5 unmissable natural sites to discover in Center-Val de Loire

The Center-Val de Loire region benefits from exceptional and preserved natural sites. The fourth largest forest region in France, it is a true green setting, less than two hours from the capital.

Situated in the heart of France, the Center-Val de Loire region is known for its historical heritage, vast forests and beautifully manicured gardens. Historic towns and villages, monuments, castles and cultivated land bear witness to centuries of interaction between man and his environment, which has earned the Loire Valley recognition in the UNESCO World Heritage in the year 2000.

In these lines, we offer you a selection of unmissable natural sites in Center-Val de Loire, to discover in this green and generous region.

The Perche Regional Natural Park

To start the discoveries, nothing like a walk in Regional Natural Park of Perche. Walkers thus set off to discover unspoiled nature and an authentic countryside embodying the sweetness of life. Through a ride on horseback or by bicycle, countless natural splendors await the visitor. From the heights, the manors can also be discovered through the grove, or on the colorful hills of flowering orchards. This vast land of equine breeding is also home to the prestigious state forests de Bellême and Réno-Valdieu, where you can hear the roar of the deer in autumn.

State forest in the Perche Natural Park

Orleans forest

To continue exploration, the Orleans forest is a real oasis of greenery. A multitude of hiking trails cross this little corner of paradise, where it is good to let yourself be lulled by the song of the birds. Thousands of hectares of forests lush greenery offer long walks among oaks, Scots pines, poplars, wild apple trees and lime trees. In the town of Nibelle, a getaway at the Caillettes belvedere is also the opportunity to admire a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding nature.

The forest of Orleans seen from the sky, one of the natural sites in Center Val-de-Loire

The Sologne

The Sologne It also proudly displays its thick forests covering three-quarters of its territory. She opens her arms to nature lovers. Between the mosaics of landscapes, the vines and the moors, the places are conducive to relaxation and well-being. The sumptuous Château de Cheverny, marked by its immaculate facades, is a must-see. And what about the châteaux of Chambord and Villesavin? Seen from the sky from a hot air balloon, these imposing structures are impressive and majestic.

Forest walk in Sologne

The Brenne natural park

The Brenne natural park is the ideal destination for hikers and cyclists. It also has something to amaze canoeing enthusiasts. The walks lead the curious inside a plant patchwork of moors. This park also allows great discoveries in contact with the animals that reign on the premises. La Brenne is home to 267 species of birds and more than 100 Cistude turtles.

In the heart of the Brenne Natural Park, one of the natural sites in Center Val-de-Loire

The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park

To end our overview, this preserved natural park combines a diversity of landscapes. Extending over 115 municipalities, it is characterized by hillsides, horticultural plains, troglodyte houses, vineyards and groves. Moreover, as the region is on an important migratory axis, it attracts a multitude of animal species. Day and night, nature outings are organized by professional guides. A cool outing for unforgettable memories immersed in such rich nature.

Landscape of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Natural Park