7 exceptional sites for unforgettable horse treks

Take to the heights, let yourself be guided by an expert, gallop through extraordinary landscapes, horseback riding is one of the best ways to take a break and recharge your batteries.

LHorse treks are a wonderful alternative to walking to explore places inaccessible by car or bicycle. On a horseback ride, you fully enjoy the landscapes. You quickly forget the hustle and bustle of your daily life by immersing yourself in a wild nature. You learn to walk in harmony with the animal. In addition, you benefit from its serenity and the tranquility of the place.

Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, you will have unforgettable moments. Meet at the start of one of the many stud farms or equestrian centers in our regions, to live an exceptional experience in the company of horses.

The large expanses of the Camargue

In the Camargue, the horse is king. Marshes and meadows await you there. Your trots and gallops will then be perfumed by the sea spray from the Mediterranean. You will finally gallop on the beach. And why not, you will swim afterwards with your mount. An unforgettable experience for lovers of virgin spaces and wild nature.

Horseback riding in the Camargue

Alpine peaks

We do not spontaneously think of Alpes for a horseback ride. And yet, these mountains are an extraordinary playground for horse lovers and dizzying peaks. Valleys, altitude meadows and steep paths await you. You will thus cross magnificent hilltop villages. Further south, the cicadas and the scent of lavender will welcome you in a most peaceful atmosphere. In the Alps, the sensations will always be there, to the rhythm of your companion for a day.

Horseback riding in the Alps

The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

At low tide, the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is offered to riders of all levels. Under the gaze of the majestic Mont-Saint-Michel, you will cross the vast expanses of grass and sand as well as the Norman groves. It is not recommended - even for experienced riders - to venture out on the bay alone. A guide will know how to avoid you quicksand and rising tide.

Horseback riding at Mont Saint-Michel

The virgin territories of Corsica

From Calvi to Corte, from Bonifacio to Cap Corse, crisscrossing Corsica on horseback will also leave you with unforgettable memories. The diversity of landscapes and exceptional panoramas will charm riders with multiple gallops, as well as great beginners and children. Let yourself be seduced by the Isle of Beauty.

Horse in Corsica

Horseback riding in the Bay of Somme

Treasure and pride of the Channel coast, the bay of the Somme is a paradise for riders. By traversing it from the tip of Hourdel to the tip of Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont, you will discover the natural and historical heritage of Picardy. The bay is known for its biodiversity. Perhaps you will cross the road of a gray seal or a sea calf? Do not go near it, however. They can have defensive reactions, legitimate but dangerous for reckless walkers.


Atlantic dunes

From Hossegor to Soulac, the Aquitaine coast offers nearly 200 km of sandy dunes. This unique territory is particularly suitable for horse ridingl. The mild climate, the sound of the ocean and the spray will accompany you through a region rich in history. The conviviality and the local gastronomy will be there to satisfy you after the effort.

Horse and Atlantic coast

Horseback riding in the forests of Alsace

Impossible to finish this overview without mentioning the verdant Alsace. Its incomparable forests and biodiversity are a dream theater for unforgettable walks at a walk, trot or gallop. Mont Saint-Odile, vines, menhirs, waterfalls and undergrowth can be discovered at the bends of the many paths.

Alsace forests