24 hours of mountain biking in the garden… A crazy challenge!

There is something that we cannot blame all the sportsmen of the confinement, it is their creativity. In need of wide open spaces and single tracks, Fabien Secondo the Jura cyclist specializing in time trials and his sidekick Georges Chatelais then joined forces for an extraordinary relay… 24 hours of mountain biking in the garden!

Fabien Secondo is not at his first attempt… 3 weeks ago, he challenged himself to walk around the house and pass the “symbolic barrier” of the 100 kilometers traveled… After 6 hours, 25 minutes and 1285 laps of 78 meters, the challenge was won hands down. The athlete does not hide it, the last hour was played in the mind ... It must be said that the landscape was not very varied. The lawn also remembers it! "After a winter without snow 😥 it will be a summer without a lawn 🤦‍♂️😅 everything's out of the woods 😅", Fabien announces on Facebook. They were ready to consider the 24 hours of mountain biking in the garden...

A crazy idea

And then, this idea certainly called for another, and it is this time in the company of another cyclist, Georges Chatelais, that an even crazier challenge - but just as devastating for the lawn - was finally achieved. . This time the goal was to take turns every hour for 24 hours circling the houses on mountain bikes. After 451,4 kilometers covered in 24 hours, each of the two champions has therefore cycled 12 hours! A good cleansing of the calves, despite a drop that could not be more reasonable.

A demanding race

"We suffered from upper limbs... To the point of not even being able to close a zipper or even pull up socks... 😅 Not easy for me to write this post even 7 hours later... 😜... We only keep positive things from this crazy experience 😊 24 hours that will remain engraved! »

Athletes' initiatives are not lacking on social networks. They inspire us to find a way to spend ourselves despite the confinement. These athletes confirm the idea that “Who doesn't want to do anything finds an excuse”! Even the Covid-19 pandemic, confinement, social distancing and barrier measures will not get the better of their motivation and their training. Beautiful examples to follow!