7 autumn pleasures to savor now

After this intense post-confinement return to school, the first frosts are already here, alternating with magnificent days… How so many promises of autumn pleasures. And it is with a touch of melancholy that we bring out jackets, scarves and umbrellas… However, as Henri de Toulouse Lautrec said, “autumn is the spring of winter”! A magnificent season which offers many opportunities to admire the wild nature.

Marcher in the undergrowth letting yourself be lulled by the sound of the breeze in the branches, picking up multicolored leaves with the children, smelling the scent of humus and discovering a porcini mushroom at the foot of a tree, tasting some chestnuts at the wood fire ... As many little autumn pleasures to rediscover each year. In autumn, the beach has become calm again, the lakes and canals seem to be asleep. Still, life is still alive and well, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of the serenity of the place. There are a thousand and one ways to enjoy a fall break. Here are seven examples gleaned here and there on Instagram.

Marveling at the colors is one of the pleasures of fall

At the start of autumn, nature offers an exceptional palette of colors. All the tones of red, orange, yellow and green cohabit in our forests, our gardens, our alleys and our parks, as in this magnificent shot of the Aulps valley in Rhône-Alpes.

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Find serenity in the heart of the forest

Every French person lives not far from the forest. For some, it is enough to open the window to appreciate it, and for others, it will certainly be necessary to drive a little by train or by car. But one thing is certain, a forest is waiting less than an hour from your home. So why deny it?  The forest trails will make you live suspended moments.

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Feast on what nature has to offer

In autumn, nature is generous. Chestnuts, mushrooms and even a few wild apples will delight gourmets. You just have to be attentive to come back from a walk with a well-stocked basket. All you have to do is satisfy those you love with a delicious cep omelette and chestnut puree. On Instagram, Hélène shared her harvest made in Limousin, in New Aquitaine.

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Admire the beauty of the wildlife with your family

In autumn, small mammals and birds prepare for winter. The opportunity for the most attentive to observe the ballet of squirrels, foxes, green woodpeckers, chickadees and thrushes. And it is a magnificent squirrel that Salomé and her children were able to contemplate during their walk in the heart of Auvergne.

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Discover the vineyard in autumn and taste the new wine

After the harvest, the vines are dressed in their most beautiful colors, as in this shot taken in Givry in Burgundy. The grape pickers have deserted the place and it is in the cellar that everything is now played out. After all the efforts of the winegrowers, autumn is the occasion to savor the new wine. The early wines benefiting from a protected geographical indication are tasted from the third Thursday in October, while the early wines with controlled label of origin are available from the third Thursday in November.

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Indulge in your favorite sport

In autumn, temperatures are still fairly mild, and natural sites have forgotten the summer frenzy. Tracks, paths and trails belong to you. It's time to resume cycling, walking or running through these sumptuous landscapes, as Froggie-Rider did in the Doubs.

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Admire the coming winter

To conclude, autumn allows us to see winter settle in, which in turn will offer another rhythm and new pleasures. They say that "autumn is sewn with moments of grace, which do not last" ... Do not wait any longer to savor the little pleasures of autumn.