Adrien Falewee embarks on a sober and ecological journey through France

Raising awareness of 7 people about climate change during a 000 kilometer tour of France… This is the goal of Adrien Falewee and his Footprint Project.

Adrien Falewee is an eco-adventurer, author and speaker, formerly an engineer in the fossil fuel sector. While crossing the oceans on a container ship connecting Dunkirk to Tahiti, Adrien became aware of the imprint left by man on the planet. His travels on all continents then definitively convinced him of the climate emergency. But it was finally in France that the adventurer and defender of the environment decided to take up a new challenge, the Footprint Project.

“Today marks the start of a new project that will last two years: FOOTPRINT PROJECT. The objective is simple: to raise climate awareness for 7000 people over 7000 kilometers on the coast and along the French borders, via the climate fresco and conferences. "

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The Footprint Project

Adrien Falewee's latest project is arguably the most daring. A physical and human challenge up to its ambitions for the protection of the planet. Throughout his journey on foot, by bicycle, snowshoes, kayak and sail, Adrien will meet the populations. Because he wishes to alert, and above all unite people around climate causes. An adventure that will last two years along the land and sea borders of France.

The climate fresco

The speaker chose to include his challenge in a larger project, the Climate Fresco. This community of more than 5 people contributes to making the challenges of climate change known to as many people as possible. Animators visit schools, associations and companies. They are leading a collaborative workshop based on the work of the IPCC. The Climate Mural is an animation calling on collective intelligence, reflection and creativity. 

A seven-step adventure

Adrien Falewee's adventure will be done in 7 stages from two weeks to four months by bike, snowshoes, on foot, by kayak or by sail. The first cycling stage between Malo-les-Bains and the north of the Jura was unfortunately interrupted prematurely for knee pain. But it was springtime that the conservationist was finally able to put on snowshoes in February 2021, for a 300-kilometer route through the Grand Jura. 

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In June, the courageous sportsman will tackle the Grande Traversée des Alpes. No less than 30 days will be needed to walk the GR5 and the 600 kilometers that will take it across the Mediterranean. During the two summer months, canoeing for 45 days. Adrien will thus follow the 900 kilometers of coast linking the Alpes-Maritimes to the Pyrénées Orientales, by. After a well-deserved break, Adrien Falewee will return to the Pyrenees in October. He will accomplish crossing the Pyrenees by the ridges, on the route of the Haute Randonnée des Pyrénées. Then it is by sailing that he will complete his challenge on the Atlantic coast and in the English Channel. Between spring and summer 2022, three months will be necessary for this final stage.

Adrien's goal is to meet people and share his passion for sport and ecology. So do not hesitate to follow his adventures on his Instagram account.