4 experiences to live intensely in the heart of the Hérault valley

From its source at Mont Aigoual, to its mouth at Grau d'Agde, the Hérault valley winds through scrubland, pine forests and Mediterranean forests. This magnificent natural territory is rich in sporting experiences to enjoy with family or friends.

The diversity of the natural landscapes of the Hérault valley is an ideal playground for lovers of sports in the heart of nature. Throughout its 140 kilometers, this valley reserves exceptional discoveries and pure sensations for its visitors. Canoeing, climbing, canyoning, hiking, horseback riding or cycling… There really is something for everyone. And for prepare your stay in the Hérault valley as well as possible, we therefore offer you five ideas for sporting outings to discover absolutely.

Canoeing down the Hérault gorges

In the upper valley of the Hérault, water has shaped rock for thousands of years. The majestic craggy gorges thus dug, now constitute a breathtaking mineral and vegetal masterpiece. Canoeing is undoubtedly the best way to experience the natural beauty of these places. Along the water, in the heart of gorges that can reach 200 to 300 meters high, the flora and fauna are generously revealed. A canoe trip in the heart of the Hérault gorges, will leave you with the dizzying feeling of being alone in the world, as close as possible to wild nature.

canoeing in the Hérault valley

Discover the underground treasures of the Clamouse cave

After these aquatic adventures, treat yourself to a magical underground journey and out of time. The cave of Clamouse is an exceptional classified site unique in Europe, due to the diversity of the landscapes it shelters. The basement of the Hérault valley indeed conceals cavities covered with extraordinary concretions. The presence of very rare aragonite crystals and the unusual activities on offer will make your visit an unforgettable experience. Speleopark, zip lines, monkey bridges, sports courses and escape games promise you unique sensations in an extraordinary setting.

Discover the Clamouse cave

Practice climbing in an exceptional natural setting

After your stroll along the water and your underground adventure, it's time to gain height. In the upper valley of the Hérault, a few climbing spots on cliffs and boulders offer dizzying enthusiasts extreme sensations. Among them, the rock of Zion is accessible to all. This vertiginous wall plunges steeply into the gorges. From its summit, the view of the Thaurac massif, the Cévennes and the river is extraordinary. And abseiling of nearly 50 meters will leave you with lasting memories. Thrill guaranteed!

Climbing in the Hérault valley

Hike through the Cirque de l'Infernet

Departing from the magnificent medieval village of Saint-guilhem-le-desert, a nice hike is offered to you. On the trail of the pilgrims to Compostela, you will walk as close as possible to a gigantic natural wall, thee Cirque de l'Infernet. Throughout this hike, follow the Verdus stream. Join the Larzac plateau, and admire the place called Les Fenestrelles. The Font-de-Paulier valley and a forest track will then take you to the Max-Nègre viewpoint. The panorama of the Cirque de l'Infernet will reward all your efforts. 5 hours are needed to cover the ten kilometers and the 560 meters of elevation of this nature hike. A loop of medium difficulty, in the heart of the Hérault valley.

Hike through the Cirque de l'Infernet