Winter walking: 4 tips to equip yourself effectively before leaving

It's official, December 21 and its longest night made us fall into winter! But nothing to depress ... The days are starting to get longer, and the joys of walking in winter are just waiting for you! Provided of course not to ignore the equipment.

THEwinter is a wonderful season for walking and hiking. The paths are deserted, the sounds are muffled by the snow, the landscapes are magical, and in the heart of a dormant nature, there are many opportunities to taste the privilege of finally being alone in the world. So to keep your spirits up and take care of your health before spring, there's nothing like a fitness walking in the winter freshness. In the forest, in the mountains, in the groves or along the canal, the only limit will be your daring.

But first of all, take care to choose your equipment carefully. Today we offer you 4 tips to be perfectly equipped from head to toe, before going on an adventure.

The three-layer trick

To begin with, one of the golden rules of equipment for walkers in winter, is that of the three layers. The first one on edge, must be fitted, light and breathable in order to stay dry during exercise. The second layer should insulate from the cold. The ideal is to wear a long-sleeved swimsuit or a technical fleece. The first two layers should be tucked into the pants for better insulation. The third and final layer has the role of protect from cold, wind and rain while allowing the water vapor to escape. Remember to favor technical clothing, designed to meet both waterproofing and breathability requirements.

Winter walking and wellness

Warm legs

During the winter, the legs should be well protected from the cold to avoid stiffening the muscles. But they must also retain all their freedom of movement. Leggings and walking tights are perfect for this. Pair them with high socks that will protect the Achilles tendons, and you will reduce the risk of cold-related injuries.

Be well equipped for walking in winter

The ends well protected

Wearing a hat then limits the loss of body heat by almost 50%. So do not ignore the protection of the head during walking in winter. Hat, cap, fleece headband, neck warmer or muffler will be precious allies. They are easy to remove and tuck into the backpack if the weather turns warmer once on the trail. To protect the hands from the cold, there are all kinds of gloves. Favor waterproof gloves, because once wet the gloves lose all their effectiveness, and on the contrary maintain the feeling of cold.

Let yourself be conquered by walking in winter

A packed backpack

Finally, remember that during your winter walking in cold weather, the body has need more energy to maintain its temperature at 37 ° C. And contrary to popular belief, the body becomes dehydrated faster in winter. So never leave without a backpack filled with a gourd, dried fruits, a cereal bar, but also sunscreen, sunglasses, a small pharmacy and mobile phone to prevent help in case of difficulty. The bag will also accommodate unnecessary textiles during the ride if the weather permits!

Ready for winter walking

What about the shoes? Choose them according to your activity of the day. Walk, hike or trail ... The rule in winter is to choose them flexible, waterproof and breathable for optimal comfort.