6 natural sites in Normandy to discover as soon as possible

Fancy a little wild getaway? The natural sites of Normandy conceal a thousand and one wonders to discover with the family.

Llocalized in the north-west of France, the natural sites of Normandy are recognizable by their plains and groves. Thanks to its 600 kilometers of coastline along the English Channel, Normandy also benefits from an exceptional maritime frontage. Today we offer six unmissable natural sites, which will delight lovers of landscapes and wide open spaces.

La Roche d'Oëtre, an enchanting site

To begin with, the Roche d'Oëtre site, nestled in the heart of Swiss Normandy, is a wild belvedere classified as a sensitive natural area. Fashioned in stone, this place is ideal for hikers. From the top of its 118 meters, the precipice of the Roche d'Oëtre offers a breathtaking panorama on the gorges of the Rouvre. The profiles of faces that emerge according to the imagination of visitors give this cliff a mystical character. The place is conducive to tales and legends.

The bay of Mont Saint-Michel

As for the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, it is an extraordinary place recognized as a world heritage site. On this natural site, the sand, the sea and the sky share the horizon. Mons and visitors alike live there to the rhythm of the tides. They shape and draw this unique landscape every day. A wide variety of birds, fish and seashells populate the area. They also live alongside some seal colonies. At low tide, the hike around the Mount is a unique experience. Do not miss this spectacle on a clear day or on a smoldering day. The brightness is in fact never the same.

The bay of Mont Saint-Michel is one of the natural sites of Normandy

The pond of Vauville

Let's continue this trip to the seaside. At the heart of 60 hectares of nature reserve, the Veauville pond is 2 meters long and 000 meters wide. It forms a natural reservoir of fresh water, separated from the sea by a fine dune cordon. The area is populated by hundreds of species of insects and multiple species of birds such as northern shoveler, moorhen and pike. This reserve in the Manche department also has a ornithological observatory. It allows visitors to contemplate many species of birds in their natural environment.

The cliffs of Étretat

It is now time to discover the Alabaster coast. The gray pebble beach of Etretat surrounded by majestic white chalk cliffs is a must-see Normandy destination. A source of inspiration for Monet, Maupassant and Flaubert, the cliffs of Étretat always fascinate and amaze young and old. This impressive mineral theater is moreover admired each year by many walkers, swimmers, boarders and boaters, in search of unspoiled nature.

Cliffs of Étretat

The gorges of Villiers

Let's continue this journey in the heart of the Andaine forest. The gorges of Villiers cross a wild nature made up of rivers, bogs, screes, moors and rocky escarpments. The cave of the fairy Gisele and the Chaude Eau fountain are particularly popular with hikers. They can let themselves be won over by the charm of the place, while discovering the legends associated with it.

The dunes of Hattainville

The dunes of Hattainville constitute a classified and protected natural site since 1980. This massif of dunes, preserved from urbanization, is as vast as it is impressive. The many walks thus lead the curious meet an abundant flora and characteristic fauna. For a hike in the dunes, it is useful to equip yourself with a compass or a GPS. It is indeed very easy to get lost.

Dunes d'Hattainville