Tree climbing: 3 good reasons to escape to the peaks

Walking from tree to tree, flying through the forest, flying over the peaks and seeing the world from the canopy… A dream come true thanks to a fun-sport activity, which continues to seduce new practitioners, the tree climbing.

Grimper aux trees… This is a wonderful childhood activity that some dreamers have decided not to give up! Thanks to their creativity and inventiveness, adults with childish hearts have developed a practice that is increasingly attractive. The tree climbing makes the happiness of young and old. Equipped with harnesses, lanyards and helmets, they discover techniques common to climbing and caving. Adventurers thus immerse themselves in nature. They also tame vertigo, but safely along a lifeline.

It was our Austrian and Italian neighbors who were the first to have the idea of ​​shortening the distances and times of crossing the Alps, by installing rudimentary zip lines between two rocky peaks. Gradually, monkey bridges, tightrope walker cables, ladders and holds in the rock faces have been fitted out by climbing enthusiasts on the Austrian side. But also by the military on the Italian side. The first via ferrata were born. They paved the way for Accro-branchés. These enthusiasts indeed had the idea of ​​installing trails in the forest. Inspired by the initiative of these climbers in love with nature, many acrobatic courses in height will see the light of day in the 90s. Platforms, apparatus of all kinds and gantries are now installed in dedicated forest areas throughout France. We give them the name of tree climbing course.

Discovery of nature, transcendence, adrenaline and shared happiness are at the rendezvous on the courses in the forest. Today we invite you to discover three excellent reasons to join these enthusiasts of climbing and life in the great outdoors.

Tree climbing, an experience to be enjoyed with the family

Even the youngest children can learn about the joys of tree climbing safely. The athletes supervising the tree climbing are all graduates. Whether it is supervised practice or independent practice, the instructors ensure the safety of committed visitors along the lifelines. Children and adolescents can stay on the most suitable courses for their age and physical condition. But they can also decide to evolve on more and more technical courses. This wide range of possibilities makes this sport practice, an ideal activity for families.

An experience to live with the family

Tree climbing… More than a hobby… A complete sport!

Tree climbing parks are accessible to everyone from an early age. The multiplicity of courses and their increasing difficulties, however, make it possible to test the endurance, strength and strategy of all, even the most athletic. Classified by colors depending on their technicality, height or physical requirement, the courses offer thrills and a hard time for all practitioners. An afternoon in a park is well worth a good hike ...

Acrobatic courses. More than a hobby ... A complete sport!

Immersion in nature

The parks Tree Climbing park are most often installed in magnificent territories. In the plains, in the mountains or by the sea, the landscape is idyllic from the peaks. A privileged moment in the heart of lush vegetation where it is not uncommon to cross paths with birds, small mammals or insects. A magnificent opportunity to become aware of the fragility of our ecosystems.

Accrobranche: An immersion in nature