's time to join these enthusiasts and discover their well-kept secret. Clubs and schools are waiting for you. Do not wait any longer and plan your stay now.