After a 72-day transatlantic row, Stéphane arrives in a confined world

It left land in mid-February and has just set foot on the other side of the Atlantic. In the meantime, the whole world has been shaken by a now well-known virus. By paddling the Atlantic, Stéphane Brogniart has just concluded the seventh challenge of his Etarcos project.

Stéphane Brogniart is well known in the trail world. This Vosges, ultra-traileur, lecturer and mental trainer has accomplished many exploits on dry land, from the Ultra-Trail of Mont-Blanc to the Grand Raid of Reunion. But now he is well beyond his comfort zone and his mountain origins. Stéphane left the Canaries on February 14 on board his boat. After 72 days spent rowing, he finally reached the Martinique coast on April 26, after having covered 5 kilometers with the sole strength of his arms and against all odds….

The Ertacos project

This rowing transatlantic is just one step in a larger project, the Ertacos project. Stéphane Brogniart has already accomplished 7 sporting and human challenges among the ten he wishes to achieve. The high point of this extraordinary adventure will be the crossing of the South Pacific Ocean by oar, in total autonomy! An adventure planned for 2021 which will require between 5 and 6 months of intense effort ...

Already seven challenges accomplished in two years for Stéphane Brogniart

It all started 2 years ago, on April 19, 2018 with the tour of the Vosges on roller skis, then a first contact with the water through the Swimrun of the Vermeille coast. In July 2018, Stéphane launched his boat for a crossing of the Mediterranean, before returning to the mountains for the Grande Traversée du Mercantour, the longest trail ever made by Stéphane. In April 2019, return to the water for the crossing of Lake Geneva, then the Atlantic off Brest which was the last stage before the transatlantic.

An exceptional logbook

Throughout his crossing, after rowing for 12 hours, Stéphane took a moment each evening to write his logbook. He describes the emotions felt throughout this extraordinary “initiatory journey”.

“Despite everything, overall I leave my skin before the start to take what awaits me. I am entering fully into my adventure. The shovels are starting to be more suitable than the ones I give on the puddle. It is very meditation in movement this gesture of the oceanic oar. Going alone in a small boat, in such an environment, it's an initiatory journey, that's for sure. "

The arrival in a confined world of Stéphane Brogniart

Leaving the Canaries, Stéphane probably did not imagine that he would return to a confined world. The return to reality was quite surprising, since it was with the greatest respect for social distancing and barrier gestures that took place his arrival in Martinique!

"I landed in a different world from the one I left ..."

A final challenge now awaits the adventurer… Crossing the Pacific by oar. In 2021, Stéphane Brogniart will leave Peru in his boat. Direction New Caledonia. An adventure of several months, that the drafting of Welcome Camping will follow with the greatest enthusiasm.